How to Make Cookie Icing Three Ways with Three Looks

Hey everyone, it’s Jill Welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple Now, there are lots of schools of thought when it comes to cookie icings I am going to show you three popular cookie icing recipes I have used them and some are my favorites. These are my go-to recipes as they are easy to make and I get great results Other decorators have their stand by recipes I would love for you to see which one you like the best And then comment below of the recipes you use or like So, let’s get started and show you the recipes I actually use all three of these recipes for cookies It depends on what I am going to decorate If I want a real glossy look, I will go with the corn syrup recipe. If I want a dryer, matte look, I will use the meringue recipe Especially if I want the royal icing to dry really fast If I want a semi-gloss look but want it to dry fast, I will use the egg white royal icing recipe All the recipes start with one cup of powdered sugar. With the glossy recipe, add 2 teaspoons corn syrup and two teaspoons of milk If you using an extract, add 1/2 teaspoon of clear extract If adding a color, just add a drop as it will absorb the color really well. Powdered sugar is just refined sugar with some corn starch When it hits liquid it is like a sponge and absorbs fast To make the hardened quick dry royal icing you need meringue powder 1 Tablespoon of meringue powder, 1 and 1/2 Tablespoon of water and mix it. adding 1/2 teaspoon of extract if needed And with the egg white method, add one egg white This will give it a glossy look too, but harden quicker than the corn syrup recipe Then add 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and then extract if needed When ready to add color, just add and stir You get to pick the consistency you want If you are flooding a cookie, you don’t want the icing to be too thick But if you are doing detail work, you may want to add more powdered sugar Just make a well with the powdered sugar and add the ingredients. For thicker icing, just add more sugar I am going to decorate three cookies and let them sit and I’ll wait thill they are dry This way you can see the difference in the three cookie icings As you can see I have mixed all three recipes This is the one with the egg white. I did have to add more powdered sugar as the egg white was more than usual It is now the right consistency that I like This is our recipe using meringue powder They all look alike now, but wait till you see how they dry And then this is the one with the corn syrup and milk The look alike and I have the consistency I want too I am adding a drop of electric green to each one It will make a pretty green color for our Christmas Treres I am going to decorate each cookie and then let it dry and we will see if we can tell the difference Oh, I did want to say that the glossy recipe does take longer to dry The one with the meringue powder dries fast So if you are in a rush, use the meringue recipe You just won’t get a glossy look Oh, I love that color It will be pretty for the Christmas Trees So, as you can see the three trees are iced The glossy, the meringue royal icing one and… and this is with the egg whites As you can see I covered by bowls so the icing wouldn’t harden The icing will dry up quickly if not covered If I touch the meringue cookie, it is already hard after 20 minutues. The one with the egg whites is almost dry And the one with corn syrup is still soft They will all dry hard, but ones goes al ittle quicker I don’t know if you can see, but this one has a glossier look This one has more of a matte look And this one is more of a semi-gloss It depends one what you want The nice thing is you have variety So, thank you for joining us today Remember to stay sweet and simple Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

100 thoughts on “How to Make Cookie Icing Three Ways with Three Looks

  1. Hi! Thanks for this video! I have a question about the "Glossy Icing Recipe." How long does it usually take for the icing to dry? Does it dry fully or does it still move around like other icings? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial demonstration video. I learned something useful about the possibilities of icing on cookies.

  3. Hey Joe, if I use the corn syrup recipe, how much time it takes to dry. And if i want to replace the milk with powdered milk, do you have any idea what is the ratio? Thank you in advance. By the way very niiiiiiice tutorial. xoxo

  4. Hello its me again… lol i have another question so i use your glossy recipe with the milk how can i store it and for how long?
    i am starting to do more cookies with little decorations like eyes and sometime my icing hardens by the time i want to make another cool

    example: like i am doing minion eye and i need a little icing for each color im using can i out them in all bags or how … thanks

  5. Someone may of already asked this so sorry if it's a repeat. But if using raw egg white, is there a chance of getting sick from it since we are not cooking it. Thanks.

  6. Hi! this is one of the best royal icing tutorials I've ever seen! thank you ?
    I have a few questions about the glossy recipe:
    *I from Mazatlán, México, I live near to the beach and the weather is too humid and the icing is too hard to get dry so…Have you ever tried to bake the cookies a second time (with the icing) for a faster dry? I tried with a meringe recipe and it works fine but I dont know if it works with the glossy one.
    * Can I make a tiny details with glossy recipe? (Like a #1 wilton tip)
    * How long and how can I store it here in my city if it's too hot here? Doesn't the milk get a bad smell soon?

    Thank you and saludos desde México!

    (Sorry if I wrote something wrong. Actually, I'm a english student )

  7. hi … great lovely work thank you so much ?
    I did glossy Icing method but it did not dry . so I put some mering powder to help it dry .
    4 hours now and it did not dry … pleas pleas help me it's my husbands birthday and I want do it for him ?… thank you

  8. I've been searching all over the place trying to find a good recipe for royal icing for frosting some sugar cookies and your video by far is the best one. Super straight forward and simple. Thanks!!

  9. So, when I mix 1cup of powdered sugar, 2tsp. Of corn syrup and 2tsp, of milk it does come to a creamy consistency. It is dry and clumpy?

  10. hellow …i tired your recepie with egg white n cream of tartar but the icing dint get hard when i applied on cookie …why is this so?? i follow your instructions exactly

  11. Hi! The last time I used a royal frosting, it was so hard, the cookies weren't really very edible. Is one of these a "softer" formula that isn't hard as a rock when dry?

  12. very interesting and helpful video! Thanks for sharing. On a side note- good reminder that I could just mix up a tiny batch of RI (for example, if I ran out while decorating). I've been so used to making a huge batch with 2 lbs of powdered sugar, using the recipe I have always used. And I just never really thought I could make a small amount if need be. Hooray!

  13. perfect video! just what I needed to know! thank you!
    I was trying to find out the difference of using no eggs whites and no meringue powder. Our store is out of both. eesh.
    I have cream of tartar but could not find any info on using it without egg whites.
    But you have given me a different one to try. With the corn syrup.
    thank you

  14. I've seen other recipes using corn syrup AND confectioners sugar…. that's like using heroin on top of cocaine. (Corn syrup to sugar has been compared to heroin to cocoa because it concentrates THAT much sugar.) The glossy appearance comes from the milk, not the corn syrup so that's not really necessary.

    And, by the way, any type of sugar is actually a liquid in its natural state. We only crystallize it for easier storage and to prolong shelf life. That's the reason sugar always dissolves with any liquid.

    And you do know that "meringue" is just egg whites, cream of tartar and sugar, right?

  15. Thanks for sharing 3 ways of preparing royal icing. If i like to use this for flooding, can i just add water to it? If so, by how much for this recipe? Thanks again!

  16. Hi, I use a recipe with confectioners sugar, meringue powder and cream of tartar, but my result is matte, should I add corn syrup to do it glossy? or what is your recommendation to get a glossy cookie? thanks in advance

  17. Loved the corn syrup recipe. It was easy to make and use for a first-timer. Now my favorite cookie decorating icing!

  18. Thank you for sharing. I have been learning how to decorate with royal icing for the last few months. I have wished that the icing wouldn't dry so dull, so now I am excited to try the corn syrup royal icing recipe.

  19. What is the icing bakeries use that isn't hard like royal icing but isn't as soft as regular icing? It's like firm but soft.

  20. Hello, i have been using the corn syrup recipe and it is amazing ! I love it, but is there any way i could use that you have a recipe that will hold it's shape like with a flower tip?

  21. Great video showing the three options for the Royal Icing. I have a question. When making the icing with the corn syrup does the milk have to be whole or can you use skim or low fat?

  22. I usually just use powdered sugar and milk, then vanilla or almond extract. Simple. I will say, however, that seeing these methods side by side helps to show their similarities and differences. Thanks!

  23. Although I'm a seasoned cook/baker, this is my first go-round with iced sugar cookies. This was clear, concise and (most of all) easy. Thank you. I can't wait to tackle my batch of cookies.

  24. Ah HA! Now I see my problem. Not enough mereigne powder. I used a recipe that called for 2 TBS in 2 POUNDS of powdered sugar. You do not even KNOW how long my cookies take to dry. My transfers? Fuhgetaboutit. 4 days and still cracking. Bah! Bastids. I'm fixing me pre made dry this instant.

  25. I did the powder sugar and merengue recipe, I think I used too much liquid. I added vanilla flavoring and liquid food color, it’s been an hour and still not dried

  26. I added meringue powder and corn syrup so it was glossy dried fast and soft! Thankyou for making this video.

  27. do you have to use a mixer for the royal meringue recipe? You seem to be just mixing it. Is a mixer necessary. Thanks

  28. What am I doing wrong? The full cup of powdered sugar plus the other ingredients (for very glossy look) seem to be off. It's like there's just a pile of clumpy sugar. I did this recipe another day and I think I ended up adding water to help. It did come out beautifully, though. Is it really teaspoons to a full cup?

  29. Hi! I used raw egg whites and it's smell bad for the icing, I can't get rid of the fishy smell from the egg tho I have added vannila extract, please help ?

  30. Great video I like two of them but I’m not so sure about the first cookie because you used egg white common for royal icing I know, but still not sure about it for myself

  31. Im trying to make icing for chirstmas style sugar cookies but i used butter as well as almost everything else, milk powdered sugar and vanilla extract, the only thing i need to buy is the corn syrup, just a good thing that my mix has not gotten hard yet because i need to add more sugar to it i think, i can squish it in the ziplock bag i put the mix in, not sure if that is what is keeping it from hardening up LOL how long do you think mines will take to harden up once the icing is on the cookies, how long for the one with corn syrup.

  32. I actually had looked up the corn syrup recipe earlier, I tested trading out the corn syrup for maple syrup in one batch and with fruit syrup (store bought) and they came out fine too. The flavors were pretty subtle, but the maple complimented my pumpkin sugar cookies and the huckleberry was nice (very subtle) on my plain ones. Thank you for this tutorial tho! Super interesting.

  33. Wow, thank you

    I was looking for a good icing cookie recipe. Love how you go to the point and your video was so clear to understand.

    I was able to make some good Christmas cookies for tonight's Christmas Eve.

    Merry Christmas

  34. Because it can be so sweet, have you ever added a pinch of salt to the icing? Im thinking about adding salt to the water and vanilla

  35. Hi! Someone may have said this already, but I think for the glossy version, in the recipe in the description it should be tablespoons instead of teaspoons for the milk and corn syrup. I used teaspoons and it wasn't enough liquid so I added more to equal tablespoons and it seemed right then. Thanks for the cool video! It was just what I needed!

  36. I tried the icing with the cream of tartar and egg white and it seemed to runny. Especially when I added the color to it.

  37. Thank you for this. I’be been looking for this kind of content in a video for a long time. Again, thank you. ?

  38. I can’t get over how bland and dry most royal icings are (with the meringue powder). I have always used the corn syrup one with almond extract. Tastes the best to me!

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