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Hello, I’m Abhilasha.
Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. Doesn’t the mention of chocolate always
make your mouth water? Today, we’ll make sinful
‘Chocolate Cupcakes’. I’ve kept my oven to preheat at
180 degrees centigrade. Now, let’s prepare our batter. First, I’m taking maida (all purpose flour). Coco powder. Baking powder. And, baking soda. Sieve all the dry ingredients. We are using a flour sieve so you
get a very fine texture. Now, let’s prepare the butter
and sugar mixture. First, I’m adding 60 gm butter. 100 gm sugar. I have used castor sugar, you can
use powdered sugar too. Let’s whisk this mixture. Now, I’m adding chocolate essence. Whisk this mixture until it becomes
light and fluffy. Our butter and sugar mixture has
become light and fluffy. This technique is also called
Creaming Technique. Now, I’m adding some flour to it. Then I’m adding some aerated drink,
you can add any drink. Add the flour mixture and aerated
drink in batches. This will make it easier to mix. I’m going to whip this again. The consistency of our batter is still a thick,
so I’m adding some more aerated drink. The consistency of our batter is perfect. Now, without further ado, let’s put this
in cupcake moulds. Fill these moulds up to 3/4th. Let’s tap them. These will bake at 180 degrees centigrade
for 20-25 minutes. Amazing. I have taken 100gm cream that I have heated
for 30-40 seconds in the microwave. Now, I’m adding 150 gm chocolate. Let’s keep the cream and chocolate mixture
aside for 2 minutes and then mix it. Our chocolate ganache is ready. The consistency should be like this. Let’s keep it aside to thicken a little. After that we’ll start pipping. Our ganache has thickened and
I’ve put it in a pipping bag. Let’s do the frosting for the cupcakes. Our sinful Cupcakes are ready! But something is still missing. Let’s add some chocolate sprinklers. Do try these decadent chocolate cupcakes
and let us know how they were. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
Swaad Anusaar.

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  1. in description box you have given method for ganache abd have listed cream chocolate and icing sugar but while preparing you have not added icing sugar in it.

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