How to Make Candy Corn Cupcakes

Before you begin decorating bake cupcakes using yellow baking cups. Next you will need 2 decorating bags fitted with a tip 2A and filled with medium consistency buttercream icing. Use the orange icing first. Hold the decorating bag at a 90 degree angle. Begin piping a small swirl or mound in the middle of your cupcake. Starting on the outside of your icing mound begin piping in a counter clockwise motion. Continue going around the cupcake two times. Switch to the white decorating bag of icing and continue piping three more swirls or until the mound in the center is completely covered.

9 thoughts on “How to Make Candy Corn Cupcakes

  1. you could make it look like a candy corn by putting yellow frosting on the bottom then orange or top of the yellow and white on top of orange

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