How To Make CAKE POPS ~ Easy Cake Pops Tutorial

Hi guys, you asked for it, so here it is!
How to make cake pops easily! Today on Divas Can Cook I’m going to share with you some
tips and tricks, trial and error stuff that I learned while trying to make cake pops and
also show you how to get that perfect texture where it’s nice and fluffy and moist, none
of that soggy mess here honey.  Alright, enough talking, lets get right on
into it! Here’s what you will need for your cake pops:
I have baked up a box cake, that’s a chocolate box cake. I’ve got all this stuff from Target.
I’ve got my sprinkles, my cake pop sticks, my frosting, my chocolate, my ice cream scoop.
We’re ready to go! So you wanna start by just taking your cake
and putting it into a large bowl. I’m only gonna use half this cake because I don’t want
all these cake pops in my house, you know what i’m saying? Just take your fingers, your
cute little paws, and just kind of mash it up. You want nice, fine crumbs here, it doesn’t
take long. Just mash it all up and get it nice and crumbly. This cake is already moist,
look at that! We’re not gonna need a lot of frosting, so you wanna go really easy on the
frosting. Just take a little bit at a time and use your hands just to kind of mix it
up, that way you get a nice feel. You do not want to add too much frosting to these cake
pops or you’re gonna have that moist, gooey type of cake pop that tastes like somebody
chewed it up and spit it out, Ewww. I hate that texture. So a little bit at a time ok?
I only used like two spoonfuls, alright. A little bit at a time. Don’t forget you guys,
if you like this video, let me know. Give me a thumbs up, leave me a comment and subscribe,
ok! Let me know you are there.  So go ahead and mix that up with your hands.
And you see that texture? You see how it is still crumbly but yet it is still moist? That’s
the texture that you want, ok that’s perfect. Alright now I am gonna take my mini ice cream
scoop and just scoop some of that out. I find that using two scoops with this mini ice cream
scoop, makes the perfect size cake ball. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. So then go
ahead and roll that up in your hands and create a nice little tight ball, just like that.
And there’s all of our cute little cake pop balls. Alright, now I’m just gonna melt some
chocolate in the microwave. This Bakers chocolate is the bomb, I am very impressed! For cheap
chocolate it is the bomb, look at that! It melts in the microwave perfectly. Go ahead
and dip the tip of the cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then insert it right
into the center of those cake balls, like that. We’re gonna freeze these for about twenty
minutes, and that is gonna help hold those sticks into place. Now we are ready to decorate! I’m using sprinkles because I suck at decorating,
un un not my thing honey. Now go ahead and fill your cup up with chocolate and pop that
into the microwave until it is nice and creamy just like so. Don’t forget you guys, go to
my blog to print off this recipe ok? Don’t be saying, “Where’s the recipe
at?” It’s on my blog, go get it. Alright, so there’s our cake balls out of the freezer.We
have a nice cup of chocolate. This is why I like using a cup because all you gotta do
is dip those cake balls in and pull them right out. No twisting or twirling or using a spoon.
It’s so easy. Now just go ahead and add on your sprinkles. Make sure you work fast though
because this chocolate hardened up really, really quick.I was like daaang! So make sure
you work really quickly. I found it was really easy to just go ahead and dip it in, let the
excess drip off, and then quickly put on those sprinkles. That looks perfect like that. You
can go ahead and pop these into the freezer again to speed up the setting time or you
can just leave them out. Like I said, the chocolate hardens really quickly. Now i’m
just gonna put these in a treat bag. This makes them really easy to give away as gifts
and it makes them look a little more neater and cuter. So just go ahead and pop on a little
clear treat bag, got that from Target too. Now add on some ribbon or some curling ribbon
or whatever. A little tag if you want to, and then you are ready to go, and that is
it! I hope you guys enjoyed this video and that it was helpful for you. Don’t forget,
you can visit my blog to print out this recipe, and also get more ideas
and things like that. Thank you guys so much for watching!  bye bye!

100 thoughts on “How To Make CAKE POPS ~ Easy Cake Pops Tutorial

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