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We have received an award from YouTube for the high ratings. Thank you for your support. You made this possible! Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Today, we will be making a simple and delicious recipe, Agedashi Tofu. This recipe is especially popular among Izakaya-style restaurants. Let’s prepare the firm tofu. Cut the tofu in half. Wrap each block of tofu with a paper towel and let it sit on the plate for 30 minutes in order to remove the excess water. Let’s prepare the toppings. Make a small cut in each shishito pepper in order to prevent it from bursting in the frying oil. Peel the daikon radish with a peeler. Grate the daikon radish. Scrape the ginger with a spoon. Peeling the daikon and ginger before grating will bring out the beautiful colors and make the dish more aesthetically appealing. Grate the ginger with a grater. Pour the mirin in a small pot and turn on the burner. Boil down the sauce until all the alcohol has evaporated. You should not be able to smell any of the alcohol. Add the dashi stock and soy sauce to the mirin. When the sauce boils again, turn off the burner. After removing the excess water, unwrap the tofu. Cut each block of the tofu into 3 pieces. Thoroughly wipe off the excess water with a paper towel. Place the tofu on the baking sheet that is generously covered with potato starch. Dip the tofu in potato starch until it is completely coated. Remove the excess starch with a pastry brush. Drop the potato starch in the heated oil in order to check the temperature. When the potato starch floats with a sizzling sound, gently place the tofu in the deep pot. Fry the tofu until the surface becomes crispy and lightly colored. Then, flip the tofu over. When the Agedashi Tofu is cooked evenly, drain well and place the tofu on a cooling rack. Next, deep-fry the shishito peppers. Make sure to deep fry quickly. Drain well and place them on the cooking rack. Preheat the sauce and serve the three pieces of the Agedashi Tofu in a dish. Dip the agedashi tofu in the hot souce. Squeeze out any excess water from the grated daikon radish. Put the grated ginger on top of the tofu and finally garnish the dish with the shishito peppers. You can also sprinkle shichimi chili pepper on top of the grated daikon. This recipe is best served pipping hot, so please enjoy the agedashi tofu as soon as possible. The tasty sauce and soft and gooey on the outside, it is impossible for anyone to resist it. A tip to make delicious Agedashi Tofu is to fry immediately after they are coated with potato starch. Good luck in the kitchen.

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  1. Yes! Soft silken tofu can be used for Agedashi Tofu! Make sure to remove the excess water thoroughly 🙂

  2. excess water in foods that you fry can cause oil to pop and splatter which can lead to mess and injury. typically if you're going to fry something, you always try to remove any excess moisture you can. tofu is typically a pretty moist food, so it's especially important.

  3. I tried this dish yesterday in a Japanese restaurant in Zurich for the first time. It was even better than I imagined, so tasty!
    Now I want to cook this myself so bad for me and my boyfriend soon 🙂

  4. Meanwhile I cooked this myself for me and my partner. It was very tasty and he did like it, too! I will do this more often since it is quite easy as long as the ingredients can be easily found.

  5. I Love Your Videos too! all! It is so helped me too to cooks for my fams.
    ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ日本の料理大好き! Thankyouu!

  6. I'm alarmed, prompting my first YouTube comment. fishygal53, answering cattuccino fung, said that Asians throw away oil when it changes color. This is not a good way to judge oil for general cooking. It may work when certain limited dishes are prepared, but the safest, best-tasting way is to throw the oil out after every use. It's now known that stressing oil introduces carcinogens. Using so many paper towels cooking should also be avoided, for similar reasons, unless using eco-friendly ones.

  7. this tofu looks different than what I can get. I was at a restaurant in China town that had similar looking tofu, slightly yellow and so creamy and delicious. The firm tofu I can find is not at all like that at all. Is there a brand I should look for when I make a trip to a large Asian market?

  8. I didn't know that any culture had this many dishes. In America, I feel like all I can eat is meatloaf and hamburgers. Haha

  9. You can reuse oil if you used it under like 350 degrees, and for the same thing. I wouldn't fry fish and then turn around and use it to fry potatoes, but yeah. You can reuse oil.

  10. Would you like to be my girlfrend and to visit me in Brasil? You are amazing cooking, i love wacth your videos. thanks

  11. I love this receipe, I done it before with tapioca starch instead of potatoe starch. (potatoe sounds a lot better) One suggestion. The name "Cooking with dog" might be a little misleading coming from an oriental origin. (don't know if is on purposeor not) You might want to change it to "Cooking with (the) dog" or "Cooking with (my) dog".

  12. 私が母にこのレシピを作ってあげました。とてもおいしかったです!ししとペッパかわりにブラックケールをつかいました。私の家で豆腐あまりにんきがないんです。でもCooking with Dog おかげでみんな豆腐を食べることができです。ありがとうございました!
    I just made this dish for breakfast with my mother. It was absolutely delicious! I used black kale instead of Shishito peppers and it came out great. Tofu isn't really a popular food in my house, but it will be now! Thank you so much!

  13. I'm really excited to learn this is made with potato starch and not wheat flour – this means I can eat it! <3

  14. シェフさん、ありがとうございます!私はハワイに住んでいる完全菜食主義者ですので、このレシピーが大好き!肉、ミルク、卵が入っていないレシピーたくさん作ってください!^^ アロハ~

  15. I love your videos but i seriously would like to request a more comfortable seat for the dog, that wood stool looks super uncomfotable for any dog

  16. @ Amber Brennan, I'm pretty positive that this dish is not ''completely'' vegetarian or let alone vegan. It contains dashi which is a stock made of bonito (fish) … just FYI

  17. Can you guys show us how to properly make abuurage? I'm having bad luck finding in any if my local asian supermarkets.

  18. When I first saw this, I didn't know what shishito peppers were, so I used serrano, which are blisteringly hot up front for about 5 seconds. The rest of the recipe, I think I got more or less right.

    it's good.

    Do try to cook this. It's fun and good.

  19. 何年前の動画でしょうか。シェフさん、お元気ですか?

    今私は小学六年生、十二歳なのですが、幼稚園生の時、母から貰ったおさがりの携帯でこのcooking with dogを


    「私はこのcooking with dogを愛しています。」



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