100 thoughts on “How To Make A Unicorn Alpaca Cake | Naturally Jo

  1. Me: hears the instrumental of Here comes a thought
    Also me: 💛💝❣💚❣💚🧡🧡💝🧡💘❤💗💗❣💞💘💞💕💘💓❣💞💜💕💙🖤💛💟💞💞💘🧡

  2. Hola, están genial tu estilo, te sigo desde hace rato en Instagram por recomendación de Maire bb. Solo te sugeriría que en el vídeo añadas también los títulos en español en el mismo vídeo, ya que gran parte de tu público son latino americanos que no necesariamente entienden el inglés y se pueden quedar perdidos con los ingredientes o las instrucciones, los subtítulos del CC usualmente pasan desapercibidos o la gente no los activa sino que se sale del vídeo en muchos casos. Podrías hacer algo estético como los anuncios en los aeropuertos, que va el título en un idioma, y debajo en otro idioma con otro tamaño y color, solo una recomendación. ¡Saludos! sigue así.

  3. I'm so happy that I found your channel your videos are really calm and relaxing and fun to watch definitely gonna subscribe

  4. Ooo im going to try this!! It looks so cute and yummy! I doubt i could eat it though, it's precious
    I'll edit this whenever i decide to make it, possibly next month~

  5. Gorgeous as always Jo! If you put a single skewer down all 3 layers of the circle cake this will keep it steadier for you, right before you crumb coat it 🙂

  6. If I have to wait a year for you to post content as good as this I’ll wait then 💙 your videos are awesome and so easy to make!

  7. LOVEEE all your vids, your an inspiring small YouTuber and I hope your channel grows and you continue baking and making those smoothie bowls

  8. Thank you so much for uploading this! 😍 I really love how you show the process so detail. Btw how many grams in 1 cup?Cause in my country, it's rare to use cup. Thank you 🙏😊

  9. I absolutely love all your recipes! I’m going to attempt to make some at some point in time, but it’s definitely on my check list! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  10. Hi am dawa ..
    I have just get to know you …I like urs all recibe…. thanks for that home made smoothly.,….I am looking for vedio ….I love ur all vedio 😍

  11. Jo I love the food you make IMMA EAT ALL THA ICE CREAM AND CAKE IN DA WORLD (also the song is from steven universe Yeet)

  12. Empece a seguirte por Maire Wink, ame este canal!!! A parte de hacer recetas muy lindas, usas de fondo canciones de Steven Universe ❤️ uno de los mejores canales ⭐️

  13. I know this video has the lowest views out of all of yours, but I think it’s really amazing! The cake is so cute and you explain everything so well 😀

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