Upbeat music Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome to another nerdy nummies today, we have a very special guest it’s Zach, Zach King you guys. I’m so excited We met a couple years ago, and I’m just so happy that we’re baking together, finally. We’re baking I’m kind of scared. Don’t worry I’ll guide you through it will be easy I barely bake at home at all, but he makes awesome Videos so I think that’s even cooler. I’m gonna put links down below to everything all his social medias. Go show him some love Subscribe and follow and all of those things. Today we are gonna be making a penguin cake for the holidays. Which is incredible because I’ve actually made a video about a penguin before I turn my tuxedo into a penguin and *Poof* I Gotta and put a link down to that too. It is so cool and speaking of magic, Zach came out with this book I’m gonna brag about him and embarrass him just a little bit because it is the coolest book I have ever got it’s Zach King my magical life And you download this little app and you look at the images throughout the book and they come to life I have never seen this ever in my life, and you blew me away. It looks coolest thing I spent way too many hours looking at all the photos, so you did a good job so today We’re gonna be making a peppermint cake cuz I thought that, that was a very Holiday themed flavor and we’re gonna make it look like a cute little penguin, ooh fun! Yeah Let’s get started the things you will need will be 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups plus 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of cake flour, 2 and 1/2 cups of whole milk, 3/4 cup of oil, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of peppermint extract 1 in a quarter teaspoon of salt, 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder, and 3 eggs. But we’ll only be using the whites, and now let’s put it all together! Nice job. Thank you. That’s pretty good. That was that was good, first step to making this cake is whisking together The dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl Zach. I’m gonna have you do this. You can’t mess this up This is easy-peasy alright So add your flours doesn’t matter which order the sugar, salt and baking powder is there a wrong way to whisk? well why don’t you have a KitchenAid here? Zach I didn’t need a KitchenAid today Cause I got you here, so you are the KitchenAid today step two whisk together all of your wet ingredients But remember we just want the egg whites. oh the egg whites. Yes, so I get a little nervous cracking eggs because the last time I cracked an egg a little baby chick popped out. jiggle the Yolk back and forth letting the egg white drip to the bottom You’re making that way easier than it looks, so on this side. Oh oh oh, it’s yay cool, so There you go jiggle jiggle jiggle, Zach perfect love it. Nice, he can bake. There’s the oil going in. Hey beautiful pour boom and I’m gonna have you add the extracts as well But let me just take a sniff first Okay, it smells so good together. They should be best friends Then and in your whole milk, this is heavy. Zach, You got a whisk it up again Cuz you’re the guest you’ve been a great KitchenAid nice nice nice nice nice, so how do I know when this is done? Yeah? You just mix her a little under a minute. That’s all so we’ve got our wet ingredients We’ve got our dry ingredients and are we just mixing them together now? Yep, step Three is Combine, so just pour all of the wet into the dry cause it’s the bigger bowl. There you go there You go, nice Zach *Bloop* Great, yes, yes *ding* whisk again, but be careful Zach cuz this is a full bowl, it’s like right to the rim This is a lot of cake batter work it in there Zach. You didn’t know that this was gonna be a workout did you? I don’t know it was just your whisker today. Oh wow he’s gonna be the biggest whisk taker today….Oh I’m trying to make a pun out it, I got you huh ,so we’ve got our batter here ,and what are those ball pans? Yeah
That’s a sphere ball Pan, they come with a little Silicone liner that goes at the end and that will hold your pan in place Zach. You can do this. pour this in here. Yeah, just pour about half in here and half in here. Oh, that’s good. Zach That’s good. Okay, okay here Zach That was really good. Thank you Thats a great pour. That is the first time I’ve ever done them Just make sure before you put them in the oven that they are very level So we gotta look down here make sure that they’re flat because we don’t want em to tip That looks pretty good. So pre-heat your oven to 325 and they’ll sit in there for about an hour and a half Yes, we’re gonna slow bake these cakes so the cakes are baked and we’ve let them cool for plenty of time And you know how do we assemble them? It’s really easy the first thing that you want to do is just cut a little bit off the bottom of one of them So it will sit like this Ooh that looks great, and also level off the top so its nice and flat and then in front of you, You’ve got a turntable have you ever used one of these with baking? Yeah, just like that All right, so now. Just pipe a little bit of icing on the top And I’m gonna show you how you do it so pipe a little layer all the way around Oh, that’s good doo-doo-doo-doo boom! and then fill it in like this I have a little offset spatula, and we’re just gonna spin it to flat all right now Zach. I’m gonna Have you place on the top of the cake alright? Just try to line it up the best you Can you can always wiggle it around so don’t be afraid if you off set it a little bit Yeah press it down a little bit oh Wow, okay or a lot of it. That’s okay next thing we do is frost the entire thing I like to start at the bottom and just slowly work your way up to the top Let me see how you’re doing it baking is a skill huh this is tough. Oh yeah, squeeze out just a little bit more. Oh well I messed it up. Don’t look at that Have you ever made a Death Star before? *gasp* Yes! I have used this ball cake to make so many cool things the Death Star was one of my favorite So now I’m guessing we’re spinning this thing to make it all smooth? It doesn’t need to look perfect because we just want the entire cake frosted we’re gonna put fondant over it It’s gonna act as the glue for our fondant, so we’re gonna put this in the fridge to chill for about 30 minutes Yeah, so our cake is chill and it’s sitting on a plate over here. We’ve got our fondant ready to be rolled out Yes, I put a baking mat down so our fondant won’t stick to the surface all right. I’m gonna push This little guy out of the way, and then Zach. I’m gonna have you use a fondant rolling pin Just gently roll it out about a quarter-inch thick. I’ll show you how to transfer fondant So you take your rolling pin, and you just put it here at the end, and then you start to roll it *bloop* up I think you can do this. Okay. You just go for it. Just go for it. Just gently you can over-roll it Just gentle gentle. I’ll bring in this one, and then start to flop it on top That’s genius there you go. There you go That’s magic right there. All right, then we smooth it out. This is kind of silly and just gently Press it down to the end so right now. It kind of looks like it ghost. Yeah, it does this could be a snapchat Gently pull it down and then press in because if you pull too fast. It’s gonna tear. I’m definitely did that That’s okay. We can fix tears. Once you’ve got it wrapped cut off the excess the closest you can get to the base. Cut cut cut cut cut and then peel off the excess so this is covered and trimmed now We’re rolling out the black fondant and going to about a quarter inch thick yes. That is looking good Once you’ve rolled out the black fondant. You’re gonna be using one of these Looks like a genie bottle doesn’t it okay Zach hold It, I’ll hold it here, and then you got to do some type of like ,if I go like this Okay, you know what? I wish what a peppermint wait for it Penguin cake ,cool. Well. We’re making one so that works out okay great. I leave this silly looking template in Photoshop I will put a link down below You just print out two of them tape them together overlay it like so and cut it out So then we pull up the excess yeah take off the excess oh Did you hear that guys this is great before we transfer the fondant to the cake. I’m gonna put a little bit of royal icing this is gonna act like glue Hi Zach, okay, and then I’ll let you write something. I’m gonna draw a little penguin oh Just to ,Penguins have wings right? Yeah.They got little ones cuz they swim with them, you pick up one side I’ll pick up the other place it onto the cake nice Look at that ,you guys, you gotta see this boom Now gently Zach gentle fingers gentle gentle. We just gently press it to the cake So we’ve got the black fondant right on here. It kinda looks like he’s got a helmet or start of Darth Vader I don’t know, yeah, and now we’re rolling out this orange fondant. Yes We’re gonna be using the orange fondant to make a little beak and feet and why is there saran wrap on this? Oh, this is a really cool technique Okay, so you put a piece of saran wrap over your fondant? And then get the smaller football shaped cookie cutter And then go for it Zach press down we have the plastic around it It really smoothes the edges ooh, and I love this technique look. How cool that is now We’re gonna add some detail so we’re making a little smile cuz it’s a happy This is gonna be a happy penguin like happy feet okay Zach. We’re gonna re-roll this. I’ll tell you when to stop okay Let me see ,let me see keep going keep going keep going. Yeah, let’s make it bigger We want to get two feet whoo so again We’ll be using a little piece of plastic wrap and the larger football cookie cutter cut that in half that little football in half Right down the middle that’s gonna be our two feet. Yes cool All right, so one for you one for me taking this circle cookie cutter And we’re gonna cut off the back you can use any cookie cutter you have around the house I’m using a small diamond cookie cutter. So you’re just gonna cut out two grooves, so these little penguin feet go right there Oh, that’s so cute .Now we’re gonna attach the beak. Yeah, can’t forget about the beak. We need a cute one I’m just taking a little bit of royal icing putting it on the back Just gonna stick it right on here about halfway on the black. Halfway on the white. Final touches We’ve got our black fondant rolled out We’ve got a little circle cookie cutter for the eyes and this teardrop shape before the little wings cut out two of those And now we’re gonna do the eyes yeah, two eyeballs, there You go put a little royal icing on the back they hang off Just a little bit at the end, but that’s okay, and it makes it really look like a little wing That’s cute, then the eyeballs. Yeah, we’re gotta make these even. Okay? Okay? Where are you going? Here? Okay ill go the same. Perfect. BOOM! There’s our little peppermint penguin Tada!!! Here is the peppermint penguin cake that we’ve made today and it is totally adorable. Oh look at you A big, thank you to Zach. Zach, thank you for helping me bake today. Thank you of course now I know how to bake. I’ll be posting a bunch of cute pictures and the recipe on, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter So you can check it out there, and if you guys make this cake for the holidays Please take a picture and send it to me Let’s have everyone comment below What his name should be because you don’t want to cute little penguin sitting here and not have a name for him maybe little waddles, sir waddlesworth maybe little little P.P. for Peppermint Penguin and Zach you did a really good job baking This is our first time baking together and this project. I would say is intermediate and now that I know the ingredients and the steps I might be able to whip up a little bit of my own creation here You ready for it Tada! we have two cute penguins. Magic! All right. Thanks you guys bye-bye!

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