Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen it is Barry here or perhaps I should be saying, do you want to build a
snowman, today we are making a frozen cake this is olaf from the movie frozen you have
probably seen it, if you have not you are lucky, I must have seen it about a million
times my girls force me to watch it and I have to be honest the songs are quite addictive
I cannot let it go, see what I did there, yeah it is pretty bad I am doing general activities
and then am singing it but anyhow I am quite impressed with how this cake turned out as
you know every recipe I make is me doing it for the first time to inspire you guys to
have a go but cakes I have always been put off from making them I want to do more themed
cakes but I find it daunting, but this turned out pretty cool so if you like the way this
has turned out and want to see more let me know down below but anyhow to make this cake
you just need patience and the following ingredients. Hit pause write them down, it is not even
my girls Birthdays I just want to make it for them and we will see if they like it at
the end, alright! The first thing you want to do is bake your
cakes which is obviously the most time consuming thing now my favourite cake recipe is from
a recipe I did a while ago called a portal cake, I will put the link for the recipe down
below but you can make any cake recipe that you like. What I did was get some tins and
kind of made the shape of Olaf, I know that looks a little silly right now but trust me
it helped me to visualise what the snowman was going to look like.
So while you are baking your cakes you can melt up some chocolate and pipe it onto some
baking paper to pipe the arms (that are twigs), the hair and the eyebrows too so you can keep
yourself busy. Alright so once your cakes are fully cooled
important because when you are chopping them up and they are still warm they sort of wobble
I have learnt that the hard way in the past actually, but once cool it is firm but fair.
What you will find is there are loads of images online of Olaf so find one you are after and
to help me I made a template of his body out of baking paper.
If you have too much cake left over (the ingredients are enough that I have listed), you can make
cake pops so I need to know what cake pops to do so let me know down below if you have
any cake pops that you want to see like frozen ones or emoticon or social media, but anyhow
with our cakes all nice and shaped I warmed up some Nutella and brushed that on top of
the cakes to act as a glue but of course I am a bit of a fan of Nutella you could use
jam whatever filling you like cream or frosting get it all on there and it is time to roll
out our icing. So with my icing all I did was get a heavily
dusted chopping board, rolled it out nice and thin and started to drape it over each
of my cake pieces and once they were all done you can arrange it on your board get it all
nice and neat you will see it is coming together and when I got the arms and hair on there
you can really see Olaf was starting to look like Olaf � which is what we are aiming
for! Then it was just a case of decorating Olaf
so with some white icing circles and some slightly smaller black ones on top, that created
eyes I had a template for my mouth again on some icing it was a little dusty but you can
clean that up with water afterwards cutting that out created the mouth shape, a little
white rectangle on top sitting that on the face that was starting to look really good.
Rolling up some more black icing and sitting it on top formed the buttons and then rolling
up the orange icing in a slightly quirky way that formed the carrot that created a 3 dimensional
carrot nose and I think I have a carrot joke that somebody just tweeted me.
Andrew Sinker says �a snowman just tweeted that all he could smell was carrots�. I
thought that was pretty funny, so yeah I did forget to put the eyebrows on but I hope you
will agree once it was on there it is looking pretty darn stonking. I really hope you give
this recipe a go guys, I love it when you send pictures of my attempts. It is my first
time attempting these recipes so it should inspire you guys to have a go too like Brittany
who tried the French toast roll ups and Lydia who did the baked potato hot dogs that a lot
of you are loving. So please give it a go and let me know if
you want to see more themed stuff like this, if you enjoyed this video do not forget to
give it a thumbs up, share, subscribe and comment, send me a picture if you try this
@myvirginkitchen and my girls do not know I have made this so I will try and film their
reaction now, they might love it, they might hate it. But I am pretty proud, proud?! See
you next time. Oh just to let you know I did make a little
bit of a mess of the kitchen today so I need to clean this up right now, before the kids
get home � yes! Also if you have any icing left over you can make a funky penguin like
this, check that out, that is cool, wahey! Who is it? Olaf! Is that good? Yeah! What
film is that from? Frozen! Can you sing frozen? Let it go, let it go!
Subtitles written by me (Barry) apologies for any spelling mistakes, if you want to
consider translating them to your language for me please get in touch 🙂


  1. Can't wait to try it!!!!! Looks amazing I made your French Toast Roll Ups I posted a pic on my Instagram and you actually replied but they were amazing my friends love them and they now watch your videos!!!!

  2. I actually haven't seen an emoji cake pop video yet. It'd be fun to watch you make them and eat them, especially the poo emoji.

  3. This is fantastic Barry, well good for the first attempt and I'm happy you filmed the girls' reaction to seeing your masterpiece! 😀

  4. That's awesome barry 😀 please create more of these cakes 🙂 hope everything works out with your new studio next year !(Y)

  5. Ahaha this is great!! Loved Phoebe and Chloe's reaction! Could you do some more Frozen stuff? Maybe some fish fingers or peas?

  6. I think this would be great for a holiday party. I really enjoy themed food, and so do my boys. Keep up the good work Berry.

  7. I just recently watched Frozen for the first time so the timing of this video was very apt (for me)! Looks great and your girls' reaction was too cute. Keep up the great work!

  8. Well done Barry on your first fancy assed cake and a big high five for pleasing your girls. Your a good Dad! Apple rolls ups where awesome and ate them all before taking a pic. Had 8 people for breakfast and forgot, What an excuse to make more. Thanks for the great videos and all your work

  9. Damn that's fantastic for your first attempt at fondant. Most people don't realize that bakeries don't bake and decorate cakes on the same day, that cake under the icing in the store is probably a week old, but that's okay, cake is supposed to be like that. It needs to rest before you attack it with icing.

  10. This is looking amazing! I will try and make this for my friends in december when we do our personal little (early) christmas party. I'll probably fill the cakes with some creme to give it some extra taste and mushyness.

  11. Brilliant cake barry yet again another amazing video what lucky girls you have I know my son would probably love to have a cake like this cheers from tasmania. =-)

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