How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using ice How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How to Cook That .net. I’m Ann
Reardon. For a printable copy of any of the recipes or more information, simply go to
the website Today we’re looking at how to make chocolate
bowls using ice as a mould, and this chocolate sphere. To start with we’ll need to melt our
chocolate. I’m gonna to use chocolate melts. To melt those in the microwave, 30 seconds,
stir, 20 seconds, stir, 10 seconds, stir, and then repeat that until it is completely
melted. You must stir it, or they will burn. And use a bowl that doesn’t get hot. So to use an ice mould, obviously you have
to make the ice in the shape that you want, so I’ve used some cheap sphere ice moulds
from China for these moulds. And then just simply put your chocolate in a zip-lock bag
and zig-zag it back and forth over the top of your ice. And then before it sets completely
hard, you need to get a round cookie cutter. And just place that over the top to cut off
any excess chocolate, unless of course you want the excess chocolate there in your design,
I didn’t in these ones. So just, on each of them, push down, and then you should just
be able to wait a couple of minutes, and simply lift the chocolate off the ice, because the
ice starts to melt and get smaller, which makes it ver easy to get the chocolate off. Then the next question of course is, can you
use that same mehtod with a larger chocolate? Well yes you can. Here I’ve made a more of
a lacy chocolate bowl, using a large ice mould. I didn’t find it as stable as using containers
as the mould. Proabably because some of the water from the ice gets between the joins
of the chocolate, but it is a tecnique that does work. So simply take your chocolate again
in a zip-lock bag and start to pipe in on. Make sure all your design joins up. You can’t
have gaps in it, because obviously when the ice is gone, it needs to be able to hold itself
together. So keep piping until you’ve got a design that is completely joined together.
Leave it for about 10minutes for the ice to melt out a bit more, and then simply take
it off the top. I had some paper towel under the al-foil to absorb the water from the ice
as it melts. And then you can fill it with strawberries or whatever you so like for your
dessert. You can click on the other two videos here
to see how to make chocolate bowls using containers and using balloons. Or click to subscribe
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  13. Hi Ann, I have a question. I have heard that water is the worst enemy of chocolate. It doesnt apply to the tempered one or how can you manage to do such bowls avoiding water ruin your chocolate?? Thanks for your videos I'm learning a lot!

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