How To Make a Buttercream Tie Dye Cake | Tutorial | Kurlina’s Foodie Chronicles

Layer and fill your cakes. I attempted a tie dye cake but did not turned out well. Create a border using some buttercream. Add in your whipped cream filling. I went overboard with the filling. You can definitely add less. Add your next cake layer. Repeat the same process again! Add your final cake layer and give your cake a crumb coat. Once done, chill your cake for 30 minutes. Using a skewer, roughly mark out where you want your design to go. Not sure if you can see this on camera. Start piping your colours in swirls. I did not follow the rainbow pattern fully. Using a paint brush to drag the buttercream outwards in strokes. Remember to make the strokes go the same directions. Repeat the same process for the other colours. You can dip your brush in some hot water if your buttercream has hardened. Remember to drag the buttercream outwards in strokes. Add in buttercream if you get any gaps on the cake. Adjust any imperfections at this point. And you are done for this side! Pipe some red lines and make more outwards brush strokes on the cake. For the second side of the cake, pipe random spots of the colours. Use your paint brush to drag the buttercream outwards. Repeat the same process with the other colours! You can choose either of the two techniques to go on top on the cake. I chose the first one. Pipe some dollups of white buttercream on top of the cake. For some finishing touches, I added some gold leaf here and there! I also added some strokes of white buttercream on the second side of the cake. And you are done!!! Now it’s time to reveal the tie dye cake fail inside.. Whooops!! If you’ve liked this video, be sure to hit LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE this video. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and HIT the notifications bell so you don’t miss out on my new upcoming videos. Click on the screen to continue watching other videos.

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