How to Frost a Cake: 4 Easy Finishes | Buttercream Cake Decorating Tutorial

Frosting a cake is easier than it looks. Let
me show you how to do it like a pro. Hey, I’m Joshua John Russell. The first step
to frosting a cake is making sure your buttercream is at the right consistency!
Place the buttercream in a mixer on low for a few minutes to smooth it out. 
You can also use a creme brulee torch on the side of the bowl to soften it a bit
Next, we have to do a crumb coat.  This is a thin coat of buttercream that will hold
the crumbs in place for the final coat.  Place the cake back in the cooler for at least
an hour to set up before doing the final coat. Once the crumb coat is set and the crumbs
are trapped, we can finish frosting the cake For the final coat, frost the top and sides,
using a straight edge or cake scraper to smooth and a spatula to remove the excess.
Now you could stop there, or you can get a little fancier. Texture is a great way to
decorate a cake without using any additional elements
You can add texture to a cake with a spatula.  Just run the blade in the same direction with
quick strokes. Or you can do an advanced version using a
piping bag.  Pipe a vertical line of beads on the side
of the cake. Then take the spatula and smooth each bead to one side. Then repeat until you
make it all the way around the cake. Lastly cake combs can also add texture AND
they are super fast and easy.  Once the final coat is smooth, use the cake
comb in one swoop across the cake to imprint the design!
And look at that, you’ve got three easy frosting techniques to try out on your next cake!
Thanks for watching! Be sure to click the “i” in the top right corner of this video
to learn more buttercream skills, or to shop the supplies I’ve been using in this video.

20 thoughts on “How to Frost a Cake: 4 Easy Finishes | Buttercream Cake Decorating Tutorial

  1. You have such a nice personality (or what I can see of it in 2 min., haha!). Thanks for the upload! Sometimes you just need a couple of minutes of a direction to go in when frosting a cake, and I appreciate that I didn't need to spend 20 minutes (or more) watching for a final result! Nicely done and much appreciated!

  2. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of cake decorating on my blog at bradleyreviews. com/cake-decorating-review/ Thanks, Elisha.

  3. Oh my goodness. Your cake is so fluffy! I am not skilled enough for such fluffy cake. it was making me nervous just watching you apply the crumb coat! Looks beautiful and i am sure it tastes even better!

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