100 thoughts on “How to Explode a Plastic Bag | Science Projects

  1. modification, use a plastic bag for the baking soda, and a normal H2O bottle(cheap plastic kind) pour about 150 ml of vinagar into the plastic bottle or about a qaurter full, fill the ziploc wth 4 tsp of bakin soda, sort of work the plastic bag into the neck of the bottle till u get it in to the point where u can place a peice of the ziploc ends on the neck to hold it from falling into the vinagar below. then place cap on bottle with the little edge of ziploc stuck underneath, shake and get ready to throw it in 5-10 seconds. That bang is like a shotgun… much cooler

  2. I know that that's how I made my volcano explode I got A- I would of got a plus but it was a huge mess and my teacher got her hair done and her hair smelled like vinger

  3. i did this in 'ancient' photographic film containers, those cilindrical containers. you put it in there and shake, and put it upside down on the floor outside and it launches like a rocket. you can also make a paper rocket first and glue the container in the bottom

  4. What happened is the acid in the vinegar reacts with the baking soda and that creates carbon dioxide gas and the carbon dioxide gas fills up the bag until it pops boom I am a science master and I am only 9!!

  5. thankyou, i have a sciance project due tomorow and the infomation i collected was incorrect we tried to find a video and we came across u, we tested what you said AND IT WORKED thankyou so much

  6. I thought when you said huge boom I thought you meant it's going to make the Earth shake not just any fart sound

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