How to DIY Cake Smash Photoshoot Tutorial! Cheap and Professional

hey my name is Falasha from are you trying to get beautiful
professional style cake smash photos but not trying to spend hundreds of dollars
that was me when my son turned one but after a ton of research and a bit of
effort I was able to make the cake and take these photos myself all for less
than $20 I will break down the four easy steps to capturing amazing memories with
your little one from prep to setup taking the photos and edits so let’s get
into it the first thing you need in the prep is a person this person should be
free it can be your best friend your baby daddy your husband maybe they’re
all three the same person for you and you’re blessed like that but you need
someone to help you do this because the baby is going to be wandering and
excited and moving and you’re going to be trying to snap as many photos as
possible so you need someone to kind of entertain the baby and kind of keep them
within the frame so you can take the photos so make sure you have someone to
help you out and that they’re excited to do this with you I had to convince my
husband like come on it’s gonna be funny he just knew it was my little project
but um yeah get you somebody to help you the second is the cake until is hire
Baker to just make a beautiful smash cake I’ve seen so many amazing ones they
have the unicorn one and all of these different things on the internet I
decided to do it myself and I used a simple yogurt based cake box mix and I
baked the cake I also made the frosting myself I found a recipe on Pinterest it
tells you how to make the frosting I found another recipe or tutorial on how
to do the icing so in my opinion the cake has two main things that are the
most important that is that it’s leveled because that makes it looks professional
and obviously leveled means that it doesn’t have that dome top and a secret
hack is that if you go ahead and put like you cut a towel an old towel that
you have around the house cut it wet it and wrap that
the edges of the pan and then bake it with that on there the last five minutes
remove it the cake instead of cooking the edges and outer part first and then
cooking up it will cook completely even so this is how I made sure my cakes came
out completely flat and very nice and then for the icing I did the simple
recipe like I said head over to the blog I’ll include the link of the recipe that
I used as well as the I learned this frosting technique from a YouTube
tutorial as well here’s a quick little clip of me frosting the cake third party
prep backdrop I was so worried about how the backdrop would look if it was too
much too little I didn’t know what exactly a professional style backdrop
consisted of so I did a lot of research and I actually got really lucky in that
I was able to keep it super I used gift wrapping paper so it doesn’t get much
easier than that I use gift wrapping paper like this roll and something
called table roll paper it’s pretty much a tablecloth that you roll out and yeah
it’s a tablecloth that’s used for parties it’s a really long roll and I
use that with some duct tape and use that as the backdrop so I had two
backdrops which worked out perfectly and you can see it here and this is just how
I assembled my backdrop you could say duct tape to the river so now that the
prep is complete you need to go on to this setup we already got the backdrop
up and you want to duct tape that to the wall or however you want to adhere it to
the wall scotch tape whatever the case may be this is just what I found to be
the easiest and you don’t even have to do it that high just high enough for a
baby to sit or stand and not show in your photos if that makes sense so of
course you’re gonna want to put decorations onto your backdrop and we’ll
talk more about that later but the most important part of making
sure that the setup is correct is making sure your location is perfect isn’t that
a thing location location location so you want a very good location so that
your lighting is on point you know you need to catch the light catch the light
for the baby catch the light for yourself you need highlighter and all of
it okay so what I did I didn’t have any type of
special box soft boxes or lights or reflectors ring lights or whatever the
case may be none of that I have a big window and that’s it I used all natural
lighting and it came I think it came out really well
you can use natural lighting as long as you you know prepare so in those weeks
before leading up so when you want to do your photos scout out a good location if
you want to do it outside make sure it’s not too sunny that the light’s not too
harsh or if you’re going to do it inside make sure you kind of see where in your
apartment or your house has the best lighting and take some test shoots it
doesn’t have to be anything extensive but just make sure you know what you’re
doing it feel comfortable with that amount of light and the time of day if
you go over to the blog once again that’s where I’ll put the settings that
I use that I had read were the best settings to shoot with to do this type
of photography and once again I did shoot indoors with natural lighting so
next is the camera that’s important aspect of equipment obviously but you
don’t need some fancy camera I have a canon 700d I believe it’s called but I’m
no camera expert I’m no photographer I own this camera and that’s the one I
used but if you don’t have a DSLR special camera you can use a
point-and-shoot you can use your phone as long as the lighting is really good
you can come close to that professional level nowadays with all the different
cameras that are available but the key point being the lighting like catch the
light back to that again but this is the camera I used and I use
the 50 millimeter aka Nick 50 lens but I had only recently got
Batlin so I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was a bit nervous
because it’s kind of hard to focus sometimes especially with moving people
or babies but yeah I just messed around with it and kind of learned as I went
and it came out fine but I don’t have any other camera equipment I’m not using
anything else that’s what I had and that’s what I used so earlier we talked
about the backdrop but let’s go on to what we’re putting on that backdrop and
it’s all about decorations but keep in mind you already got the main points you
have the cake and you have a cute baby so you’re good like you don’t want to
overshadow your baby with too many distractions too much stuff going on in
the image so my hardest part was I couldn’t find online where somebody
really broke it down like I wanted to know how many balloons did you use how
many banners did you use like tell me so I can really nail this so this is what I
used right here those running lists but the trick is to also make sure that the
theme of your photoshoot matches the theme of the birthday party
so for Langston’s first birthday my son we did a a langston is a wild one
birthday theme so the wild one because he’s turning one obviously and the wild
part is because he’s wild but because it’s an Amazonian theme and his father’s
Brazilian we also include it like the Brazilian flag and that is how it all
tied together another tip for decorations is to make sure that you’re
not creating shadows with your decorations so if you do have different
decorations and they’re too large then you don’t want to create something
that’s going to overcast the baby and ruin your good lighting and your
highlight on your child your natural highlight you don’t want anything that’s
gonna create this shadow effect so you want to keep the decorations very close
to the backdrop so that they’re very like it’s flush and it doesn’t create
too much of a shadow effect but you can create layer
so it looks a little out there that makes sense so you can move it a little
bit off but if the the decorations are too big it won’t really work so I kept
them pretty small them pretty small dynamic in a way so mixing up different
types of textures with balloons and banners but nothing no large large
objects other than the baby in the cake now it’s into actually taking the photos
we did the prep we did the setup now let’s get the photos done you want to
take the photos probably after nap time midday if you’re using natural lighting
so the sun’s really up and the baby just woke up and it’s feeling good
maybe if your child’s like mine needs a little time to kind of shake off the nap
and kind of come back to life but make sure everything is really already set up
so you’re not trying to move stuff while the baby’s in the room because they will
get distracted and be trying to move just have everything already set up so
that’s what we did and we brought him in and we took kind of the professional
photos I guess you could say like the headshots with him with his shirt on and
this were like his one year old photo that was not the cake smash portion and
then we just kind of peeled off the duct tape for that for the gift wrapping
paper and then behind that I had the white backdrop with the other decor on
it and that is what we used and then we introduced the cake and he sat there and
went in now when you’re taking the photos you want to make sure that you
haven’t set up in a way where you’re really able to get that intimate
reaction so the first time he sees the cake the cake going in the mouth all of
this kind of reactionary photography which is really intimate kind of like
when you see wedding photos and you’re like oh I feel like I’m so back to the
person helping you here’s a few tips you want them to keep resetting the baby to
the positions because he’s or she’s gonna be crawling walking move
kind of looking maybe back at the props and not at the camera and it might be
hard to navigate so you want someone kind of there to distract and engage
because at that age babies don’t really know to engage with the camera so if
they’re engaging with a person then you can kind of put the camera where the
person is and it’ll look as though they’re engaging in the photo so you can
clap you can sing a song I sang the ABC song my my son loves that song you can
do just whatever the baby likes you know and then get some snacks like Cheerios
or whatever they eat put those down as well so that when they’re reaching and
they it’s kind of a familiar texture or taste I didn’t need to do that because
my son went all the way in on this cake and there was icing everywhere so he
didn’t really need an incentive but if you think your kid might not like
something that isn’t too new then you can try this and it’ll look as though
they’re still going in on the cake and you’re done I would recommend that you
take about 200 photos because if you’re a novice like I am you are gonna get a
lot of blurry photos out-of-focus ones that are out of frame whatever whatever
but you’re you’re destined to find a few within there that work so I just took as
many photos as I could up close backwards further back and all that
different angles whatever I thought was cute or might work you know fake it
figure it out try to get your paparazzi on pretty much and there you go the post
edits I used Photoshop and Lightroom to edit these photos but once again I have
no idea what I’m doing so I went to YouTube University learned
some Photoshop Lightroom edits but if you don’t have access to those programs
because they can be quite expensive you can as long as your lighting is good and
everything else you followed all the other steps you don’t need some
over-the-top editing software to make this happen you can use you know like
PicMonkey or a free online based editing software so I’ll show you the before and
after of the edits that I did and you can’t really tell
huge difference so I would say you can just use whatever editing software you
have to kind of bring it to light and make the picture pop a little bit more
so there you have it the prep setup photo taking and put post and you’re
good to go I hope this was helpful like I said go ahead and hit up the blog at
bite my fashion calm and I will include some written instructions as well as the
links and other blogs that I went to to be able to create this effect if you
think I did a good job on this DIY photo shoot for a momma on a mission okay I’m
not a professional I don’t know what I’m doing but if you think it came out
really well go ahead like and subscribe and support this channel if you don’t
think it came out well remember if you don’t got nothing nice to say don’t say
nothing at all alright so next time

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