Hi, it’s
Tana Mongeau I am filming this intro after getting done with my makeup so that when you clicked on the video, you weren’t afraid you’re f***ing so welcome as you can see by the thumbnail, I’m really good at turning myself into a reasonable unf***able 5 to a cake-the-f***-up maybe I’d f*** if I did a few tequila shots 7 1/2 I mean, tuh so if you wake up every day looking like a naked f***ing mole rat that no one would put their genitals near even if you paid them and you wanna learn how to put hundreds of products all over your face until you are f***able, keep watching I’m just kidding since my last few “Cake Your Face Like a Pro” videos I have changed up all my products and clearly I’ve gotten a little bit better at doing my makeup I thought that I would do an updated one and you guys have been requesting this a lot lately these videos are always some of my favorite to film because I love helping others get f***ed I’m just kidding but really I love seeing you guys try out this makeup look or try out products that I love and this video was a lot of fun to make and I really hope that you guys enjoy it before the tutorial starts, you know the drill if you haven’t subscribed yet, you should totally fucking subscribe we have an awesome family I make really mediocre content that you might enjoy and I love you guys so fucking much so yeah, subscribe, follow my social media below and now I am going to go ahead and let you guys get into the video and you can learn how to cake your face like a pro Tsh and in case you guys do want to take any of my recommendations because I’m a fucking beauty guru and I know everything all of the products are linked below and I did all of the work for you because I love you I also totally forgot to mention that I moisturize my face with Clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream so it’s bomb if you have dry ass skin that flakes the fuck off of your face so the first thing you’re gonna do is use some hand sanitizer because why the fuck would you wash your hands when you could just, like, not you know? then I’m gonna use this shit it’s by NYX, it’s called First Base and it’s a primer spray because like I’ve yet to decide if this does anything at all but, like I just think it’s really cool so I keep using it it might just be like water have you guys seen those bottles of Evian that they sell in Sephora and it’s literally just water spray? that’s like $10 like it’s literally, like the only ingredient is water and it’s like “refreshing face spray” and it’s like, water like you can literally put water in like a spray bottle and then they sell it for like $10 and it just, it stresses me out then, you’re gonna use Benefit pore-fessional I really like this stuff because I have really big pores because I constantly pop blackheads why would it have a lid? and why would it be clean? just look at that okay, fuck this like, you don’t even care, like the joke isn’t even funny like, who fucking cares? then, you’re just gonna put way too much of this on your hand like, way too fucking much of this and you’re gonna put it everywhere because there’s not one part of my skin that doesn’t have like, giant pores but my skin has gotten so much clearer since the first time I filmed these videos I must say and that’s ’cause I have a good skin care routine that I do like, once a week because I’m gross but this literally is like, the best primer that you can ever buy ever I feel like every other primer is so shitty compared to this primer so I highly recommend it I’m a beauty guru the reason why I decided to make another “How to Cake Your Face like a Pro” is because of this foundation in my last “How to Cake Your Face like a Pro” I showed you guys three foundations that I was obsessed with and I went on and on and on telling you guys about how I would never ever use another foundation and then I found this foundation not only do I have not one, not two, but three of the same foundation in my makeup case because I’m terrified of running out and I love it so much this is the Marc Jacobs’ “Remarkable Foundation” and if anybody is close to my skin tone, I get it in Bisque Neutral This is like paint like it will cover any imperfection on your face but instead of like the Kat Von D one that I use to use it’s super thin and that’s why it’s like mind-blowing to me because it’s so thin and it’s literally like the consistency of like a moisturizer but then it covers everything and it stays on for like 24 hours, it’s not drying like it does everything every foundation I’ve ever loved does but like all in one, like it feels so lightweight but it covers everything and it’s just so good it’s so good this thing has like a wand which I don’t think is very sanitary but like, I’m not very sanitary so I just put this all over my face use way too much, like, that’s the goal also, just never do your eyebrows like, never pluck them just let the hair grow it’s really a fucking good look I’m looking in this mirror right now, like why the fuck do people like me?

100 thoughts on “HOW TO CAKE YOUR FACE LIKE A PRO: THE TRILOGY (Makeup Routine)

  1. Please watch my first videos guys I really want some feedback because I've no idea what I'm doing xo

  2. I wish you could do my makeup Tana ❤️ your such a queen ?? with or without makeup. You are so unique ? and incredibly beautiful ? you’ve got me through so so much and I love you the most ?

  3. She swears hella too much…if u think it’s funny,it’s not…trust me…I luv ur videos,just try not to swear…

  4. I don't get girls like you meaning I don't understand them their conceitedness yes they might be conceited under all that makeup but what's underneath is my point if you know you look like crap why do you act like expensive gold I mean if you know you look like crap why do you act like you don't

  5. proceeds to rant about how much she hates streaky foundation

    takes beauty blender and smears foundation all over her face without buffing it


  6. You have a point, your a 5 out 10 without makeup. But your still an annoying twenty-something. You need a useful skill, like nunchucks.

  7. I'm not sure if you will read this in 2019 but,do you know if the Tarte shape tape foundation and concealer are good for caking your face?

  8. For me, that makeup is too thick, they look so unnatural on your face,, please no offense, but you're cheerful and funny ?

  9. Correction: THIS is literally the reboot of “how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”

  10. Yoooo! No lie i thought the person on the left in your thumbnail was a dude with a blonde wig. Lolol

  11. Oh my bad… I click looking for Italia K and got this?! WTF?! Guess YouTube is going crazy… Check your privilege Alphabet … ?????

  12. Oh and went to check for the manager to tell this poor sod that the algorithm is broken and the jordan wonka or something like that had a site call we are verified and … Surprise surprise besides getting in home a photo of Tippi the Melanie Griffiths mother at the tiger's sanctuary when I went to check in the section about us… It still had the text that the GoDaddy host place autogenerates to guide you in how to fill the description of your site… Very professional… Sarcasm ?

  13. CAKE FACE IS AN INSULT FROM GUYS!!. She looks way better without makeup. It's an insult if I call u a cakeface because it shows how deceptive you are in your life.

  14. I told my dad I wanted to be like you he google you just looked at me and said “why” with the most concerned look ever

  15. Fellas this is the type of woman y’all don’t wanna be with. And ladies, y’all don’t have to cake your face with makeup. Tbh idk bout other guys.but it is so unattractive when ladies cake their face, not only does it scream try hard but it shows you guys don’t wanna show the real you. And that’s what’s wrong with today society. With that being said Everyone should be themselves rather than someone else.

  16. Literally she looks like too fake and made up, shouldn’t wear so much makeup. Also without and with she looks like two different people.

  17. im sure glad im not a woman

    no need for makeup, no need for drama, biological suporiority in terms of physical strength and in terms of logical thinking

    society may make the life harder for us men, but thats ok, it forces us to grow as a person

  18. Why did tana low key look better like this? Not hating but she genuinely was naturally way prettier. Kinda puts me off getting filler and shit and saving my pennies

  19. This is a composition. Angles, and lighting. Camera magic. See her in 3 dimensions with no makeup, or in an unplanned camera angle, she's massively far off from pretty.

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