How to bake bread in Growtopia

Hello, I’m Zyche. Today I’m gonna teach you how to bake bread. First, you’re gonna need the following ingredients. Five eggs, one milk, four sugarcane, and sixteen wheat. After that you’re gonna have to go to your EZ Cook Oven or your microwave. Then you open it, But first, you need to make some sugar cane you need to make some dough. You need four of it to be exact. First, you drop- you drop four sugarcane, (this awkward silence is deafening) then, you drop sixteen wheat, (and I thought one awkward silence was enough) then, you drop four eggs. Oops, (wow how many pauses are in this video) then, SCIENCE! Now you’ve made four dough. Now, you have your dough. It’s time to make some bread. First, you have to drop one egg. Then, you have to drop one milk. And, VOILA! Now I’ve made it. But it- it seems like it’s a little hot. Don’t you think, hmm, let’s take a look. (pls end my suffering) It seems a little hot. I think we should, MAKE IT COLDER! Well that didn’t go well, it turned into ice! Hmm. Maybe if you put it back in the- oven for a little while, maybe it’ll be, warm? Let’s get it. Put it in the- oven for a while (no more pauses pls) (*sighs*) Yeah, that seems legit. Now, you’ve made your bread! Yay! (is my suffering over) And that’s how you make bread! (thank God it’s over)

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