77 thoughts on “How Does Bread Rise?

  1. San Francisco is the only place to get real sourdough, with original yeast balls, or mother yeast, going back to the late 1800's. You can taste the salt air in a good sourdough. I'm eating some now.

  2. I love making bread…they way that the dough becomes more pliable as you kneed it…the best way to get rid of negative feelings…

  3. she reminds me of Zukos  girl friend Mai from avatar :O so mysterious in a cool way

    hahaha i'm a Nerd hahaha

  4. I love the way Lauren talks about weird things like wasps dead bodies inside figs and glutenmaking bread yummy. It has a way of keeping me interested. I would like to see her more often.

  5. Great video! So kneading links the protein molecules even more to create a stronger visco-elastic matrix. What is the process behind no-knead breads?

  6. Very nice intent, but I'll wait for a video with better visuals and less pretentious explanations. As a person who is very visual-oriented, I could say that there is barely any useful info in your animation.

  7. What happens to the yeast afterwards, do they disappear? Do they hang out there dead while we eat their remains? Is there carbon dioxide left in the bread when ready to consume or has it left the bread? Does yeast add flavor or nutrients? I ask because a sattvic diet advises to limit consumption of fermented foods. Not that I think that bread can do any harm, I just want to dive deeper and really find out. Thank you!
    -food science major

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