Hot Chocolate On A Stick | Episode 1212

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and today I’m going
to show you how to make something super quick, super easy but really fabulous, perfect for
the holiday season, it is what I like to call hot chocolate on a stick. So it’s really great if you want to have these
on hand to share with your friends and family on a casual night in or if you want to give
them away as edible gifts, maybe your kids friends, or your kids can help you make them,
everybody loves them and they make the best delicious rich hot chocolate you cannot even
imagine, and the list of ingredients is literally like so short, but they’re all the right ones
so don’t skip. Let me run you through it. You need lots of chocolate, and I’ll talk
about this in just a minute, you also need some white chocolate, you can use white chips
or I really like these white candy coating wafers, these are really delicious, use the
best quality you can get your hands on whatever you like. And then you need some mini marshmallows,
and what I have here are some ‘jimmies’ although I think that’s a Philly thing, just some Christmas
sprinkles because I think it adds to the festive touch, and you need a little bit of coconut
oil, just to coat your ice cube tray. Now I like to use this. This is a silicone, so it means I can squeeze
it and they can pop out really easily, but any ice cube tray will work just make sure
you use some coconut oil in it to help them pop out. Alright, so for the chocolate I think it’s
so crucial for this recipe that you use two parts milk chocolate to one part bittersweet
chocolate, the two together with that exact amount makes for the perfectly sweet, not
too sweet, not too bitter hot chocolate and it means that we aren’t going to add sugar
to this because we’re also going to use marshmallows and white chocolate so it balances out perfectly. Now I just tore it into little pieces, this
is three bars of chocolate, two milk, one bittersweet, I’m going to pop it into the
microwave in intervals of about 30 seconds, and I’m going to give it a stir every 30 seconds
until it’s fully melted. Taking my coconut oil and just kind of brushing
it on the inside. This one is a silicone so I don’t really have
to use a ton of stuff in here because nothing sticks, so I really like that, but here we
are. Okay, my chocolate is fully melted, look how
beautiful that is, oh I love the way that looks, and I mix it until it’s combined, but
I don’t over mix it because I really love the way that looks. And I’m just strange like that. So, what I find makes my life a lot easier
when it comes to filling something like that without making a mess, is to just use a piping
bag, I’m just using a disposable zipper bag here, and then I’ll just snip one of the corners
and badda bing badda boom bang bang we’re done. So for each little square I like to do about
two tablespoons of the chocolate filling, so I know that this will hold everything so
I’m just going to snip the corner and then you just kind of fill it like that, and I’m
going to fill this about halfway because it’s almost two tablespoons, so you don’t want
to fill it too much because I still have to add the rest of the ingredients and if you
want to make it smaller you can, you just have to use less liquid when you go to make
your hot chocolate, so if you want to use a one tablespoon ice cube tray, then you will
just need to use about half of a cup of liquid, when I use almost two tablespoons then I can
use about three quarters of of a cup of liquid and it makes the perfect amount, this makes
about 9. As I knew it would, because I’ve done this
and if you follow me on Instagram stories then you know. I just tap, and now what you do is, before
you melt your white chocolate you just pop four marshmallows on top just like that. Leave a little area clear because that’s where
you are going to put your popsicle stick. Marshmallows are on, white chocolate is melted,
this took about forty seconds, it’s not very much of it you don’t need very much of it,
you just need about a quarter of a cup or so of melted white chocolate, it adds just
the right amount of sweetness and it also helps the sprinkles adhere, which is important. Think of it as edible glue, delicious edible
glue. And this is something you can get your kids
involved with you can do different shapes of your molds here, and I just put a little
bit on each one. And then you just add a few sprinkles on each
one. And now you’re going to pop this into the
freezer for about an hour or until frozen solid, but in about ten minutes once the chocolate
is hard enough you’re going to go to it and you’re going to pop a popsicle stick right
in the center because if you wait for the entire hour it’s going to be too frozen to
work, so in about ten minutes get in here and put a popsicle stick in it. Alright so these were in the freezer for exactly
an hour and remember after ten minutes I just went ahead and put my popsicle stick right
in the center because if I waited the entire hour then they’d be too hard and it wouldn’t
work, so now that they’re completely set, take them out of the freezer a good ten minutes
or so before you’re going to use them, they stay at room temperature perfectly fine because
once they harden, the job is done they’re not going to melt right away so you can store
them in the fridge or you can store them at room temperature. Look how cute, I packaged a couple of these
up just to show you what they would look like as cute little presents, how cheap and cheerful,
you can give these to the kids teachers, the kids can just exchange them among themselves,
so it’s a really easy and fun little gift that you can give anyone, really. And your kids can do them so they feel really
good. So what I have here is some whole milk, and
a little bit of heavy cream. It’s important that it gets really nice and
hot because once you get it really hot, right up until right below boiling point, you can
just go ahead and stick your beautiful chocolate – you can see it’s turning color – and what
I do is I take the rest of it and you would want to do this in a mug obviously, I don’t
have one that you can see what happens inside that’s why I’m using this clear cup here but
look how rich and gorgeous, and you just take whatever’s leftover on the stick and you kind
of do this until it all starts to melt, and you see that? You have everything there, you’ve got your
marshmallows, you’ve got your sweetness from your white chocolate, you’ve got that perfect
balance between the milk chocolate and the bittersweet chocolate so you’re not going
to get anything too bitter, you’re not getting anything too overly sweet, it’s just right,
and the color as you can see is phenomenal, you’ll do a much better job at melting this
than I am I’m sure, but I’m impatient and I don’t really care. Mmm! It is the best hot chocolate in the entire
universe but it is so easy and simple that you and everyone that you serve this to is
just going to love it. Go to, I’ll have everything
written for you if you need it, I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me, I’ll see you
next time! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate On A Stick | Episode 1212

  1. Ahhh Laura I just love watching your videos, they make me feel homey and cozy, and ready to get in the kitchen haha. Have been subscribed for years!!

  2. Laura, I tried to access recipe but doesnt show print out. also typed episode 1212. Lv you &would love more pics of little darling now that its Christmas. I also wonder if your nona has seen baby? this would be lovely to share. I just love watching your time together.God bless &Merry Christmas.

  3. Love this one! I'm going to make some to give away, and some for having people over. Simple can indeed be brilliant.

  4. There are so many ways of doing this the possibilities and varieties make it a great party favor/gift. Crushed mint instead of sprinkles, edible glitters, those round sprinkley chocolate balls they use on cakes, peppermint sticks/candy canes instead of the popsicle wood or even clove sticks if you like it with a kick, and so on. Such a neat idea for sure!

  5. Thanks Laura. Very cute idea I'm having a girl night; just hanging out. It's cold now so this would be
    a wonderful way to keep those who get cold warm?

  6. Hi Laura, Great treat for holidays or gift! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family have happy, healthy holidays.
    God Bless. Lucilia

  7. Your videos are always so comforting. I love the intro and it instantly calms me when I'm feeling stressed out.

    Thank you for being there! ^-^

  8. you can use a candy cane instead of a stick and then the hot chocolate gets a nice minty flavor…also

    is there a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa?

  9. That needs a candy cane instead of a popsicle stick. I'm not sure about this one, it looked really pretty but the milk didn't even turn brown.

  10. The recipe says 8oz bittersweet and 4oz milk chocolate. But in the video you say 2-1 ratio with the milk chocolate being the greater. I've used many of your recipes and they've been fabulous. Please let me know what amount is correct. Love all your videos.

  11. Hi Laura; question for you re the chocolate; Can you use high quality candy coating for the milk and bittersweet chocolate or Baker's Chocolate for this?

  12. do you temper the chocolate? seems if you use real chocolate and don’t temper it, you will have a mess at room temperature!?!

  13. You are my favorite person doing cooking on the web. Such a nice personality, someone I wish I had for a next door neighbor when I was young. You are so enthusiastic, and have such GREAT recipes (so tasty and healthy) Even though I am disabled I still get satisfaction out of watching you doing it.

  14. If you want you can use other toppings like crushed candy canes, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, etc.. also if you don't want to play the guessing game of when to add your sticks( because if your freezer is colder/warmer than hers you may have issues) you can put saran wrap/waxpaper/ tinfoil on top of the molds, poke the sticks through and then fold it around the edges to keep them from moving (or if your using something with a more flared bottom like a spoon or paddle kinda thing put them in first and poke through as you put wrap on top) depending on the sturdieness of your mold will effect how this works with what you have so don't be afraid to fasten it down with a rubber band or tape if you can and need to.

  15. I had this idea since August last year and you posted the video on my birthday and just noticed how cool. I made this for my bday party

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