Hostess Cupcake Maker With Real DIY Chocolate Mini Cakes Kids Toys

Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra from the Disney
CarToys Channel. And Spidey Awesome! And today, we are filming something that I didn’t know
it existed! I know. Until I went on Amazon like a week ago and I went like “Whaaaat?”
What is this? How or where has this been my entire life? A Hostess Cupcakes Maker! Mini
–ones! Oooh!! Yummy! And it has like the little swirly frosting. Oh. Cute! That’s
what I like about them. Those kinds of swirlies. Yeah. Um, it seems pretty cool. I looked at
the instructions and it also seems complicated. Yeah. We’re going to be epic chefs! Yeah.
Epic chefs! So, um. Yeah. Let’s I guess open it up and we’ll show you the maker
and we’ll start baking. Ooh! All right. So, here’s what comes with our cupcake maker,
which is the cupcake maker. Yeah! It’s really handy. It’s kind of like our other cupcake
maker and a waffle iron! It’s perfect. So, you got little indent and they’re mini-ones,
so they’re kind of smaller than the normal size ones. Yeah, and it’s seven of them?
Yeah. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Yeah. See, I like that it has a swirly top!
I know. Look at that. It puts an indent in it. That’s cool. So you know where to put
the frosting. Yeah. I still have no idea how to put the cream in. Oh yeah. That’ll be
interesting. I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know. I really don’t know. But for that
purpose, we have our little frosting bag here, or cream bag or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. It says
Kryptek. Cool little nozzle. And then there’s different size, different nozzles for like.
Like frosting tips. Creaming and stuff. Oh! Cool! Very, very pretty. I’m excited! And
then we have some cocoa and then our. Our chocolate, of course. And, I mean our really
long instructions. Um, I think the first step is creaming some butter and sugar together,
so I. Yeah. This is going to kind of hard. We’ll see. All right. Look at all that stuff.
Yeah. I know. Whoo! Okay. Step one is adding our butter. There we go. Nice and softened,
and then it was like ten tablespoons and a quarter cup and a full cup of sugar. So this’ll
be like the most delicious thing on the planet, right? Huhuh. So, let’s get the little mixing
thingy in there. Oopsie. There we go. And we’ll mix this for a little bit. There we
go, and it’s supposed to be nice and fluffy. So we fluff it up a little bit. There we go.
Okay. Next, is adding the eggs and vanilla to our sugary mixture, and we need three eggs.
So, one, two, and three. There we go. And we lower this thingy, so we can add it in.
Tadah! Okay. Now we need two teaspoons of vanilla. I love the smell, but if you ever
taste it, it tastes terrible. It’s kind of funny. Okay. One. Oops. Oh boy! And a little
more. Okay, and we’re supposed to mix this again. All right. So now we do the dry ingredients
which is half a cup of cocoa, a cup of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and baking soda,
and three quarters of a cup of milk. So, here I have the baking soda, and then here I have
ze cocoa! Chocolaty! Here I have the flour. It’s funny how there’s more sugar than
flour. And then we need another teaspoon of baking powder. It’s funny that it used baking
powder and baking soda. Interesting. And then, three quarters of a cup of milk. We’ll blend
it all together. Okay. Now, it is the time we’ve all been waiting for, cupcake making
time! So, we’ve plugged this in to heat it up. And it’s hot. And it’s really,
really, I can like feel it. Yeah. Really hot. I burned my thumb on it. Hahahah. I’m sorry,
Spidey. So, don’t put your fingers in there. Yeah. Don’t put your fingers in there. Hahahah.
Yeah. I know. I’m just pouring in it. You’re supposed to bake it for four to seven minutes.
Now, which is kind of a wide range. That is. Which is weird. Yeah. ‘Cause it’s like
“Either four minutes or double that.” Yeah, right. Seriously, I guess we’ll do
like seven, and be sure it’s cooked all the way through? Yeah. Or six? We’ll check
it at six. Yeah. And you’re supposed to be able to like be able to put a cheese pick
through it, and it won’t stick to it. Tadah!! Now, we’ll start. We’ll close it. The
six-minute count down! Okay. Beep-beep! Okay. We did about six minutes. Ooh! Are these?
Okay. Yay! These are clean up. Yep. Whew! They look good. I was like “I don’t want
to burn myself “. Right. Ahhhhh!! Oh, yeah. These are looking like perfect! Wow! Look
how fluffy! They’re like mini chocolate cake muffins. Delicious! Brownies. Yummy,
yummy! I‘ve got two! Perfect little Indians! Yeah, they do. So you can do your swirlies
way easier! That’s so cool! I’m excited. I’m excited to fill out. Okay. Sweet. And now
we’re going to make the frosting for the little swirlie. Um, so you just need a cup of powdered
sugar and then three tablespoons of, uh, water, but we’ll start with one and then sort of
like mix in and add it. There we go like this. There’s one, two and three and we’ll let this
mix for a while. All right. We’re going to do our vanilla cream filling, which goes inside
of the cupcakes which is delicious. So, we add some softened butter. Three tablespoons,
and add that in there. Plop it in, and we need vegetable shortening like Crisco, and
we need three tablespoons of that. So. That’s kind of hard to like get out. Heheh. You have
to like kind of scoop it out. It’s pretty much lard, which is kind pf gross to think
about, but it works pretty good. One, two, and three, and get that all in there, and
we’ve got to cream this together and make it like a nice creamy substance. Okay. Next,
we add the sugar slowly while slowly mixing it. Ill pour it to both sides. There we go
like that. We’ll let it mix for a while and then we’ll add some water. So, now our mixture
is nice and fluffy and light and we have to slowly incorporate a teaspoon of vanilla and
a whole cup of corn syrup while it’s mixing for about two more minutes, and it will become
kind of like a mayo consistency it said. So, I am going to turn this back on. Well, okay.
We are finally done baking cupcakes. Whew! And it’s so much process! I know. I can’t
believe it. It’s actually kind of harder than I thought, but. Yeah. Look at our need
of cupcakes. Wow! I thought they were going to make like twelve. I don’t know. They
made so many! Like two dozen! Fourteen. Yeah. Yeah. Which is that’s. We can finally. Heheheh.
Put it all together. Finally. Yeah, so, um, what we need do is fill them with the cream
filling. Yeah. Inside. Which we made. So, Spidey is going to do that now. For which
we use these. Yep. So we have our nice cream vanilla cream filling. Yeah. It actually.
It looks like frosting, but tastes really good. It’s really fluffy. I mean, you have
to make this at home. It’s a very light flavor. Um, it tastes like. Yeah, like walnut
cream or something. It’s not, it’s not bad, so. So, Spidey’s going to fill our
frosting bag here. Yeah. With our crème de la crème. Yes. It’s kind of cool. I mean
that was a lot of cream too! Yeah. It was. I mean. Huhuh. A lot of everything here. Tons!
This is a lot of cream. Okay. Holy cow! Okay. Whoo! It’s like the ten ton bag of cupcake
cream! I know. Mmmmm! All right. Our cream bag is all ready to go, and now we just stick
it in there. And you’re supposed to like. Ooh. Oh-oh. No! There’s a big hole in it.
That stinks. That’s terrible. Hahahah. I know. I’ll have to be able to like, plug
it up. Yeah. Okay. Huhuhuh. So. Okay. Huhuhuh. Teamwork! Okay. The cream is coming out. That’s
good. There we go. Thee we go. Oh, that’s kind of interesting. All right. And then,
do another hole here. Yeah. Fill it on up. Yeah. That’s kind of cool. Okay. Yeah. It’s
like. I feel like you’re filling up a doughnut. All right. Okay. Our Hostess bag literally
like blew up. It just like cracked and exploded everywhere. Heheheh. It was terrible. So.
We got a new one. Yeah. Oh yeah! Here we go. This is. Oh, much better. Way to go, Wilton!
See, there we go! So, if you have Wilton stuff or bags, get those. Yes. Yes. Definitely get
those. Those’ll be good. And it’s filling it up nicely. Ooh! Great. See! It’s perfect.
Nice cream filling inside. And this cream filling’s really good. It tastes like amazing.
It’s better than the cupcake itself, seriously. Oh yeah. Like it looks like it would be kind
of like icing, and it looks like it would taste like it. Yeah. It doesn’t. No. It
seriously tastes kind of like um, like a cream doughnut filling. Mmmm! Like it’s really
oozy, really good. Yummy! All right. They are all cream-filled and. I know. Turned out
good. Mmmmm! Yummy! I just want to eat them now, but we got to do our swirl. I know. We
got to do our. I am kind of excited to see this work. Hopefully. I know, right? “Cause
this is like the signature look, like this is what makes them. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wow! Our
first didn’t turn out really well. I imagine that well. Oh, wow! That looks really cool!
Yeah. You’re doing a good job. Just swirl it around. Yeah. There we go. Mmmm! Perfect!
Yummy! That’s really good! Yep. And we’ll just do that over and over again. We have
a lot of them. Heheheh. Okay. Here is our huge amount of cupcakes, and it took us seriously
two hours. Oh, at least. At least. Maybe two and a half. So, even though it looks easy
on YouTube, it’s actually really hard. Hahaha. Yeah. So, be prepared! Be prepared! But, um,
the last thing I want to do is I emptied the cream filling, ‘cause it’s the most delicious.
Ooh! I know. It’s so good. On top of the cupcakes, and we’ll do like sprinkle stars.
There we go. Tadah!! Oh, cool! So then, yeah. Let’s, and I’ll show you up close and
personal,. Yeah. I like those. Here we go. Yeah, this is really cool. So, if you want
to make a regular cupcake, you can always make these with the cupcake maker. Yeah. Totally.
That’d be yummy. Okay. So let’s taste our Hostess though. Okay. Let’s taste. I
don’t know. I’ll take this one. Yeah. Yeah. I got this one. It’s really good.
All right. Is the filling inside? Oh, yeah. See, I didn’t fill this one. Heheh. You’ve
got to fill one. There you go. Filled one! Filled one! Okay. Um. Mmmmm! Really good!
Oh yeah. There’s a filling in there. Mmm! Yum! It’s really sweet. It tastes very home-made,
which I love. Yeah! Very home-made, yeah. Mmm! And I, yeah, the cake is really good
flavor. Yeah. That’s true. And the cream is very light. Yeah. It’s really fluffy.
Which is nice. It’s not too much. Yeah. And it’s not over sweet or anything. Oh
yeah, there is. Mmm! Very, very good. Okay. These were good. I definitely recommend. So,
if you like sweets like cupcakes, give this a like, subscribe to the Disney CarToys Channel.
In the comments, let us know if you want us to make Twinkies! Oooh! And it’s possible!
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