Homemade DRY CAKE MIX (Just Add Liquids!) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 161

Hi Bold Bakers! Now let’s face it. Dry box cake is really easy to use. You just take your dry ingredients and you
add some liquid to it. What could be simpler. Well I am going to tell you what. My own homemade dry box cake mix. And just like store bought all you need to
do is add some liquid to it. This is going to eliminate the need for you
to ever buy box cake again. So lets start out in a large bowl. Add in your flour, white sugar, brown sugar,
baking powder, baking soda, and salt. And then just whisk these ingredients together. So the difference between this homemade box
cake and store bought. Is that in store bought, you have processed
ingredients, you have enrichers, you have all that sort of stuff. This is much better for you and it is just
as easy. Now if you don’t have brown sugar to add
into your cake mix you can always just use all white or you can actually make your own
brown sugar, because we made a video of that before. And there you have it homemade dry cake mix. This will last fresh in an air tight container
for up to two months. So you can whip up a cake whenever you need
to. Now let me show you how to take this dry cake
mix and turn it into a finished cake. Now in true big and bold fashionI created
by own box for my cake mix. Now as you can see here this is how your cake
is going to look like. So let me know you how you are going to take
this mix and turn it into a cake batter. So take out your dry ingredients and place
them into a large bowl. As you can see I also made my own bag too. Into our bowl we are going to add in some
buttermilk. Now buttermilk in cake make cakes really lovely
and thick. If you can’t buy buttermilk I also have
a video on how you can make your own. We are going to add in some eggs. As you can see these ingredients are the same
that you would add into a dry box cake mix. So why not just make your own. Next we are going to add in some flavorless
oil. You can add in canola oil, vegetable oil,
anything that has a mild flavor. And then just take your whisk and just gently
mix it all together until it forms a batter. So this is a yellow cake mix so it is kind
of like a plain cake, but feel free to add in some vanilla extract to this to kind of
bump up the flavor. Now as always the recipe for this can be found
on BiggerBolderBaking.com. So this cake batter makes really big cakes. It will make three 6 inch cakes or two 8 inch
cakes. So it is going to be big regardless. Okay so this is looking good if there is a
few lumps in there it is totally fine. They will work themselves out. Now I am going to put this aside and pour
it into our tins. Now I have three 6 inch tins here lined with
parchment paper and buttered. I am going to pour my batter into three and
try and divide it evenly. Okay so theses are ready to be baked off. You want to bake off your cakes at 350f or
180c for roughly 30 to 40 minutes or until it is golden brown on top. So here is our baked cakes and as you can
see. It is golden brown on top and if you touch
them they are firm in the middle. So this is what they look like when they are
done. So there is no point in me showing you this
stage if I don’t show you the finished product. So I am going to show you an assembled cake
and I am going to cut into it so you can see what it looks like on the inside. So this is the finished product. Just look at how impressive that looks. Now you can see how to decorate a cake like
this in a previous video I did for vanilla birthday cake. So it is all very well and good showing you
the finished cake, but let me show you what it looks like on the inside. Wow just look at this cake how stunning it
is. Now do you see the texture of this cake it
is so soft and moist it is absolutely delicious. Now lucky as the baker I get to give it a
little taste. Oh my gosh. You know what. I am going to make a really bold statement
and say that this might be the best cake you ever try. Absolutely delicious! One of my favorites. So thank you so much for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And I will see you back here every Monday
or Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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  1. I was googling how to make home made dry cake mix LAST NIGHT!! and i found nothing but today I saw this video in my recommendations!! lifesaver.😘😘

  2. Gemma, help! My cake turned out heavy as lead and I baked it in. 9×13 pan for 40 min. The center never got fully done and it cracked down the middle

  3. am beginner in this baking world..accidentally sAw ur channel ..loved everything.. and I subscribed too..love from INDIA..

  4. Gemma do you have a recipe for instant pudding mix? I always add this to my cake batter r & it really intensifies the flavor. Thanks

  5. I just wanted to say thankyou soo much gema. Im striving to become a pastry chef after i graduate and I love all your recipes not one has failed me seriously thank you

  6. Hi Gemma,Please can you share the measurement for this ingredients, it would really help fro us. I want to try this but afraid about the measurement. I am from India and can't catch your ready made cake mix. 🙁

  7. Gemma i like watching your video and very inspiring to bake…you are very talented..thanks for sharing your recipe..

  8. I would like to see a tutorial on how you can use this basic cake mixture to make different flavoured and styles of cake if you ever have the time. I know its just a matter of adding flavourings and colourings, but there must be more you could do with it.
    I'm from Australia, finding the only thing that is hard to get here is butter milk, but you have solved that problem.
    Just found your channel a month ago and am absolutely loving it, keep up the good work.

  9. Hi…. Gemma
    Could I use oats or whole wheat flour in this cake mix.? If yes,then how much?
    Could I use lime zest in liquid ingredients..?

  10. Aloha from Hawaii Gemma
    Can you please tell me how to make cookies out this cake batter?? Measurments and what liquids to add.
    🌺 Mahalo 🌺

  11. Hi. Can this be used to make cupcakes? I need a recipe which will give me high cupcakes with a round done. Need to fill it with pastry cream. A quick reply would be appreciated. Thanks

  12. Omg!! How did you make the box?! I would love to try this out and make lots and store them in cute boxes!

  13. Hi..I tried it exactly as you did..unfortunately it was dark not yellowish due to the brown sugar..also not moist enough

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  17. Makes me crazy, all these people making these dump cake recipes, as years go by things get so easy, now people don't wanna mix a cake, just dump the ingredients in the pan, They must know what's in that cake mix can't be good for them or their family. This is great, you can't even use sugar sub. if you want too. They even have the dry buttermilk you can't add right to the dry mix. Gemma, your the best!

  18. Gemma, Your Dry Cake Mix looks fantastic. I have been looking for a really good mix like yours. Can't wait to try making it. Thanks. Dawn

  19. Gemma on Buttermilk,In this ? Can I Use 2%,and Just Add a Bit of Vinegar or? At yr earliest,Convenience 😊.👍 ♡

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  21. I love making homemade cake mix from scratch! I make my own too, cake mix from the store to me is meh.. but knowing what's in your own is way better for me because I can control what it's in it! I add a pinch of cinnamon to mine for a little something-something. I gotta try yours Gemma as always it looks superb!

  22. I'm going to do this but with mug meals. Then include instructions (with wet ingredients needed) and give them as gifts.

  23. Maybe you should add milk powder and vanilla bean/ vanilla powder flavoring so you only have to add water to it !

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  25. Gemma, one more question…for the gluten free version, should I also add xanthum gum to the dry cake mix? If so, how much?

  26. I first tried your recipe 2 years ago and it still stands up to time. I made my mum a cake 🍰 for Mother’s Day and I used yogurt as a replacement for the buttermilk, and I used double the amount of butter in replacement of oil as I wanted to use up the butter I had left. Gemma the cake was super moist and delicious. I added fresh pineapple and I also made up a batch off your simple syrup (Elderflower) and drizzled some on the bottom off the cake and mum loved it. Thanks again for keeping the video up.

  27. I have signed up for your website and I haven't ever been able to sign in. It is saying something about block. What have I done wrong on signing in? I love your cooking and baking.

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