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Homemade Donuts Hi Bold Bakers! This week’s recipe has been
the most requested on Bigger Bolder Baking. What is it? Donuts! More specifically, baked
donuts. My donuts look and taste just like fried but without all the extra fat. So it’s
a win-win! So let’s get baking. So I know what you’re thinking, if these are
baked donuts then they’re probably those cakey donuts that you pipe into a mold. No, they’re
not. This is a really great yeast dough and I’m going to keep a big secret about it until
the very end so see if you can figure out what it is. In stand mixer, we’re going to add our flour,
sugar, salt,
and yeast. A little tip when adding in yeast. Don’t let
it come in direct contact with the salt or
it will actually deactivate the yeast. Now mix your ingredients together separately
so everything is well combined. In a separate jug, we’re going to measure
out our milk, our water,
and butter. We’re going to heat this mix in the microwave
until the butter melts and it’s blood temperature. If you can’t feel the liquid around your finger,
it means it’s the same temperature as your blood which means it’s blood temperature. Lastly, add your vanilla extract into your
liquid. Turn your machine on and add in your liquid. We’re going to mix it on low for two minutes
to actually wake up the yeast and get it activated. The recipe for this dough can be found below
the video in the description box. After your two minutes on low,
turn the machine on to medium speed and we’re going to knead for around 6-8 minutes until
it starts to clean the bottom of the bowl. Our dough is done, it’s been on for 8 minutes
and it’s good to go. So we’re going to turn it out on a floured
surface. It’s kind of a sticky dough so make sure you
have flour around. And we’re going to scrape the bowl clean
and we’re going to pour a little bit of flavorless oil into the bowl so it helps the dough to rise and then pop
it back in. You see when you push on the dough and it
bounces back at you. That is exactly what you want. It means that
your dough is alive. Now cover your dough tightly with cling film
so no air gets in and I like to lay a tea towel over the top
to keep it warm. And just so you know, you can make this dough
the day before and then bake it the next day. Now we’re one step closer to making our homemade
donuts. It’s been two hours, our dough is looking
fantastic so we’re going to turn it out onto a floured surface. Roll your dough out to around 1/2 an inch
thick. We want our donuts to be nice and big. This is Bigger Bolder Baking after all. To cut your doughnuts, you do not need a special
donut cutter. I just use a regular cutter and to cut out the donut hole
I just use the bottom of a piping tip. Then just tap out your donut hole. And then straight onto a baking tray and
give them a little bit of space so they can rise and grow. My first job in the United States was actually
as a bread baker. And I used to have to get up and go to work at 3am in the freezing cold
and snow. But I loved it. So because this is Bigger Bolder Baking, we’re
going to make a few different varieties of homemade donuts. If you want to make stuffed donuts,
just cut another round and don’t cut out a donut hole With the leftover dough
gently rework it and cut out more donuts. Once you’ve cut out your donuts, we need to
proof them again a little bit longer for around another 30
minutes and then they’re ready for the oven. Our donuts are proofed and they actually only
took only 20 minutes You can tell when they’re done when they’re
nice and rounded out. You see how you can’t see the lines of the
cutter anymore. Before they go in the oven, we’re just going
to brush the tops with melted butter and this gives them a really nice color. Now one thing I Iike to do when working with
yeast dough is to sprinkle the tray with water so then when the water evaporates it creates
steam and it helps all of the yeast to rise and also I
think it gives your donuts a nice soft top. Our donuts are ready for the oven.
I can’t wait for them to be baked. While our donuts are in the oven, we’re going
to get cracking on the glaze because we want to dip them straight away when they come out
of the oven. In a large bowl,
add in your icing sugar, Vanilla extract,
and a little bit of water. And then just whisk together.
Add enough water to get a thin icing. This glaze is really easy
and it’s very reminiscent of a Krispy Kreme flavor if you know what I mean. Our donuts are finished baking. You would
not believe what my kitchen smells like right now. Look at these beautiful donuts! Why would you eat fried if you could just
bake them off and they’re going to be just as good. Oh man, they smell so good. Ok, I have to stop touching them. We’re going to glaze them and we’re going to get eatin’. Once your donuts come out of the oven, the
best thing to do is glaze them straight away because all that warm dough kind of soaks
up the glaze and that’s exactly what you want. Can you believe these are baked donuts? What I like to do with these donuts is to
actually double dip them in the glaze. So I do one layer, let it set
then I put them back in again for another layer. It makes them really good and keeps them nice and soft. If you needed any convincing that these are
donuts then just look at this! So now it’s time to get really BIG & BOLD. Dip your donut holes in butter while they’re
still warm and then toss them in sugar and pumpkin pie
spice. I love the sweet and salty flavors together. I like to serve these donut holes around the
holidays for easy entertaining with chocolate sauce. Oh, these are so good.
Check these out. By tasting this you’d never know it was a baked donut. So do you remember these donuts that we made
for stuffing? We are going to fill them with Nutella. Just make an incision in the bottom,
fill your piping bag with Nutella, and then squeeze.
You will actually see it getting bigger. And then add a swirl to the top. Now you have a BIG & BOLD box of homemade
donuts. Remember that secret I mentioned earlier,
well my donut dough is also my Monkey Bread dough. It works really well for both. I really hope you guys try out my homemade
baked donuts. You will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
I’ll see you back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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