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Hi guys, so first of all a very happy 2017 to you, I don’t know about you one of my resolutions for this year was to eat healthier So I’m going to help you kick start the new year with a healthy recipe for no baked brownies these are raw vegan Sugar-free gluten-free, and definitely not taste free. They are very tasty They’re super delicious super chewy, and I’m really excited to share this recipe with you So let’s get started [in] a high-quality food processor add in [one] [cup] of nuts I’m using a combination of walnuts and almonds But any kind you like would work Also, throw in six tablespoons of raw Cacao Powder or if you don’t have any, cocoa powder works fine One Tablespoon of Chia seeds which have great health benefits But if you can’t get any it’s not required for this recipe also throw in one teaspoon of salt [you] [might] also want to add some Desiccated coconut if you would like then you want to blitz these ingredients together until your result is a deep dark chocolaty sand now toss in 1 cup of packed soft pitted dates [I] don’t [know] exactly what kind these are but if you’re looking for a specific variety I would recommend Medjool If you like dry dates make sure to soak them in boiling hot water for [about] 10 minutes before using Now you want to pulse those ingredients together until you’re left with a [stick] [smash] that comes together in a ball Pour the mixture onto a surface that’s been lined with parchment paper Using your fingers press the dough to form a rectangle or square shape It shouldn’t be too sticky once I’m satisfied with that I also like to press the top about two tablespoons of Roughly chopped almonds because I feel that they give these raw brownies a nice crunch now You can let these brownies chill in the refrigerator and finish there or you can make this beautiful chocolate ganache that goes on top For the ganache frosting you’ll need to melt two tablespoons of coconut oil I like to use an odorless and flavorless variety because I don’t want the ganache to be dominated by a coconut flavor Now added 1 tSp of agave syrup or any other sweetener the quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of raw Cacao powder or cocoa powder and just mix these ingredients until they’re nice and smooth if The ganache is too bitter for your liking add a little bit more sweetener [I] like to let the ganache firm Before using so I pop it in the refrigerator for about five to [10] minutes until it’s nice [and] firm and spreadable it makes it a whole [lot] easier and less messier to work with [dollop] the ganache frosting on top of that raw brownie and just spread it out as evenly as you can for final finish I like to garnish the brownies with some chopped up almonds and Once the ganache is firmed up slightly you are ready to cut in all Those these brownies have ingredients that are totally good for you. They’re very rich so I like to cut them into small pieces Little goes a long way with these brownies now If you store these properly they keep quite well for a long period of time because they don’t have any dairy These raw no baked brownies are fudgy, chewy full of chocolate and just a delicious guilt-free way of satisfying that sugar craving Thank you guys so much for watching as always I really hope you enjoyed learning how to make these no baked chewy brownies if you like this recipe And you want to see some more healthier recipes do let me know in the comments down below. I really appreciate your feedback and as always the full recipe is available on my blog at and I will see you next time. Ba bye!

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  2. I tried this recipe two times and when I added the dates, it didn't become sticky. I had to add water. Why?

  3. Ganache tip : heat the non-milk creme (soy) or coconut oil and add vegan dark chocolate. The chocolate would melt and you would have a fabulous ganache.

    The recipe looks wonderful btw

  4. Hi i feel am gluten intolerant but how to test for it? Doctor didn't advise against wheat buy wheat based food makes me sick and even potato is bad for me

  5. Can it be made without cocoa powder? I know it wouldn't really be brownie brownies but I can't find any non dairy cocoa powder where I live 🙁

  6. Random, I know this will sound disgusting but she is NOT lying about how they keep for a long time. I'm completely serious.

    I made these 2+ years ago (different recipe but similar) and forgot about them in the freezer.

    Just a month ago I rediscovered them and I decided why not have a bite and see. They tasted the same as they did when freshly made.

    So yeah, if you freeze them they'll keep for years. They thaw really well.

  7. "sugarfree"
    puts in agave syrup
    puts in dates

    hmm i don't think, this is how it works…
    whatever, just be honest with yourself and admit, that it isn't healthy at all, but delicious though! Don't eat too much of them and it's all good 🙂

  8. I like how these ingredients were so hard to find 3 years ago and now I can just visit Lidl and my local one literally has all the ingredients in the very first isle.

  9. I made these today but I didn't blend mix it well so it's hard get square shape same as u so I make it in circles shape similar to chocoball and I did it wasn't sticky as u I add some peanut butter and olive oil but it's not starchy
    Bc I add nuts macadamia with cashew 98 gram and date 100gram

  10. Processed chocolate, especially chocolate powder, are not vegan. It contains insect fragments. Insects are animals. Some of your other ingredients, if commercially prepared, are also not vegan.

  11. SUGAR-FREE??? 🤦🏻‍♀️The video starts by saying this will be sugar-free (see 0:21). The ganache can be made with a sugar substitute, but I don’t know what sugar-free ingredient can replace the dates, which are included for more than sweetness.

  12. The words ‘healthy’ and ‘non bake’ don’t go well together with the word ‘brownies’. Some things are meant to be indulgent and ‘chai seed less’

  13. Does this recipe need to be refrigerated everyday or can be kept out and used …since am in hostel I would like to know about it

  14. Not so healthy… Dates and nuts are extremely high in calories and fats. So what is the advantage of making it sugar free. Eating a piece of chocolate is the same

  15. Just made a batch of these delicious brownies 😍 I wasn't expecting them to be so chocolatey they were the perfect thing to target that sweet tooth hit. Thank you for this fabulous recipe!

  16. I tried this recipe and it turned out fabulous 😍😍So damn tasty🥰I highly recommend everyone to try this out!It doesn't contain refined sugar and you can have it guilt free😍super tasty 🤩

  17. I tried these and they turned out good. A little tip is to soak the dates for a bit before blending them to make it easier to blend

  18. I replaced half of the nuts with oats and blended them into a flour before adding the rest of the ingredients. It was delicious!

  19. Made these as directed and my god they are SO bitter I needed to add a ton of Sweetner so be warned if you don't like bitter brownies!

  20. They were suuper yummy! For anyone whose blender isn’t as strong as hers: I shaped the mixture into tiny balls and dipped them into the sauce 🤤 just as tasty!

  21. I just made this and it's SO bitter!! Why ? I see everyone else saying it's amazing :/ can someone tell me where is the sweetness coming from in your brownie ? Thanks ❤

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