Healthy Desserts

– People talk about
sugar being the enemy, but that’s not always the case. So today, I’m with
Kendra Peterson who is gonna help
us rethink desserts. Yeah, we love that! Kendra, you say that
sugar is not all that bad as long as it’s the
right kind of sugar. – Exactly. I think the easiest way
for me to describe it is think about orange
juice and an actual orange. Nature packages an
orange with other things for your body to
process and digest, so it’s not this
immediate sugar high. So you can translate
that in desserts, too. Instead of having a
bowl of ice cream, maybe have some strawberries
covered in chocolate. – So we’re focusing
on the natural sugars. Explain the difference
between natural sugars and say processed sugars. – So inside your body, they
are digested the same way from a chemical,
science standpoint. However, before they get to
that is what the difference is. So if you are just eating
a spoonful of sugar, your insulin’s gonna pop up, your body’s gonna react one way. If you’re eating fruit,
or even dark chocolate, which does have sugar, but it
also has other things in it, maybe it’s protein,
maybe it’s fiber, maybe it’s vitamins
and minerals, all of that also
has to get digested. So your body doesn’t
immediately react with that sugar shock response. You can have your dessert,
you just need to reframe, maybe stay away from
the ice cream aisle, maybe stay away from
the packaged cookies. – So we can have the sweet, as long as the sugar is
coming from a natural source. (lighthearted music) You have some
healthy suggestions. – Yes. Fruit’s a really,
really great idea, but there’s some other
really fun recipes too like who doesn’t love pudding? There’s really awesome recipes where you use avocado to thicken
it instead of using dairy. So you’re getting really good
fats that fill you up faster, you’re getting lots of
vitamins and minerals, you’re getting a
little bit of fiber. I like a chai tea at night. If you could have it
unsweetened, great. If you need to sweeten it, maybe throw a little
coconut sugar or agave. This is my sweet trail mix. So it’s freeze-dried
strawberries, some toasted pumpkin seeds,
and then dark chocolate chips. Dark chocolate has a lot
of really good polyphenols again, anti-cancer properties,
but in small amounts. – And we’re using a little
bit of chocolate today? – Yeah! We’re gonna make stuffed dates. – All right, well,
let’s get started. – Great! – [Jane] Okay, Kendra, lots of
interesting ingredients here! – So first we have
Medjool dates, and I have some that I
already took the pits out. I have two kinds of
seed nut butters. I have a sunflower seed butter
or I have an almond butter. Which would you prefer? – I’m gonna go almond butter.
– Okay, great! So we are going to. – [Jane] Mix the
almond butter in. – Then into that bowl, we are going to add cacao nibs. Coconut flour’s gonna
help thicken it, so the almond butter
doesn’t ooze out. Then optional, but we
have collagen powder. So for us ladies, it’s
fantastic for your skin, but it’s really good
for you inside also and it adds some
super clean protein. Finally, toasted coconut flakes. – Yum!
– I know! So we’re gonna throw
all of those babies in ’cause they’re delicious. – And then we’re
just mixing this up. – You’re just gonna mix that up, and we’re gonna stuff the dates with this.
– Wow! (groovy music) – Next, we are going to
drizzle the chocolate. This is a dark chocolate. I’m gonna let you finish
with the sea salt. Last but not least, some
hemp seeds for some Omega-3. – This goes in the fridge,
and then we take a bite, yeah? I love it! Let’s recap. Sugar, not so bad for you if we just rethink the
way we’re using it. – Exactly. You need to have it
in the right form. So think about eating real food, fruit, chocolate,
chocolate-covered fruit! Find some fun stuff. It’ll make you and your
family super happy. – Thank you so much, Kendra. – [Kendra] You’re welcome! – We wanna see how you’re
satisfying your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Just tag us on Instagram
@livinghealthytv. Just tag us on Instagram

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