Hard Words in French #3-“eu”, Tricky “ill” in Pastry-Mastering French Pronunciation w/ Geri Metz

this is Geri Metz of pronouncing French
dot com and I’m here with the third word in our series of hard words in
French and the word is Milles Feuilles now this word these two words literally
means thousand leaves and in botany it’s a name for the plant yarrow but most of us
know it as a delicious pastry that we sometimes call a Napoleon and since it’s so delicious you’re
going to want to know how to order it correctly the first word is easy Milles
looks like pretty much like it sounds and you have the phonetic symbols for it
but the second word is a little challenging again we have this I L L
combination that gives the sound yuh as we have in English yes or illya so we
have Feuilles but the vowel sound is a little challenging because we don’t have that
vowel in English so it’s a little hard for English speakers to master it sometimes
I teach that you can get close to it if you say EH with the mouth like you were
saying tet but then round the lips as if you were saying the au of brosse or ecole or comment and if you say EH UH you come pretty close to the Eu of Feuilles the secret to this sound is you have to
bring the corners of the lips in a little bit which we don’t ever do in
English you have to bring that in with tension you have Feuilles so to speak with a good
French accent you have to learn to imitate what the French do to make their
sounds and that’s what my video course mastering French pronunciation is about
even some Americans who have spent time in France still have an American accent
l’accent americain n’est pas tres joli en francais. this course will take you to a
whole new level of proficiency please go to pronouncing French dot com sign up
for the mailing list so you’ll be among the first to know the discounts that
will be offered when the course is released in January 2016 Merci et a la prochaine

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