Halloween cupcakes / How to make Halloween cupcakes tutorial

hi everyone this is Veronica from behindthecake.com and in today’s video I’m not going to show you cakes because
sometimes I don’t feel like doing cakes and to be honest with you with you when have
kids and you have a full-time job and you’re doing videos, sometimes you can
feel a little bit tired and more if you have to do cakes so in today’s video I’m
going to show you how to decorate some beautiful Halloween cupcakes this one’s
you can make with your kids or your friends these are super easy to make and
they’re gorgeous they’re kind of scary or kind of like fun, scary, cute,
well let me show you how to make them. I’m gonna use a tip number top with
white American buttercream let it crust and then I’m gonna try to smooth it out
a little bit more with paper napkin you okay so for this one I’m gonna pipe just
a little bit of luck so now with a white frosting I’m gonna make make the eyes to
the ground you know I’m gonna switch tips this is tip number 47 and the
number 47 has two sides one that is completely flat and one that has some
bridges the how they say okay so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna use the flat
surface or the flat end and I’m gonna start piping some like the bandage now that he crossed a little bit I’m
just going to push down you can even use a piece of napkin for this one I have a little bit of
fondant I just put the fondant on top of the
buttercream and I kind of shape it up and I’m gonna put the ice okay so with
my round tip I’m gonna go around you can put just your eyes on with a black
buttercream this is a very easy one so now I got a piece of saran wrap and I’m
gonna get some of that frosting so now I’m gonna put this on my piping bag and
he has the one in so I’m gonna make a cross first and then
the next and I’m gonna connect from one ninth to the other one this is a Walton tip number two it’s
okay if you don’t have a very pretty way of writing this anyway it’s supposed to
be kind of like creepy so now we’re gonna grab a cupcake so this one I’m
gonna put it on top like if it would be some dirt okay so for this one we need a
cookie these are budding ice cream cones but
this one we’re gonna cut it to about right here so I already have mine so I’m
gonna have to do it not glue them together I put all I have
some melted chocolate dip the cone and I’m gonna place this one in here now I’m
gonna start painting the cone with some chocolate this is a new purple colored
buttercream and I’m gonna be using one the tip number one n so now I have my
cupcake and I got my ice cream cone covered in chocolate I’m gonna place it
on top and as a decoration for the head I’m gonna have just a strip of fondant hey guys thank you for watching this
video I hope all these techniques in these ideas you can apply them for this
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14 thoughts on “Halloween cupcakes / How to make Halloween cupcakes tutorial

  1. Oh man… I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! 🙂 I love cupcakes! they are mini cakes… so I'm glad you did these… I want to make them right now!!! This was sooooooo fun! And the witches hat was so cool! (btw… I liked the back ground music!) ~Elizabeth :0

  2. You are so talented!
    I love the witch hat! And u are so right….us working moms don’t have time to bake a cake! 😀 new sub!

  3. Thank you. Great ideas that I can actually do. Too often videos promise “easy” recipes/decorations that are not easy at all. Your ideas look great.

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