Dan: Hello internet! Can you feel it? D: The rumbling of the pumpkin patches, D: The erotic chill of a ghost passing through your body D: The spooky shaking of your very bones?! D: Yes D: The time has come… for HALLOWEEN BAKING Phil: NEIGHHAHAH HAH HA D: What was that? P: It was a witch! D: That was a witch, was it? D: Oh, okay. It sounded like a goose falling down the stairs… Oh my god P: Sorry D: But firstly I need to summon a baking minion D: Hair of raven, skin of snow, clumsiest of them all The time for baking has arrived, Philip, hear my call! P: Hi! P: I’m actually quite offended! D: Why… cause I said you were clumsy? P: No D: Because I said you have pale skin? P: No
D: That’s true D: Why? Pl: ‘Cuz you called me a minion! D: (scoff) Oh my god! D: Oh my god! Phil, I’m SOOO sorry D: I didn’t mean it like that. P: Friendship over! Both: Hi D: I see that you’re wearing your festive jumper, Phil? P: Yeah, Sorry Dan you can’t have it this year. D: WHoo Ooh, Well don’t worry. As I, have come prepared P: Mhm? D: Brb D: Are you ready? D: What on earth are you doing? P: I was just doing kitchen exercises. (WOOH) D: I leave this guy for one minute… D: Check it!
Phil: Wow! D: That’s right! D: I have my very own Halloween jumper! D: And I would dare say it is spookier than yours. P: That is very Dan. P: I like it. D: (hums: “Spooky Scary Skeletons”) D: This has gotten off to a strange start D: hasn’t it?
Phil: It has. D: Right! P: Do you think about the skeleton that is always inside your body? D: Don’t scare them Phil! This is about baking, not horror! P: Alright. P: So, we’re bakin’ it up, but not on my channel this year. D: No, this time, it is on Danisnotonfire! D: So you know what that means? P: What? D: Strippers, swearing, hard drugs- P: No, you can’t have hard drugs or strippers on this channel. D: Really? Ah, okay. D: I’ll stick to cakes. P: Good. D: So, after the flop of last year’s “Green velvet cupcakes,”
Phil: Hey! D: I decided we’d definitely do something brown, but, incredibly seasonal! Phil, you’re going to like this one. P: Alright. D: You festive fiend. We are making… Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Cookies! P: Oh my god! D: That’s right! P: You said “pumpkin” twice. What does this mean!?! D: Because… Not only are they pumpkin spiced- P: Yeah… D: -but they are pumpkin shaped! That’s right, people! Pumpkinception! *Low bass sound* Got to use the sound effect again P: Kinda missed it D: Thought I’d bring that back. P: So I’m guessing if this is a baking video, we’ll need some ingredients. D: That would help. P: Or should I say… P: Singredients. D: The puns stop right there D: I swear to god. P: As always, everything will be in the description below. D: If you want to follow the actual instructions. D: Not mine and Phil’s, but- D: We’ll do great!
P: Yes D: So let’s believe in ourselves!
P: Yeah! P: I don’t think I do enough ingredients modeling. D: Well, I’m glad I’m helping you live your dream. P: Thanks. D: You WiLL neEd…. D: Three hundred grams of plain flour, D: Half a teaspoon of baking soda, D: Some pumpkin spice mix or, if you wanna be fancy like us, D: A ground teaspoon of cloves,
P: Cloves. D: A teaspoon of cinnamon powder,
P: Cinnamon. D: A teaspoon of nutmeg,
P: Nutmeg. D: And a teaspoon of ginger.
P: Ginger! D: Don’t attempt challenges with any of these things, D: You’ll probs die. P: Yep. D: A pinch of salt! P: Ah! P: I’m gonna throw it over my shoulder. P: Which one is it?
D: Ooh. P: Left or right? D: I don’t know- P: Left! D: What happens if you get that wrong? P: I don’t know. You kill God or something P: One’s the devil, I know that much D: Wow.. Don’t wanna make that mistake, do you? D: 175 grams of granulated sugar, P: Straight from a fairy’s eye D: They cry sugar? P: They cry sugar crystals, it’s quite painful D: Wow.. let’s go fairy milking tonight for our coffee supply. D: 115 grams of unsalted butter, P: Ergh. It’s squishy it’s gonna dribble on me. D: At room temperature, D: One large egg P: Straight from your Mum D: You raised by hawks Phil? P: Yes I was D: That would explain a lot. P: (Hawk noise) P: One cactus. (record scratch) D: No. No, put the cactus down. No cacti in the pumpkin cookies. D: Half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract P: Can we give it a sniff? D: Be careful with that, it can cause nuclear explosions if you smash it. D: Don’t get high before it starts. D: Sweet Jesus D: And 85 grams of dark Molasses P *in a terrible american accent*: Molasses! D: Or black treacle if you don’t know what molasses are. P: Looks like a jar of your soul Dan! D: Aw thank you Phil. That is honestly all I aspire to. D: For utensils you will need.. D: Cling film aka Saran Wrap.. some P: *Drops cling film* Sorry P: Saran Wrap D: Some baking parchment P: Parchment D: P.. Parch.. (P: That’s fancy!)You can tell thats from Waitrose like baking paper… baking parchment D: A bowl D: Another mixing bowl P: K I won’t do that [laughs] D: A rolling pin D: Oops OOOo P: You scared me with that P: You could kill someone with this couldn’t you D: You could kill someone with anything, Phil. P: Kitchen disaster. D: And I’m sorry everybody that I’m about to do this but it is necessary D: A whisk P: Oh no D: AHHHHH it will never be unseen P: I haven’t seen it so I’m fine D: Our evening plans are sorted P: No D: And for the decoration ya’ll need some D: Some pumpkin coloured icing D: And something to squeeze it out of P: Yeah D: What D: Nothing inappropriate about that you do. You need a nozzle people. D: Now for the meth P: Meth? D: Od P: Oh P: Good D: Aye
P: Not ready to be Jesse Pinkman right now D: Step zero, D: Preheat oven to 190 c D: or 375 f D: If you’re one of those f D: Weirdoes P: What about the gas mark? P: Someone’s always got a gas mark. D: God help you, D: if you’re gah- no idea honestly, P: Google it! D: Phil, you are on close up duty this whole time, so get ready P: I’m like the Steven Spielberg of baking! P: Or am I the Michael Bay of baking? *explosion noise* P: Please tell me you put an explosion there! D: Phil- Phil’s just adding time into my editing job here, okay, whatever! D: Step One, combine the flour, the baking soda, the salt, and the spices into a bowl and whisk together P: Sexy P: If that was cocaine, you could be rich.
D: pfft P: Also in prison.
D: Phil is really pushing the ‘hard drugs’ line, okay.
P: *laughter* D: Plop.
P: Plop! D: Fuck that’s a lot of flour. D: We need a BIGGER BOWL D: Spicy spices, spicin’ the bowl.
P: Spicy cookies, they’re not moles! D: I’m doing a terrible job shaking this in.
P: Yeah.
D: Boop D: Dare you stick it in your mouth. Come on, Phil.
P: No, no no.
D: Cinnamon Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, go go go! P: Ooh, check you out, Dan, with your cloves! I think it’s a bit too advanced for me.
D: It is a delicious and important part. D: Let’s get nutty. D: And now set the bowl aside!
P: That’s a lot of responsibility.
D: *laughs*
P: Where shall I put it? D: Literally any– No no no no– Ok– Okay, that’s… precarious
P: It’s aside.
D: That is gonna kill you during the filming o– D: Phil, Phil–
P: It’ll get more views if I get hit on the head by the bowl.
D: Put it on the counter.
P: Alright P: I just got cobweb in my mouth
D: And other sentences said during a baking video. D: Now in the large mixing bowl–
P: –this is the big daddy! P: Why did I say that? *laughter* I’m just not gonna speak for the rest of this video. I’ll just stare at you through the bowl. P: There we go. Bowl cam. P: Come back, Dan! D: Mix the butter and the sugar and whisk until fluffy.
P: Whisk P: I’m in slow motion. Slow motion butter cutting! I bet that’s a little side of YouTube we haven’t seen. D: Oh yeah, can’t wait to digest that!
P: That is a LOT of butter, Dan. D: How much was I supposed to have?
P: Not that much.
D: That’s too much.
P: *laughter* P: Remove the butter!!
D: A-whoops-a-daisy– oh my god the room temperature. D: And the rest is for rubbing on my nipples after this is over.
P: Eugh
D: I’m sorry D : Lick it Phil P: Well no NO NO I DID THAT LAST TIME I DONT WANT IT *laughs* D+P: whoopBANG D: ButterSlam.com D: My favourite website P: Don’t go to that website D: Its not actually a web- I don’t think (it is but it’s not anything inappropriate) P: Weell I quite hope it isn’t D: Wheerrp D+P: Whuaa P: This bit is so satisfying D: How are you supposed to mix that P: Just like this D: *laughs* P: It’s like how Jamie Oliver does it! D:You can toss your butter and sugar together It might take a while P: Yeah P: Should just serve that in restaurants D: *adorable laugh* sugared butter P. mhhh D: literally D: Ohh myy godd D: Now number 3, you add the molasses, D: Vanilla, and egg P: OHH CAREFUL DAN D: UNTil mixed D: Ooo P:Ohh D:OooOOooOO D: I’d like to add a little of Jeopardy in there P: Aeh D: Jesus Christ Phil D: I am taking the egg P: Sorryy P: Take the egg D: You want me to take my soul as well? P: Yeah D: Can I trust you with the vanilla? P:*Opens vanilla* *sniff* D: I can’t trust you-give me the vanilla as well..okay. P: It does look like a jar of your soul! D: It tastes just like my soul too-
ohhwoowoo D: mngg whooo whoo P: How does that taste like? D: That is intense D: Bahhh bummm balaba (Game of Thrones tune) D: Bumm balabaa babababa P: *laughing in the background* P: Wow how shiny it is its like a black hole D: That is lit- this is NOT going in this bowl ok, lets D: *singing* Scrapey Scrape.. D:*still singingish* Scrape in the bowl D: Scrapey Molasses… D: Like my soul. Both: AAAAYY! P: Its gonna absorb us into a singularity? D: ok *laugh* literally could D: The sugary event horizon; that’s how I wanna go D:Baking physics puns P: Lolll D: Welcome to danisntonfire! D: HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO MEASURE THISS P: I don’t know! D: Oh my godd D: WHAT’S HAPPENING D: WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT AMERICA?! P: It really smells D: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE P: Now this does not look appealing! D: Really? I wanna bathe in that! P: Really?! D: Look at that yeahh D: STOP. Ohhooo D: Any more? P: No, that’s fine D: Really? Aw… P: They’re ginger, not vanilla cookies! D: They’re pumpkin spiced, Phil ll P: Pumpkin spiced ginger bread- pumpkin D: Blababblababbla P: Babababla P: D’you know how Starbucks calls it a PSL? D: Yup P: This should be a PS- *close-up* *Silent crickets* -B P: Wait, what was it? D: Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Cookies P: PSP….(both) C. D: That was very hard for you, wasn’t it? P: It was ;-; D: He did an English language at UNIVERSITY P:Whack out the PSPCs D: Catchy P: Yeah D: Right P: Egg, egg egg, egg egg egg egg egg egg! D: FUCK I FUCKED UP D: I FUCKED UP HARRDD P : OHH WHY’D YOU DO IT SO HARD? D: I WAS TOO OOOOOOHHHHHP:Ohh P: Oh no D: No shell tho P: Can’t watch for the crunch P: No shell? D: No shell P: Well done. It’s just all over the oven. D: Now stir until mixed! D: Ohh yeahh D: It’s ACTUALLY creating bubbles! P: It’s creating life! D: *laughs* Its a Primordial soup! P: You are God P: Is it good? D: We’ve found the point Phil P: Ahh D: We’ve found the point where you just eat it before adding the flour. P: Don’t eat it you’ll get Salmonella! D: And now, add your flour-ey spicy bowl Chuck it Phil! *Cute laughs* D: For a giant bowl of flour That was very aggressive! P: that was funny- D : Oh my god P: That smells very good P: I wanna stir too D: What do you mean? P: This is the best bit! D: Wut?! *laughs* D: O- *laughs* P: Woop D: This is the the thing, its happening? D: CALM D- nonononono D: Philphilphil D: We are NOT just- ohmygoODD your gonna – I’m tilting it- *flour falls* *shook* P: Sorryy P: Ok im SORRY I just got excited D: FLOUR-OVERBOARD P: Oh my god that smells amazing! D: This ACTUALLY smells INCREDIBLE! D: Guys, I think it’s not gonna be a flop this year! P: I think this is actually gonna be good. D: Look at that P: Mmhh. P: Don’t speak too soon Dan. Touch wood D: You LITERALLY JUST PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE THE FUCK WAS THAT P: I’m sorry! P: I was just touching wood! D: YOU DONT NEED TO DO IT THAT FAST *Dramatic slowed down replay* D: Now we’ll have an optional step. get ready for this P: Alright? D: If you want thick, short cookies D: As opposed to thin, flat cookies D: You can CHILL them, because the longer you chill it, D: The less fat will leak out during the baking P: SCIENCE D: Look at me, look at me, look at me D; So you could refrigerate them for up to 2 hours or freeze them for up to 30 minutes if you’re impatient, whi ch is D: what we’re gonna do. lalalalalalala P: Ok lets do it D: Ok, so if you want to do this, you get your saran wrap D: GL finding the end of this. P: See that? That’s how I always find the end. P: There we go! D: Phil is a man of conflicting abilities P: *laughs* D: but finding the end P: I’m good at that D: Damn, he’s your guy D; You get out a half of it, and you just spillonk it D: Onto one of these D: And take a little D: Pancake D: And plonk it, in the freezery doo *plonk* P: There ya go D: See ya in 30 mins P: Yeah! P: What’d ya wanna do for 30 minutes P: BAKING RAVE D: No Phil-philphil. The dough is chilling P: Ohh D: Not baking D:I think we can do some quiet, interpretive dance? P:Yoga! P: Ha! D: Time for the doughening P: Get it out of their chilly prison D: Now you sprinkle some flour on a surface and cut it up but we don’t have a surface So I’m moving the pumpkins I’m sorry Phil P: No! My life’s work! P: Oh, Dan, not that much flour! D: Ohp shit. P:It’s a sprinkling, not an avalanche. D: Oh no, what do we do? What do we do? What do we do? I’ve over-floured, guys. P: That’s not gonna work. D: Oh my god, you’re missing the hole. P: Wait. Wait. D: That’s what she said. D: This was a complete flop. Look at this. D: Look at that toe. D: Oh god. Uh, this is… P: Not enough flour. D: Uuh! Guys, very important step that Dan just forgot- P: Flour your pin. D: Stick to this now. That’s right. Flatten it good. Flatten that dough just like you should. P: Madough. Madough. Madough and madough. D: What a creative remix, Phil.
P: *giggle* D: And now the next step: it’s time to pumpkin shape this cookie dough! P: Alright! D: Which, we have obviously bought a cutter. If you think you’re some kind of Gilgamesh- P: Wizard. D: -sword-wielding wizard, you can do it yourself. I don’t care. But no we-we’re using this. P: Yeah, because if we didn’t, they would not look like pumpkins. D: They’d just look like strange tumours. D: Scribe, wouldst thou parchment thy tin? P: Let’s parchment it up, yo! D: As you can see, it’s an exact science. P: *giggling* That’s the parchment. *crinkling* P: Go! D: *grunts* Nice. P: Plonk ‘er in! D: So that’s our first one. P: Plonked in. Made her feel at home. P: *whispering* Shh. D: Do you wanna do one, Phil? P: Yeah. D: Okay. D: Give us a cheeky pumpkin press. P: Oooh! D: oof D: Now you just gotta get the shape out of that middle D: Umm *laughing* UMMM *more laughter* D: without destroying it completely P: Wait, there we go. D: Now’s a good time to mention They need to be at least five centimeters apart! P: That’s not as good as yours. D: For comparison, there. D: They’re gonna look.. Horrible D: no matter what you try cause this is us attempting to bake P: Yep. That’s gonna happen. D: If your cookie cutter has that, which is not very helpful D: You could just kind of tweek little nipples coming out D: of the top of your pumpkin cookies P: twEEK D: I can at least aspire to have pumpkin stalks, okay? D: Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute D: What is that? P: It’s a mistake! D: What- Ok ok Phil. That was my last one.. What is that? P: It was a mistake but I didn’t want to kill it after I made it *casual fanservice* P: Look at that mess D: I have to wear these on stage tomorrow in Brighton D: Oh dear P: Oops D: And Phil, wow that’s impressive-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wait what happened to your knee?
P: I don’t even know. D: And now the golden bit. Phil, turn around. D: Wow. You look like you’ve had an accident. P: Really? D:I don’t know what diet would make that happen. D: So we have totally destroyed our clothes with flour but have nine beautiful D: vaguely pumpkin-shaped cookies ready to get in that oven. P: Ooh look at these babies! D:What I’m not sure about THAT one. That looks a bit like a whale or something. D: We’ll see what happens. D: They smell great. D: You whack them in the oven for ten minutes or until they look like they’re perfectly baked Slash on fire D: Hughh P: Whack em in mate D: Do I slide this in too? P: Yep- D: OooOo D: Goodbye babies P: Be Good! D: See you in 10 minies P: Bake well D: They’re not bakewells though, they’re cookies AHa- (Forced laughter) P: Stop. P:dun dun DUNDUN P: Dodum DoDUM- It’s like 24(?) D: So, we got good news and bad news P: Yup D: What do you want first? P: Bad news. D: we have to wait 10 minutes for the cookies P: Good news! D: We can have a rave now (Music) D: (Snaps) Oh! (Oven beeping in background) D: I think its happend! P: I hear the beeps! D: are you ready are ready- D: lets go lets go- P: Alright D: action Cam P: Ok action Cam D: Wait a minute P:Oh My God! D: OOH MY GOD P: They’re huge! D: THEY ARE GIANT COOKIES P: *laughs* D: Look at these! D: they smell amazing! D: Holy crap D: Now you need to get one of these babies D: A wire cooling rack D: And as always, carefully place them P: Spatula me up, Dan D: Here you go. The honor is yours. D: Okay, Phil, flip the first cook P: Duh, duh duh (singing) P: (continues singing) D: No, oh my god oh my god oh my god, babies D: You’re like Michael Jackson and his child, Phil! P: Sorry D: Don’t do that D: This is my fricken pride and joy, look at that! D: It’s an actual pumpkin D: I love how surprised I am by how well this went to plan D: Oh my god, they’re soft and hard at the same time. D: Which for cookies it’s what you– What, what! P: What! D: Alright, now let’s talk about decoration. P: Alright. D: Pro-tip, when you inevitably your rolling pin by getting it covered in flour and crap P: Yeah D: Use alcohol! We’re using milk vodka, apparently. Ok… D: (Hums a ‘working’ tune) P: Alright, you’re gonna make it nice and thin D: The first thing I want to do is try just cutting a pumpkin and placing it on it. P: Okay D: We’ll see how attractive it looks P: There we go D: How neat is that! Neat-o Phil: (Chuckles) D: What’s your icing vision for the next one Phil? P: I’m gonna do eyes and a mouth. D: Okay… Good luck D: Wow Phil, so spooky. And they’re about an inch thick as well. D: Are you gonna have that one? P: I’m gonna have that one D: Sugar overdose D: And now Phil is cutting the bat symbol, it would appear, out of some icing. P: It’s a mouth! D: Oh, it’s a ‘mouth’ P: Aah! D: Okay, well… D: That could have been so much worse, to be fair D: Wow, oh my god, those are tall P: Those are some erect eyes P: Look at that D: Fast-forward through the decorating process. Blululululululu D: I don’t know what that was D: Decorating complete! Bhum, bhum P: (mouth trumpet) D: Let’s show them off P: I’m so grabbing these D: Whoow, whoow, whoow, okay D: And here are our pumpkin spice, pumpkin cookies. Bum ba duh ba duh da bah! P: They actually look good! D: Should we give them like, a uh, detailed walk-through P: Yeah D: Yeah, okay P: Okay D: We have a lenny face cookie P: Oh my god, Dan really? D: I’m not even sorry D: Yup, that’s right. And then we have a spooky pumpkin P: Duh da da duh! D: About how spooked do you feel by that? P: Like, 10 out of 10. That looks terrifying. D: Mhm, kay. D: And then that, what’s that Phil? P: That’s my spider web with little black widow spider in it. D: That’s, that’s very… Aw! I can see the red in the black widow spider. I see that, okay. D: Okay that is… P: Cyclops Joe D: That is…? P: Mummy Steve D: That is? P: Pumpkin… 3? D: Phil… P: Sorry D: I like the creativity of everything but… P: I crumbled! D: That’s pretty crap P: Yeah… D: Do you want to see my last two? P: Yeah D: Dil cookie! P: That is incredible D: I mean… Don’t expect, that’s the peak of my artistic abilities. Okay people? P: Great eyebrows on that Dil D: Are you ready, are you ready for the most meta thing ever conceived?! D: It is, the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice pumpkin cookie. Look at that! P: I can see the froth of the latte D: Thank you, but Phil! D: This is not over yet. P: No D: As the cookies are pretty good, but you just tell me, what goes really well with cookies? P: I don’t know, like, an episode of Game of Thrones? D: I meant a hot drink P: Oh! D: That’s right, like the latte… D: So I though we could maybe make some some marshmallow ghosts for the hot drinks, to dip them in. P: Oh wow D: Let’s do it D: This is just a bonus, I’m gonna make hot chocolate. I’m guessing you want a coffee? P: I want a coffee D: Okay, we don’t need to tell them how do make hot chocolate. P: I’m sure you can do that. D: Guys? P: I hope so D: So we got our hot drinks, and now we are going to make some marshmallow ghosts/eyeballs P: Amazing D: I’m just going to grab P: Uh oh… D: Um P: Um D: Um P: Um D:Um, Phil! P: I’m sorry! D: Do you have something to… There is one marshmallow! P: I can’t be trusted, I got a problem D: I told you I wanted to use th- D: Well, thankfully, I kind of predicted that you have no self-control, so I did buy two extra packets that you didn’t know about. P: Ooh! D: So, No, no. For the baking! This guy… D: Basically, you get your black icing, which you may or may not have just used to decorate the cookies D: And you just go, bloop, bloop, erwn. And there, you have a little marshmallow ghost! P: Eh! D: That’s a cheeky chappy P: Kill me! D: Then you can even go like this, bonk P: Is that a boob? D: No, that is not a boob… D: And we get a cheeky bit of red cause these guys have been, blazing it! P: No, they’re bloodshot because they’re evil. D: Okay… D: And there we have some eyes! And what you can do is plonk them in your drinks, instantly spooky! D: And the best thing if you do that with the ghost, it will slowly melt. P: (gasps) D: So it’ll be like, the ghost is sad as it slowly dies. P: Oh, yeah… It drowns in your coffee… D: So I;m gonna get you coffee Phil P: Yeah? D: And then, plonk donk D: And I figured I can put my little neat ghostie on a little stick so I can just plonk him in D: And be like, ‘Hey look guys! There you go’. And then when I’m ready, I can him off his stick and just submerge him into his watery doom. Both: Bhlululululu! P: Help me! Help me! That’s so sad! D: Cheers to our drowned marshmallows. P: Cheers! D: Ah! D: Alright, which one do you want to sacrifice? Mr. Pumpkin over here. P: Yeah, Mr. Pumpkin D: Okay. Let’s break bread! Ah! P: Ah! D: Look at that! P: Oh! Look at that! D: Look at that, okay. P: Yeah, looks good. That looks profesh! D: I’m going for a dunk P: Here we go! D: Me too D: (Breathes deeply) P: These are good! D: Oh my god… D: That’s delicious P: We actually made something nice! D: They actually taste like pumpkin spice! P: They do! Mmm D: It wasn’t a flop! P: Yay D: It wasn’t a flop! D: Oh my god, I’m getting a little bits of marshmallowy, ghost in my mouth as well D: I need a private moment! The private moment is here! P: If you want the to be a bit harder, like a biscuit, you should leave them to set for a while, like six hours or over night, and then they will be biscuity and delicious in the morning. D: Are these the best things we’ve baked yet? P: I think they’re the best things we’ve baked. D: They’re the best tasting thing we’ve baked yet. D: So there you go! That was this year’s baking! P: Yay D: I hope you all enjoy your pumpkin spice pumpkin cookies. D: And like we said, we will leave all the methods in the description down there in case you didn’t think that this was helpful. D: If you want to see more of me, which I don’t really understand why, you can click my face to subscribe to my channel. P: Or you can click on my face to subscribe to mine! D: And over on our gaming channel, on Dan and Phil Games, we have just finished spooky week where we played an entire week of horror games. P: Yes D: So if you want to see us screaming, almost falling off chairs… P: Actually falling off chairs D: Almost falling out because of emotional betrayal over certain things… P: I’m sorry… D: Go check out the plethora of videos over on our gaming channel. P: Is it here? D: Linked to with this beautiful logo P: Nice D: And now we are going to go into a sugar coma. P: Mhm D: See ya guys next year P: Bye! D: Mh P: Mwhahahaha

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