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  1. Stop promoting this as something presumably healthy or medicinal, when in actuality eating clay can lead to intestinal blockage which requires surgery to resolve; also, instead of "supplying you with essential minerals" clay can actually bind to and sequester minerals in the gut and thereby prevent them from being sufficiently absorbed. And yes, one of those minerals is iron, where iron deficiency often leads to pica cravings– so eating clay can make this worse. If you have any doubt as to the validity of this then go read up on it on actual medical websites such as Medline or Pubmed, don't listen to bullshit as though it were medicine or science. Just because something had been practiced for ages doesn't mean that it's actually healthy or good for you.

  2. Not gonna try it, but it definitely looks very interesting! Have you considered making other foods people used in wars or in points of famine? I think that would be very cool.

  3. I understand that you are dealing with making cookies for people in times of hardship, but maybe you don’t have to have so much pity on your face.

  4. I’m not Haitian or a person of color but this made me so happy , so happy with how respectful she is while explaining, baking and eating these ! It’s hard to find such sweet people doing things like this now a days.

  5. There's a red clay my family in South Carolina eats. And they buy it from a reservation or a flea market. It's a really dry, slightly salty taste. I did crave it during my pregnancy lol it's not bad. Has a ton of iron in it amd is really crunchy and satisfying to snack on. Stains your mouth and teeth and lips really red!

  6. I wouldn’t have bothered sterilizing the clay in the microwave. The clay would have stayed soft and you wouldn’t have needed the hammer, and the baking process would have sterilized the cookies anyway.

  7. I'm from north Syria, Aleppo to be more specific
    Eating clay is kind of a culture upon women, specially older and pregnant women

    And this video had my mouth watering like crazy 🤪

  8. What does she say before she eats it? I looked up bon appetit in Japanese but that's Shokuyoku so that is not what's she is saying. Anyone got an idea?

  9. so is there a large hatian community in missisipi? cause they used to have misisipi clay/mud cookies as well, though i think its not as much a thing anymore

  10. Mom would crave this when she was pregnant with me, mostly my fault cuz I wanted to eat dirt, but hey u still wanna eat dirt after it rains so here I am.

  11. it kind of shocked me when you said you couldn't get your own clay. i can walk 80 feet from my house and get clay for free right out of the damn ground!

  12. The developing world produces grains and soy beans, which are then sold cheaply to developed countries and fed to factory farmed animals. Instead of fertile land in the developing world being used to grow healthy crops for humans to eat, it is vastly used to grow feed for livestock.
    What makes it even worse is the fact that the grain grown for animals could feed all the world’s hungry people and then some. Feeding it to cattle and other intensively farmed animals is an exceptionally inefficient way to use this food.

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  14. we have a certain clay here in Germany which is sold as fine powder for medical purposes just as you mentioned. it has a darker colour than the version in your video. .

  15. Margarine seems odd. I understand its cheap though. The recipe is often improvised with whatever you may have available. Animal fats, honey , broth , sweet potato, spices. the cookies(dirt cakes) could be sweet or savory. Often "cooked" by just sitting out in the sun. And in the most desperate of cases, they are made of just clay and water in an effot to temporarily stop hunger pains. And yes, pregnant and iron deficient humans and animals have documented cases of craving/consuming dirt, clay, plain flour, ice cubes, and other stuff.

  16. I saw a documentary about astronauts taking clay pills as dietary supplements ..,they said it was the best form of mineral intake

  17. There's actually a medical condition that can cause someone, pregnant or not, to crave things such as dirt or clay called "pica" though I'm not sure it's always necessarily an indicator that the individual is mineral deficient. I just recall being warned about it when I was at the start of my pregnancy due to some folks satisfying their urges by consuming unsafe substances and even household objects. I jokingly referred to it as "Forbidden Snacks" syndrome but learning the history of these cookies has given me a new perspective on why some eat things like this. Thanks Emmy!

  18. In indonesia, there is a local snack in somewhere in east java (i forgot that place name) called "ampo". It made from earth/clay too. They say it good for pregnant woman, maybe try to search it? 😁

  19. It’s definitely not a common thing. Yes Haiti is a poor country but in a lot of the regions there are fishermen, farmers, etc. My own family has never had the misfortune of having to eat these dirt cookies. I also highly encourage you to check out some of the AMAZING cuisine Haiti does has to offer. My country is rich and culture and traditions, I’d love for you to explore that too.

  20. Are we not gonna talk about how she was talking to a banana in the last second of the video? Was I the only one that saw that?

  21. Actually all countries has some sort of soft smooth clay from deep under ground which is edible and our ancestors have eaten it. My mum told me that my grandmum used to eat it when my mum was kid, it was little raddish in colour. Im craving to try it.

  22. Ok they have no butter first off! It’s made with clay, either salt or sugar and water. People kill me trying to replicate others cultural stuff and don’t have have the shit right.

  23. My mom used to tell me how, when she was pregnant with her first son, she craved dirt so strongly. She used to roll her gum in dirt and chew it around that time, and she said it helped satiate the craving. It sounds a little weird until you consider all the nutrients that are in good dirt/soil.

  24. A little correction.. this is NOT African. This is only from Haiti! In Africa, if we are hungry, we drink water all day ! We have dignity ! But this dirt cookies phenomenon is specially originated from Haiti, you will find more info under "mud cookies" because they use actual mud, and believe me.. Haiti IS NOT African anymore ! For example, not every Caucasian is a white supremacist ! Same goes for colored people! It is a huge culture difference. I am black and born in Africa, schooled in France and i was called a racist by some Haitian people, for a 300 years old colony thing with France. So the common sense and mentality has changed in a huge way ! Now Haiti is on its own !. !

    NOTE: I don't mean to offend anybody, this is just information ! .. And Emma.. please don't eat this.

  25. Don't feel sorry for Haiti, they share the same island as the Dominican Rep, but the DR is wealthy and prosperous while the Haitians are lazy and destructive, and the DR have built large boarder fences to keep Haitians out of their country cause they don't want their failed culture

  26. Lol wth is dirt cookies😂 that’s the type of shit u give Santa if he didn’t get what you wanted from last year😂

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