Guilt-Free ‘Ice Cream’ – 5 Delicious Ways

Today on the Domestic Geek, I’m going to show you how to make a delicious frozen treat like this out of these. (fast upbeat music) You may have heard of this trend. Basically, you through a
bunch of frozen sliced bananas in your food processor. What you come up with is this amazing ice-cream like dessert
that is totally delicious, but is completely guilt-free. Today, I’m going to show you my take on that tasty dessert, plus five unbelievable flavor combinations you might not have thought of. Let’s get started with the basics. (fast upbeat music) Now, if you think this looks delicious, just wait for it. I’m going to show you five flavors that are going to rock your world. Ready, set, go. (fast upbeat music) Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more delicious recipes and of course, tips, tricks, and shortcuts for making your life at home easier. Thanks so much for watching.

100 thoughts on “Guilt-Free ‘Ice Cream’ – 5 Delicious Ways

  1. Ok… You don't say what  you're adding. I love your channel and you're so nice to watch but please describe the procedures, thanks!

  2. the moment of adding butter and nutella ruined everything. the size of that amount, will add about 400kcal and fat to that guilt free icecream.

  3. I was sold once I saw Butter Pecan. Great ideas and a lot less ingredients than most store bought ice cream!!!

    Ignore some of the comments about the guilt-free bit. If adding a tablespoon of butter or chocolate hazelnut spread to a recipe makes them feel guilty, that's their issue.

  4. It looks fantastic but I'm not crazy about bananas. I'd be curious about the taste and texture after adding other ingredients to it though especially if you could make it taste like my latest addiction… Haagen-Dazs coffee flavored ice cream.

  5. Can u taste the banana in it or the other flavours takes over completly? I am not a fan of bananas… 😌 Thank u so much love your recipes and the way u're making your videos xx

  6. Love it! Don't know what all the hype is about the "guilt free" comment…. I was not at all confused as to what was meant! .. .OR, ignore me.. I am comment 666…. take that for what it is worth 😀

  7. Do you still taste the banana? The flavor of bananas literally makes me physically ill, I just can't even smell bananas without wanting to hurl.

  8. Hey my big sister is lactose intolerant do u think u could make something lactose free I am trying to surprise her

  9. Thankyou for sharing this. As of today I'm giving up all diary products I had really bad asthma attack today and I seriously need to eliminate anything in my diet that would trigger it and make it worse. If I eat to much cheese or diary it slowly creeps up on me and when I have a attack it's really bad. Thankyou again for this idea really awesome.

  10. omg love this video cause am trying to eat healthy snacks and I love ice cream specially butter pecan thanks for greats video gobless

  11. its not guilt free because you added more sweeteners (although healthier sweeteners, still contains sugar) and because you used butter, which is bad for your and you should feel guilty using butter because it came from a dairy farm where cows are horribly abused. even organic cows are too. im not eating ice cream that had an ingredient in it that came from an animal that was artificially raped, had its children taken away and killed, is given antibiotics and hormones and fed pesticides and GMO’s, and is just flat out tortured and killed.

  12. I love great ideas like these – gets me started and then I modify to suit my diet needs. Organic and dairy free all the way. Thank you for these great ideas!! Love your presentation too!

  13. Hi! I'm still learning how to cook and your videos have been helping a lot, so thank you! I have a question: I was inspired by this video and tried a different recipe with frozen bananas, sliced strawberries, strawberry preserves, almond milk and syrup. It is good, but it is not creamy as an ice cream. What do you think could have lead to this? The preserves, maybe?

  14. You might want to change the title for this one. These are NOT guilt free. I'm sorry. I don't want to be one of those people that say bad things on your video, because they look delicious, but there are some ingredients that are not guilt free. Nutella(hazelnut spread), peanut butter, butter, maple syrup? Almost everything in the ingredients is listed on the high glycemic index which means our body will start to store the sugars and turn them into fat. Definitely NOT healthy for someone with health issues like diabetes or obesity related problems. Not healthy for anyone trying to get or stay healthy. These would make great desserts, but not healthy ones.

  15. SaraLynn, do you find that it is better to make them in food processor than on vitaminx? I always make it in vitaminx and have not thought of food processor!

  16. Butter?? No No No No No! If I’m going to add butter and chocolate there is no point for this extra work in kitchen I will just go buy ice cream from the supermarket near my house. If you want to make video for healthy food stop adding junk to your recipes. Butter and chocolate are not healthy for you until you work in a farm or at a factory or a construction worker. We barely move everyday we live the urban life we don’t need all of this because this fat and sugar will be stored in our bodies there is no good in that.

  17. Can you change almond milk into something else??? Like using normal milk..cause from where I am..almond milk is hard to find…

  18. Omg…thanks for spoiling me with more flavors to try… Rock! 😄 I froze some bananas this past week and added a lil cream to give it awesome texture and to half the batch I added some peanut butter! I put them into lil sundae cups and added homemade choc sauce and peanuts to give them a lil excitement!😄 I really appreciate these amazinG ideas from your caring heart!😇 Cosmic hugs to you dear soul! I shall sai a lil prayer for Our Precious Creator of life to bless you greatly because your receipes are so vital to Humanity's Health!😘🦄🐶🐈🐇🌻⚘🌴

  19. Have great taste buds and can taste the banana already 🤢 also hate bacon and cilantro they are overpowering flavors…. also guavas 🤭😵

  20. What I like to do is stick a whole banana in the freezer. When I want to eat I'll just grab a potato peeler to take the rind off. I don't like precutting/peeling the banana because it messes with the texture, its exposed to air and moisture icyness. the potato peeler also gives it time to soften and its left with this super smooth outer texture, no layer of frost or gross spots/strands. Its more like a popsicle.

  21. Love the recipes! I usually use the Berry one, it tastes amazing! Today I’m picking fresh blackberries from my backyard and freezing them!

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