Greek Orthodox Pascha (Easter) Bunny Cake

[music] Christ is Risen from the dead
[music] by death He has trampled upon death [music]and to those in the tombs
[music]He is bestowing life The Orthodox Church
The one, true, holy, catholic and apostolic Church is rich in holy tradition and custom
There is no greater time of the year to witness the beautiful and sacred traditions of the
Orthodox people then at Pascha the commemoration of our Lord’s rising from the tomb on the
third day. For over two millennia, the faithful have
prepared for the celebration of the Feast of Feasts by baking sweet breads, slaughtering
lambs and goats and dying eggs There is little doubt, that the bunny cake,
among all the customs of the Orthodox people, best embodies the ethos of Pascha The entire bunny cake symbolizes the Myststery
of the Resurrection The body of the bunny sliced in half symbolizes
the sacred body of our Lord after his voluntary death
coming together and rising to form His glorious resurrected body
the white frosting reminds us of our baptismal garment and that all those who have baptized
in Christ have put on Christ The coconut fur represents all the faithful
clinging to the Body of Christ, the Hope of our salvation.
The candy eyes call all Christians to look upon the empty tomb.
The cute little ears, originally held up by tiny bones of the slaughtered lamb, and now
held up by toothpicks remind the faithful to listen to the words of the angel at the
empty tomb – Why do you seek the living among the dead.

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