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Hey Bert Middleton here and I just wanted
to tell you a quick story about how I got started on getting rid of my gout. It
started right here, Xocai Xobiotic. It’s healthy dark chocolate. It is mega, mega, mega, antioxidants. And I had no idea when I first started
eating this what an antioxidant was, or how it was going to help my gout – but
here’s what happened. When I first heard of eating this, you know, this was two years ago – I was
fifty years old . . . and always biking, always skiing, you know, skiing real hard, that’s my find whole
life you know, powder skiing and all that, and you know, I used to work instruction
and I just beat myself up in my younger years right? And always would get out of bed and the first
thing I had to do was just head for the shower and get under some hot water. Well about a week into eating this healthy
chocolate, the first thing I noticed, was that one day I got up and I started
doing all kinds of things and I was like, “WOW!” I forgot to take a shower . . . you know, all my aches and pains . . . ended . . . quickly. And then, I let a few months go by, but litte
by little, it used to be that I was getting gout
attacks like 2 times a month, and what would end up happening, even
though, I was on allopurinol and colchicine, it
was like I was still getting these attacks, but as I started to eat this healthy
dark chocolate and understand what antioxidants are, and understand cellular health, and
understand acidity, it was like, a month one by, no gout attacks, another
month went by, no more gout attacks, I started to go, “Wow, you know I think
this chocolate is making a difference in me not having
gout attacks any more. I let four months go by before I
started telling everybody about the fact that, I’m not having gout attacks anymore . . . and it’s because of this chocolate. I let
a little more time go by, and I stopped taking the allopurinol, stop
taking the colchicine, and after eight months, you know, I had not had any gout attacks. To this date, I’m not having any gout attacks I use the chocolate, but since it helped me
understand a lot more about antioxidants, now I’ve discovered a lot of other
antioxidants that I use as well. But . . . this is megadoses antioxidants – says right on there . . . eight hundred . . . eight thousand two hundred and fifty
nine . . . “ORAC” . . . oxygen radical absorbance capacity . . . that’s what you need to know, that’s really, you don’t even need to know
that, you just need to know this choclate and you need to eat a lot of it. So . . . that’s my story, and ah, if you have any questions you can
contact me, there’s my website: Natural-Gout-Prevention.com all over the vid, all of the video here
so . . . if you are feeling unhealthy . . . eat chocolate! Xocai Xobiotic, health dark chocolate!

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  1. Too bad that chocolate costs an arm and a leg… is there gold in it or something? $140 dollars for a box of chocolate is just greedy. Too bad, would have liked to try it.

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