Gourmet Giant Fortune Cookie with Hearts for Valentine’s Day (LF2-TFCS2)

This is a giant fortune cookie, comes wrapped in plastic. And it’s made of dark chocolate and you can see the crispiness of the fortune cookie. It’s super-fresh, I’ve had one of these before. Perfect gift for your special Valentines. We can open it up and maybe even take a little taste. Look at this. This giant… This fortune cookie is even bigger than my hand just to give you… Look at this, it’s huge. It’s almost as big as my head, actually. It has nice cute little intricate candy hearts, pink, red and white all sprinkled around the fortune cookie itself. They taste delicious, this lovely candy heart, and I’m about to eat it myself. But inside you can see a little piece of paper. Let’s see if I can get it here. This is blank. Oh, maybe it’s not. Maybe this says something, let’s see. But this can be personalized, too. “Help, I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory.” Very cute. This can be personalized with that special message for your loved one. And the person who’s lucky enough to receive it from you will feel loved for days to come ’cause that’s how long it’s gonna take them to eat this whole fortune cookie. Oh my goodness look at that, delicious!

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