Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Fairy Tale for Children | Kids Story Time

Paper Puppet Playhouse presents… Goldilocks and the Three Bears Once upon a time there were three bears who
lived in a house in the forest. There was Papa Bear… Mmm… porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon…my
favorite. Mama Bear… Ah porridge. Delightful. …and Baby Bear… Just once I’d like ice cream for breakfast. They sat down to eat, when suddenly… Oh everyone, stop what you are doing. This porridge is just too hot. What are we going to do? I have an idea, Papa. It’s a lovely morning. Let’s go for a walk. While we walk, our porridge will cool. Brilliant idea, Mama. One fine summer day Goldilocks was out walking
in the woods. She liked to stroll between the trees and
smell the forest flowers. Before long, however, she realized that she
was lost. Oh dear, I do believe I’m lost. I should have brought some bread crumbs to
find my way home again. I guess I’ll keep walking. I suppose I can’t stand here and hope that
someone finds me. She came to a tidy-looking cottage. What a lovely cottage. I shall ask for help there. Hello? Hello? Is anybody home? But no one answered. Hello? Hellooooo? Oh my. To Goldilocks’s surprise, the front door was unlocked. Well, this is surprising. Perhaps they are very friendly people who
left their door open on purpose In case a person who is lost needs help. Goldilocks stepped just inside the doorway. Hello? Hello? But no one answered. Then, Goldilocks smelled something wonderful
coming from the kitchen table. [Sniff sniff] Something smells delicious. Mmm…porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon. The smell of the porridge reminded Goldilocks
that she had not eaten since breakfast. [Stomach growls] Oooh! My tummy is quite hungry. This porridge will go to waste if someone
doesn’t eat it soon! I’m sure they won’t mind if I have just
a teeny tiny taste. She tried the porridge in the big red bowl. Oh my, this big red bowl of porridge is much
much too hot. She tried the porridge in the blue bowl. Oh, this blue bowl of porridge is much much
too cold. Brr… Mmm… this yellow bowl of porridge is not
too hot. Not too cold. In fact, this porridge is just right. And before she knew it, Goldilocks finished
all the porridge in the yellow bowl. I was hungrier than I thought. Goldilocks decided to wait for the people
to come home. I shall sit here and wait. Oh, this red chair is much much too hard. It feels like a rock. So she tried the blue chair. Oh my, this blue chair is much much too soft. It feels like it’s going to swallow me up. Then she tried the yellow chair. Ah, this yellow chair is much better. It’s not too hard, and not too soft. It’s just right. Oh, oh dear. I’m going to have some explaining to do. Maybe if I can find some glue, I can fix it. Goldilocks went upstairs in search of glue. She found a bedroom, with three beds. [Yawn] I am a little sleepy. Maybe I’ll have a little nap, and then I’ll
fix the chair. Oh dear, this red bed is much much too hard. I can’t possibly sleep here. So she tried the blue bed. Oh, this blue bed is much much too soft. I couldn’t sleep here. So she tried the little yellow bed. Ah, this yellow bed is much better. It’s not too hard, and not too soft. It is just right. I could very easily fall aslee– [snores]. While Goldilocks slept, the Bear family returned
from their morning walk. That walk sure made me hungry for some yummy porridge. Heh heh heh. You’re always hungry, Papa. Land’s sakes. We left the front door open! I’m sure I closed it. Papa Bear checks his red bowl. Hey, someone has been eating my porridge. How rude! Mama walks to her blue bowl. My my, someone has been eating my porridge,
too! Oh, germs! Baby bear looks into his yellow bowl. Hey, someone has been eating MY porridge,
and they ate it all up! Can I have ice cream? No. Ah, rats. The Bear family walked into their living room. Hey, someone has been sitting in my red chair. Mama Bear looks at her chair. And someone has been sitting in my blue chair. Someone has been eating in my yellow chair,
and they broke it! This makes me so sad. Can I have some ice cream now? No. Alright everyone, stay close. We have a porridge-eating chair-breaker in
the house. The Bear family cautiously went upstairs. Hey, someone has been sleeping in my red bed. And someone has been sleeping in my blue bed,
and mussed up my quilt. The nerve! And someone has been sleeping in my yellow
bed. And they’re still here! Careful, Papa. It might be a dragon! Why, it’s a little girl! Or a dragon in disguise. They’re clever. Who are you? Did you eat our porridge, and sit in our chairs? I’m so sorry. I was lost in the woods and came in to find
help. My name is Goldilocks You broke my chair! It was an accident. I’m so sorry! Who’s going to fix it? Oh it’s okay, Papa. Come now, let’s call your parents. Oh, thank you! And please, let me help fix the broken chair. I’m quite handy with glue. And true to her word, Goldilocks helped fix
Baby Bear’s chair. She also did the breakfast dishes, and straightened
Mama Bear’s quilt. Mama Bear phoned Goldilock’s mother, who
came to walk her home. It was so kind of you to take care of Goldilocks. As a thank you, I’ve brought you some ice
cream. Ice cream! Yes! Can I have some now, Mama? Oh all right. Yes, you can. Thank you for the ice cream!

10 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Fairy Tale for Children | Kids Story Time

  1. as an infant my daughter had a problem with seizures. your songs helped calm her and was a constant between our home and the hospital. As I left for work this morning she and her mother were enjoying your music. she is now a healthy 3 year old thank you for your wonderful art.

  2. I really enjoy the Paper Puppet Playhouse animations! So sophisticated! Who does the voice of the narration? (I play these for my students, but I enjoy them too!)

  3. Thank you for watching! If you enjoy Paper Puppet Playhouse, check out more on stage with the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

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