Gluten Free Bread Review & Taste Test | BEST Gluten Free Bread 2019!

(upbeat music) – Hey my munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new, I’m Alyssia and
I am so excited you’re here. I am going to taste test and share some gluten-free
bread options with you today. Now, I don’t have a gluten allergy, but I am sensitive to wheat. I get headaches and I notice that gluten not only makes me bloat but
really negatively affects my mood which would make
sense now that gluten is being connected to both
anxiety and depression, so in general I try to stay away from it unless it’s a special occasion when the indulgence is
really worth it for me. I try to eat gluten-free when I can. That being said, bread is a
delicious gluten-filled food and trying to take the gluten out of bread doesn’t often work which
is why I figured I would find the best one and
share it with all of you to save you some time and money. There are a lot of gluten-free options for breads available now. I will say upfront that gluten-free does not equal healthy, better
for you or clean necessarily. In fact, a lot of gluten-free products are actually more processed,
containing more ingredients than their traditional counterpart. So, you’ve gotta read the label to know. I am not going to tell which
is the healthiest, although, I will comment on the health aspects as we go through them, but my main goal is to find
the best tasting one today. I’ve got 10 gluten-free
breads to try today in no particular order, let’s get to it. First up is Glutino
Gluten-Free Seeded Bread. The nutrition varies on these. Some breads are one slice
per serving, some are two. So I’m gonna keep it consistent with one slice as we compare. For this brand, a slice is about 28 grams, 75 calories, three grams of
fat and 12 grams of carbs. The base ingredients are tapioca starch, brown rice flour and egg whites. Gluten-free breads typically have decently long ingredients lists because they need fillers and thickeners to help them get their
form without the gluten. Tapioca is a starch
extracted from cassava root which sounds great but it
contains very little fiber or nutritional value and it’s a bit of a controversial ingredient. You’re going to see it a lot today and I will say that this is
not my favorite ingredient to see on the list. I would not consider it something that I personally want to consume as a regular part of my diet. It is essentially empty calories. It does need to be kept frozen which is very common
for gluten-free breads as you’ll see with many of these and honestly it’s a bit of a bummer because dealing with frozen bread isn’t fun or convenient but
it just won’t last otherwise. This one does note new improved recipe which makes me nervous. Why does the recipe need improving? Uh-oh! (optimistic music) It feels a little bit sticky. Okay. It’s decently soft but it’s
gummy, I’m not about that. That is the problem with
most gluten-free breads, they taste gummy in the middle. They don’t have yeast and it’s hard to do bread without yeast. If this is a new, improved recipe, I definitely don’t wanna try the last one. This is a no for me. I would say on a scale of one
to five I’d give it a 1.5. Next, how about Kroger’s
7 Grain Gluten-Free Bread? One slice is 36 grams,
so it’s about 25% more. I don’t wanna say larger necessarily, but perhaps denser than
the previous bread. Otherwise, stats are similar probably because the ingredients are similar. Okay, this one is thicker,
but it feels gummy too. I’m going for a bite in the
middle rather than the crust. The texture is lacking. Honestly, it’s really crumbly. It’s maybe a little bit better than the last one, I give it a two. How about Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Bread? This whole grain variety
is tapioca starch based and also includes potato
starch and brown rice flour as well as some sorghum,
teff, and amaranth flour. This bread does not
need to be refrigerated. Who knows why? They are small slices, 25 grams per slice which also makes it less
calories and macros per slice, but of course you’re also getting less bread, so that makes sense. I will let you know
that in my bento videos when I made a smaller bread
to fit in the compartment, this is the bread I used
and it fits perfectly. I’m going into the middle. Okay, the texture is a bit better. The flavor, meh, but
the texture helps a lot because the flavor can always
get better by toasting it. I know for a fact that almost all of these are gonna be better
toasted and, of course, based on whatever
ingredients you add to it. I give it a fair meal rating of three, and it’s nice that it doesn’t
need to be refrigerated. Cook’s sourdough, it is gluten-free as well as soy and nut-free and vegan. So, this one does not use eggs. You can refrigerate or freeze it, so I guess the fridge
is a bit better for me. This bread is denser. It’s 50 grams for one slice
whereas the Trader Joe’s was 50 grams for two slices, but I have gotta say I much
prefer the ingredients here. Sourdough starter, which is
brown rice and sorghum flour. Tapioca flour is still there
but further down on the list, and there are overall less ingredients, fillers, and preservatives. It is perhaps a bit cleaner. So on it’s own, it’s pretty crumbly. It’s barely keeping together. It tastes like sourdough. It smells and tastes like sourdough. It’s really sour-smelling, but this would not work as a sandwich. Now, I did toast some of it, and it works much better toasted. So, if it’s toasted yes,
but if not, it’s rough. I’d say a 2.5. Whole Foods also has their own
gluten-free sandwich bread. It’s also dense, one slice is
50 grams and that does mean in order to have two slices
you’d be at 300 calories not including the sandwich
ingredients, just to be aware. But calories aren’t everything. The ingredient list is short although it’s still got tapioca starch. Unfortunately, this one also
has non-fat milk powder, so it is not dairy-free either and it’s gotta be in the
freezer, big surprise. But is it a classic favorite? All right. This is better in flavor,
but not in texture. So, now I think we’ve
flipped from the beginning. I do think overall it’s
better than the first two, and it’s comparable to
the Trader Joe’s one. Even though the texture is
worse, the flavor is better. I’d say this is another
fair middle ground, three out of five. Okay, here’s the quick
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more videos like this. We really work so hard to create them and we wanna make sure that
you get the chance to see them, so hit the bell so that
you can be notified. I really appreciate you. Okay, Canyon Bakehouse has a few different gluten-free options and
they have bagels too. A slice is 34 grams and 90 calories, more of the same with the ingredients. It is dairy-free, soy-free
and vegan as well, but you do have to
store it in the freezer. It is crazy how these
breads are so similar in ingredients but something
about the proportions or the method of the recipe must differ because they do not all taste the same. This one is fluffy! It’s much more actual
bread-like in texture. Or tastes more bread-like
and it’s also sweetish. Not Swedish like from Sweden, but it tastes sweet like bread and it has a really nice flavor. I have actually been getting
this bread for a while because I’ve learned that
it’s one of the better ones. Honestly, I’d say this is a 4 1/2. It’s close, it’s not perfect but much better than some of the rest. This Essential Baking company
super-seeded multigrain is actually from Costco and
it comes as a double loaf. It’s dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free in addition to gluten-free, of course, but it does contain egg
white so it is not vegan. The bread can be stored in your pantry and stay fresh for
months until you open it, and then you have to
use it within seven days or put it in the fridge. I like it! It’s 41 grams per slice for size. Stats are similar to most of the rest as are the ingredients. Although the base is rice flour, a mix of white, brown, and sweet rice. The tapioca starch is there but much further down on the list. This one also uses pear juice
concentrate and plum puree rather than straight up
sugar which is neat to see. (upbeat music) The taste is decent. I actually like the seeds on the outside. It’s moderately fluffy,
it’s not too gummy. The best part is that it
doesn’t need to be frozen. Once you open it though you do
have to put it in the fridge. I give it a 3.5. Food for Life has many gluten-free breads, this is the brown rice one and this is also the brand
that does Ezekiel bread. Now remember, Ezekiel bread is sprouted but it’s not completely gluten-free although sprouted wheat does contain less gluten than regular. This bread, however, is made with brown rice flour as a base. There is agave which, if you’ve seen my sweeteners 101 video, you know is sneaky because
it actually contains more fructose than table sugar and it’s got the tapioca flour which is the same as tapioca starch, but the list overall is much shorter, so that makes me happy. It’s 43 grams per slice, so
one of the denser options, and it does store in the freezer. (upbeat music) This is bad, oh, it’s flavorless. It’s sort of like
cardboard, earthy cardboard, but it’s also sort of bitter. It’s like it’s made out of bread crumbs. It almost tastes like brown rice somehow. I love Ezekiel bread but this ain’t it. Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-free Bread is one of the more common ones people find at any grocery store. The brand has gotten pretty big. It’s free of soy and
dairy, but it isn’t vegan. Still the first ingredient
other than water is dang tapioca starch again, rats! A slice is 37 grams and 100 calories, so you can see most of these breads with similar ingredients
do have very close stats. Although this one does have a few more carbs per slice comparatively. It says soft and yummy bread, but is it? I just think bread shouldn’t
have to put that on the label. That’s how you know that
bread without gluten is bad. It’s actually so soft. It feels like real bread, and it looks like a
cartoon slice of bread. Okay, this actually has a great texture. It’s probably the closest to
white bread that we’ve seen. The flavor isn’t as abundant
as the Canyon Ranch one, but the texture is really good, and I have had this one
toasted and it is spot on. I give this one a 4.5 too. Okay, last one. The Follow Your Heart
Gluten-free Oat Bread. This one is vegan, nut, soy, and, of course, egg and dairy-free. 45 grams per slice, so another
one on the denser side, but I am happy to see the main
ingredient is oat flour, yay. But the tapioca starch is still
there as is the cane sugar. Still, it’s a shorter list so I’d say this is another preferred
option for my standards. Is it soft and delicious? (lively music) That is not good. There is some flavor, but
that is a rough texture. It’s getting stuck in
the back of my throat, and it’s very gummy. I would not get this myself, but I don’t think it’s
worse than the other one, than the worse one that I
tasted, so I’m giving it a 1.5. So that is my gluten-free
bread taste review. I would say Canyon Bakehouse and Rudi’s are at the top for me. You know me though, I am
never going to tell you what to eat or not eat. I hope that I can give you education, information, and insight to
help you feel more confident making a choice that’s right for you. That is my goal here to
empower you with knowledge. So if you found this helpful, I hope that you will
share it with someone. I appreciate you being here. If you want more videos like this, let me know in the comments below what you would like to see. I’ll see you next week
with a brand new episode and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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