Girl Scout Cookie Hacks

Today we earn
our Girl Scout cookie
hacking badges. Let’s talk
about that.( music playing )Good Mythical
morning! Mythical Beasts,
many things have
been mashed. Potatoes… Maybe that’s it. Nope! You can add
movie trailers
to that list, because we’re gonna be
mashing together two trailers
for Oscar-nominated movies, and you will not
believe how well
they mash up. We’re also going
to be looking at the
most scandalous Olympic Village
behavior ever, but first, it’s
Girl Scout cookie season, so it’s time for… Now, Girl Scout
cookies are already
delicious, but we’re going
to make them delicious-er,
or die trying. So get ready to have
your mouths’ minds blown.
Let’s hack! – (crickets chirping)
– (owl hoots) Girl Scout cookie
season may only
come once a year, but pizza season
is every day a year, so, according to math,
it’s time to combine those two seasons
together end enjoy some
Girl Scout cook-izza. – Ooh.
– And here’s how
you do this. Link:You take Trefoils
and Toffee-tastics,
grind them up
in a food processor.
You make a pizza doughwith a 70 to 30
cookie-to-flour ratio.
– Rhett:Mmm.
– Link:Roll out
your dough
and line the crust
with Tagalongs.
Bake it 450 degrees
for six minutes–
not that long.
Dress the dough with
strawberry marshmallow
fluff for sauce.
We have that here.And then we’re going
to complete it. – Next up, we’re
gonna top this thing,
– Mmm. with some Tagalongs
and some Samoas. I like to think of
these like peppers. And I like to think
of these like pepperoni. So you throw a bunch
of those on there. Oop. I shouldn’t
have done it that way. – That was a little too–
– Yeah, that was careless. – a little too careless.
You want to be more–
– ( laughter ) add more–
more loving placement. And then on top of that, we’ve got some coconut
shavings, which– This your favorite
part, Link. I don’t love coconut,
but I don’t hate it. And marshmallows, which
I don’t love either, – but I don’t hate ’em.
– ( chuckles ) Okay. But I love–
I love peanut butter. – All right.
– And I love chocolate. Uh, well let’s
eat these. So slice it.
Now, the crust
has the– has some chocolate
in there. You just want a half
and I’ll have a half? Yeah, we’ll just–
take it. – Let’s slice it up more
so Mythical crew–
– Okay, what is this? Tess: Don’t forget
the chocolate sauce. – Oh, gosh!
– Don’t forget the
chocolate sauce! Thank you, Tess. – That was a test, Tess.
– Tess: Mm-hm. I get that. – Link: And then right there–
– ( Tess giggles ) Rhett: (chuckling )
You passed! Link: And them I’m gonna go–
I’m gonna go both ways, – Kinda like how I like
to mow my grass.
– Wolfgang Puck up in here. I saw him.
Wolfgang Puck was at the– Keep– keep doing that while
you’re talking, ’cause I want
to eat eventually. He was in the airport,
um, bookstore. – With his son.
– Seriously? – Son seemed like a brat.
– ( laughter ) I mean, what–
what can you expect? You’ve got, like,
a 70-year-old famous
chef for a dad. – Never there. Okay.
– ( laughter ) The chances that
he’s a Mythical Beast and he’s watching
right now, are– – are decent, so, uh…
– I– you know what? I got you a slice without
a Tagalong on it, but
I can fix that. – I’m sorry, little Wolf.
– I’m sorry, Samoa. – Dink it?
– I think you’re great,
little Wolf. Mmm. I’m sorry to drip
on the rest of
this pizza. That is magical. – Very fresh.
– Got yourself some– some strawberry
on top there. Mmm. Betcha Wolfgang Puck’s
son would really like this. ( laughter ) You know what?
Come on out.
Hang out with us. – No, don’t do that.
– ( laughter ) – (crickets chirping)
– (owl hoots) Nobody really knows
what’s inside of a hot dog unless you make it
yourself. We’re gonna take
the mysterious insides
of a hot dog and replace them
with Girl Scout cookies
to make… Girl Weiners! And we’re also gonna
call them… Girl Weiners. – I just said that.
– I know. – Girl Weiners! I’m going to
– I just wanted to clarify. say it as many times
as I possibly can. – We are calling them…
– Both: Girl Weiners. Rhett:Okay, for the bun,
you make a dough
out of four ounces
of Trefoils and four ounces
of Savannah Smiles
and eight ounces of flour.
You bake it in the oven.
Then for the hot dog, you make
a vanilla custard base,
and then fold it into S’mores,
Do-si-dos and Tagalongs.
You pipe all that into
an actual sausage casing,
then dunk the casing in boiling
water, turn off the heat,
cover it, leave it in there
for 20 minutes
and then put it in the bun,
which is what we’re about to do. Look at those
Girl Weiners, Link. Oh, my goodness.
It’s– Girl Weiner is
bigger than you
would expect. – ( laughter )
– That is– That is– – Boy, that’s appetizing.
– ( laughter ) Think about all
the stuff that’s
in there, though. Okay, I’ll take
a bun, here. – And I’ll take a…
– Both: Girl Weiner. and I’ll put it
in there. And then,
I’m gonna add this. The bun can barely
hold the Girl Weiner. – I’m gonna add the mustard–
– So the ketchup, uh… is the filling from
the S’mores mixed with
some whipped cream. And then the mustard
is the filling from
the Do-si-dos, mixed with cream cheese. Now, you know,
I have spotted
Wolf Blitzer and his son
getting Gatorade at a convenience
store, once. And little Wolf Blitzer
was very well mannered. Okay. Yeah,
well, that makes sense. Very well mannered. Well, you know,
a newsman has a very
predictable schedule. He may be out really
early, but typically, unless there’s breaking news,
he’s home as the same time
every day. A chef’s all over the place.
Opening new restaurants. You know, not really a
part of their kid’s life. – Let me garnish–
– ( laughter ) Let me garnish
your, uh– your– your–
your Girl Weiner with some crumbled-up
Savannah Smiles. You know what?
I take it all back. I really love those
Wolfgang Puck Expresses. No matter how bad
the family life is, I believe
that it’s all made up for those
Wolfgang Puck Expresses. ( laughter ) – So convenient.
– So quick. In and out. Just like, “I’m hungry
and I want it fast! And I want it
to be good!” Now, I’m afraid this
is gonna be a gusher. – ( chuckles ) Oh, gosh.
– ( laughter ) Let’s find out. ( chuckles )
Okay. ( laughter ) ( garbled )
You see what happened? ( garbled )
It popped! Uh…
( grunts ) – Link: Mmm.
– Did you get a lot– ( muffled )
You see what
happened to mine? Yeah, it was
like an explosion.
Mine popped, but– but yours scared me. – Man.
– ( laughter ) It is kinda hard
to get over the
intestine part. It’s kind of a
sausage-y pudding
kind of a thing. – It’s not good.
– But not– it is good. – No, it’s not.
– Yeah, it is! It is not good.
What is wrong
with you, man? It’s like
chocolate pudding.
It’s great. You like pudding
too much. How can you like
pudding too much? – You know, to like it–
– You know what? There’s too
much joy in your life! Back down on the
pudding lovin’, okay? You’re gonna love
when you get real old and can’t eat
anything but pudding. I can’t wait, man. – I’m gettin’ older
every day.
– Look at this. – Crew: Eww.
– That’s the part
of the animal that it was
stuffed inside that I can’t chew through.
Did you not get that? I’ll spit that out
eventually. But otherwise,
I think it’s great. I think it’s horrible. – (crickets chirping)
– (owl hoots) Fried chicken and
waffles are a great duo, but you know what makes
a duo even better? A duo with three things. So we are gonna
combine the forces
of fried chicken, waffles, and Girl Scout
cooffie– cookies– ( stutters )
coof– coof– cookies– – Or just “cookies.”
– to make… Girl Scout Fried Chi-cookie
and Cook-waff, Cook-affles. – It’s hard to say, but let’s
see how it tastes.
– But easy to eat! This is how you make it.First, you dip the chicken
strips in flour and egg wash
and dust it up, Savannah Smiles
and black pepper.
Then you fry it.
We have it right here. – So we got the
fried chicken.
– Nice. Let’s do the waffle part here.
We got the waffles here. We’ve got a batter
of Toffee-tastic,with egg, milk,
baking powder,
and melted butter.So, just take
all of that– slam it on
the waffle iron. And, uh, let’s get
this thing waffled up. We also have some syrup
that we scraped– um, we made from scraping
caramel, or “carmel,” off the Samoas and
the insides of S’mores. – ( imitates steam whooshing )
– Heated all that up, so… The syrup is
just waiting. We’ll probably have
to wait for… three minutes,
for this to waffle-ize. You know, I once saw
Scott Wolf of “Party of Five” in a 7-Eleven bathroom
with his kid. – His daughter?
– No, his son as well. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. It’s always a son. – Changing the diaper, or…
– No, it was like a… like a 14-year old. – ( laughter )
– With a diaper? They didn’t know
I was in there. I was actually in there
doin’ my business and I forgot to lock
the door and they came in. – They were both very
pleasant, though.
– Both pleasant. – I was not pleasant,
if you know what I mean.
– I do know– – Yeah.
– what you mean. I think I should use
this opportunity to apologize to Scott Wolf
and his 14-year old son. – I was on a road trip.
– Don’t make excuses. – My diet was really
convoluted at the time.
– Either apologize or don’t. I was eatin’ whatever
I could get my hands on. – Just apologize. Okay, good.
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I should’ve locked the door.
You shouldn’t have had to
see that or smell that. You just– oh. – A party of five.
– Uh! There’s the light. – Link: Open it up.
– Should I open it up
if it says “Ready”? – What do you mean,
“Should I open it up?” I don’t trust machines.
I trust the humans. Ooh, nice. When I’m eating
chicken and waffles,
I don’t put the chicken on the waffle.
I put it beside it. But we can also
put it on top–
There ya go. – And then we’ve got this…
– Oh, that’s so nice. Move that back,
if you would.
I don’t wanna– I don’t wanna see
you burn yourself. – And then we’re gonna
just take and–
– What is that? – This is
the syrup, man.
– ( chuckles ) S’mores and Samoa
melted stuff. I think I could’ve
cooked it a little longer. You know what?
It’ll be nice and, uh– I kinda like a little bit
of an underdone waffle. You want a little bit
of an edge– Okay. I cut you a piece there. Tess:
Don’t forget the chicken. We got the chicken.
It’s right here. – Rhett: We got it.
– We got the chicken, girl. Look at that. – This is promising.
– Dink it. Sink it. ( muffled )
Oh, I just burnt
myself a little bit. – On what part?
– The waffle. – Mmm.
– Mmm. Wow. This is really…
really, really good. Send Scott Wolf and his son
some of this as an apology gift. – He’ll be happy for years.
– He’s got his head on straight. He probably doesn’t live in
southern California any more. – No, he doesn’t.
– He’s probably in
a cabin in Montana. Mmm. Mmm! – That’s good, guys.
– That’s so good. – The chicken especially.
– Mm-hmm. And the Girl Scout-iness. Let’s just eat this
for the rest of the time. – (crickets chirping)
– (owl hoots) There’s two things that
keep me up at night. One, the evil donkey
only I can see every time
I close my eyes, and two, the fact
that Girl Scout cookies
and fondue – have never been combined!
– Until now? Get ready for some
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fondue.” – ( laughter )
– Okay, we have asked
to do this one ourselves – Uh-huh.
– because… blow torches. Oh my goodness.
Um… so… we’ve been scraping
the middle of S’mores
into this, uh… Well, first of all,
this is a S’mores cookie
which… uh, has been out for a while
but I’ve never tasted one. They’re making a comeback,
we’ve been told. And so what we’re doing–
Link is scraping out – the inside of the S’mores.
– Some really come out nice. – Whoops.
– So you’re gonna
wanna scrape out all the insides of
your S’mores cookies and put them together
and then you take the scraped, non-filled
ones and put them to the side. – Then you take your blowtorch–
– This isn’t sharp.
I can use this. – Yeah, but it’s hot.
– Oh. You got glove? You got glove,
too, man. Here. Smell it. – Smell the glove?
– Smell the glove. – Good.
– Smells like leather. What was the point
of that? It was a reference to
a movie I’ve seen
that you haven’t? – Seriously?
– Smell the glove. – Link: Oh, yeah. There we go.
– Don’t get too close! Don’t get too
far, either. – Oh.
– You burned it, man. You burned– how do
you know that was my
torch that burned it? I ca– saw it.
You need to stir it. You stir.
I’ve got a glove on. – I can’t stir.
– I like my marshmallows
a little– oh, look. – It’s really melted fast.
– ( loud hissing ) Don’t release your gas
while I’m stirring, man. Breathe deeply, Rhett.
I don’t want that to
catch fire. Watch out. Oh, yeah. Got nice and–
just a little toasty. – Oh, a little smoky.
– That’s good. You want that. We don’t have fire alarms
in here, do we, guys? I’m just gonna get that.
I’m gonna do one more. – One more blast?
– We don’t both have to– All right. Ooh, that’s
a good technique. – You done?
– Yeah. And you know what?
Just last week, I saw a wolf and
her wolf pups behind
an Applebee’s, – eating from a
riblet basket.
– Yup. And those wolf pups
were not sharing. Yup. I know that
about wolves. They need to learn
to share. – Let’s try this.
– Here. Speaking of sharing,
thank you. They love a good
riblet basket. – Yeah.
– I think that’s what
they were eating. I can’t believe somebody
left a full riblet basket
out back. I hope that–
it wasn’t an Outback. Weren’t you listening? – Not too hot.
– Outback should have
riblet baskets. I think that’s what
we just realized. – You’re welcome, Outback.
– Armadillo ribs. They have armadillos in
Australia? Don’t answer that. No, that’s in the southwestern
United States, Link. Well, I was close. This is good! I mean, how can it
not be good? We just reconstituted
what they already made, in a more
party-friendly manner. – And it’s very safe.
– Mm-hmm. You know, so just
give to kids– – as long as you give
the kids gloves,
– ( laughter ) – you can give them
pretty much anything.
– Right. So we want you guys
to try out these hacks,
and when you do, send us pics and video
so we can check ’em out. Yes, and keep watching
to have your mind blown when we mash-up the
trailers for “The Last Jedi” – and “I, Tonya.”
– Shout out to all
the wolves. Link:You don’t have to
be a Girl Scout to get one
of our Mythical badges,
but you can be.
You can be anything.
Get yours at

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