Gigantic Cookie Slab Coffee Table – Sequoia

Creating a sequoia cookie slab coffee table This is a large fat cookie slab Its called Sequoia, or Redwood It’s a rather soft lumber,
not suited for exteriors Lets convert it into a coffee
table for myself 😀 This beast was too large
for the jointer But given it wasn’t twisted,
I just ran it through the planer I removed only 1mm per pass,
given it is end grain I sanded both sides with
80, 120 and 180 grit paper I also sanded the edges to smooth
down all the torn out pieces I decided to apply mineral oil to the bottom side Turns out this end grain is
really thirsty It soaked up the oil before
I was able to rub it in! I am really glad this was the bottom side Engraving the name with
the Shaper Origin I intend to leave the cracks But given I will flood the upper side with epoxy I am taping the cracks to prevent spilling Flooding with epoxy resin Second flooding
(warning: thirsty!) Sanding lightly with 180 grit paper Brushing the live edges Applying Rubio Monocoat (pure) Note: I use a rag to rub in
immediately, due to
the end grain thirstiness I applied two layers of monocoat,
leaving 24h in between Attaching legs with socket screws I let the wood suck in the
coating for several weeks Then I applied a thrid coat Thats it!
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6 thoughts on “Gigantic Cookie Slab Coffee Table – Sequoia

  1. Un trabajo digno de un artista……….Felicitaciones Javi por tan bello trabajo……….que lo disfruten y seguro que va a embellecer tu casa. Abrazo grande de EMV.

  2. hello wooden where did you get the still base for the table. did you had a local steal guy that males them! thank you!

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