GIANT Chocolate Lava Cake – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 137

Hi Bold Bakers! When it comes to chocolate desserts, a molten
lava cake is pretty decadent. But you know what’s big and bold? A giant molten lava cake, full of chocolate
lava and enough to share with all your friends and family. That’s what we’re going to make today,
so let’s get baking. My recipe for chocolate molten lava cake,
I have had for a very very long time. I got it from a restaurant I worked at in
Ireland, which is a five star hotel. It is an amazing recipe and I know you’re
really going to like it. First thing we’re going to start out with
is a very important giant bar of chocolate. This is a pound of chocolate. Now when you’re using chocolate, I would
like you to use 72% because it is a little bit bitter but not too dark at the same time. It has a little balance of sweet and bitter. So we’re just going to put this in a bowl. Into our chocolate, we’re going to add in
some butter. So with these ingredients, we’re going to
melt them all together. Now you want to do it gently because you don’t
want the chocolate to get too hot and to burn also. So you can do it over a microwave or you can
do it over a bain-marie. I microwaved for under two minutes and as
you can see, it’s nice and melty. If there are any little lumps in there, that’s
grand. What we’re going to do is set this aside,
so it’s still going to melt that chocolate a little bit but it’s also going to cool
down because we need this to be nice and cool before we add it into our eggs. Our next step for our chocolate molten lava
cake is to whip up our eggs. Now I have a lot of eggs here. I’ve got some whole eggs and I’ve got
some egg yolks. And we’re just going to pour this into my
stand mixer. You can also use an electric hand mixer but
just note, you won’t be able to do this by hand because you just need the eggs to
be too fluffy and it would be literally impossible. To our eggs, we’re going to add in our sugar. Now all you want to do is turn this mix on
to a medium-high speed and what you’re going to see is that it’s going to triple or quadruple
in size. It’s going to get really big and thick. So we’re just going to watch it as it does
that and I’m going to show you the stage that you should get it to. So this has been whipping up for around 5
minutes and it’s getting nice and thick, but it can get even thicker so we’re going
to keep on going for another few minutes. Ok so it’s been around 7 or 8 minutes of
beating and this is what it should look like. You see how thick this is? Now there’s something that you call holding
a ribbon, do you see that? When you pick it up, and it holds its form,
that’s called holding a ribbon and that’s what you want your eggs to look like. We need all of these big, thick, strong bubbles
because this is what’s going to make your lava cake, when it gets that kind of moussey,
bubbly center. That’s what does it. Nice, big, thick eggs. So this is looking fantastic. So into our fluffy egg mix, we’re going
to add in our cooled down chocolate. Now it has cooled down quite a lot, almost
to room temperature. And you need it to be that cool before you
add it into the eggs so it doesn’t deflate them totally. So we’re going to turn on our machine to
a medium-low speed and then we’re very slowly and gently going to pour in our chocolate
mix and let it all combine really well. Once all your chocolate is in there, you can
see it deflated a little bit, but this is perfect. It’s still nice and moussey. So now we’re going to take this bowl off
the machine and then we’re going to add in our last ingredient. So we have our big, gooey chocolate mix. Now to make it set like a cake, we’re going
to have to add in a little bit of flour. Now it’s only a tiny amount. But you just need enough to make it set like
a cake. So what you want to do is sieve in this flour. And you don’t often see me sieving in flour
but for something like this, it’s important because you want to make sure there are no
lumps going into your lava cake. So you want to fold in this flour gently and
when you’re doing that when it comes to baking, rather than using a big, thick-edged
spatula, you want to use a very thin-edged metal spoon. It’s a really important technique when it
comes to baking when using meringue, soufflé, something like this. It’s very important. A nice, thin edge means that it won’t knock
down those beautiful bubbles you went through so much trouble to create. It’ll keep them intact. So just down to the bottom of the bowl, and
all the way around and fold in that little bit of flour. Just keep on folding in until you can’t
see anymore flour. You don’t want to overwork it, just keep
on mixing until you can’t see anymore. Using the small amount of flour means you
still get a really gooey lava center in the middle and that’s exactly what we love about
lava cake. Ok that’s it. All of our flour is incorporated. I don’t see anymore bits, this is fantastic. Now it’s time to get it into our bowl. So a chocolate molten lava cake has that dome,
and we are going to get the exact same for our big lava cake. What you need is an oven safe bowl. And as you can see, I have this nice bowl
that is small on the bottom and wide on top. You can use a pudding bowl, a mixing bowl,
a glass bowl. Anything that is oven safe will work really
well. You want to make sure that it is a nice size,
so you’re able to turn it out at the end. This is what I’m using. I’m going to put the measurements for this
along with the recipe on So to ensure that we’re going to be able
to turn out our lava cake, because I know I’m guessing that’s probably some of your
biggest fear, is a really well-buttered dish. So you know my trick with the butter paper. Hang on to those guys, they’re invaluable. We are going to get it just really nice and
greased up because we need that cake, once it’s baked, to slide right out of there. And one thing that’s going to do that is
a lot of butter. Once it’s buttered, we’re going to pour
in all of our molten chocolate lava cake into our dish. Now if you don’t want to bake this off straight
away, you can put this mix into the fridge for up to four days and it will live happily. Then you can just bake it off whenever you
want it. And there is your big, giant bowl of chocolate
molten lava cake, look at that. That is insane. This guy is ready for the oven. Bake your molten lava cake off at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius for roughly 50-60 minutes. So the secret to a perfectly baked molten
lava cake is the baking. Now if you underbake it, it’ll be too gooey. If you overbake it, it’ll be too dry in
the middle. You want to get that exact sweet spot. The thing about a molten lava cake is that
you can’t stick a knife in it while it’s baking, you have to just judge by the look
of it and the jiggle of it when it is done to perfection and I’m going to show you
that when it comes out of the oven. When your molten lava cake is out of the oven,
you’ll notice that the edges are a little bit cracked and it’s firmer. And then in the middle, you want this part
to be nice and gooey and soft because that’s our lava. So once it’s out of the oven, you want to
let it rest for at least 10 minutes and this helps it just hold its shape when you turn
it out. Now before you turn it out, get a little spatula
or something very thin and just go around the edge, just the top of the cake just to
make sure that it’s not stuck to your bowl. Careful not to pierce the cake. Just make sure that you can feel it’s going
to slide out ok. This is one of the scariest and best parts. Now we’re going to take our serving platter,
this is my favorite one, and we’re going to place it on top of the lava cake. And then with a tea towel placed over, we
are very swiftly going to turn over the bowl. Once it’s turned over, very carefully lift
off the bowl. Look at that! Oh my gosh! Oh I’m so excited, it looks perfect. So on the top it’s nice and soft and squishy
so we know there’s lava in there. Around the edges are nice and firm. This is perfect. So you want to decorate and eat it pretty
much right after it comes out of the oven so I am going to place around a few strawberries
and then I’m also going to place some lightly whipped cream on top. Actions speak louder than words so let me
just show you why this is called a lava cake. Because as I scoop in here into the middle,
what you should see is chocolate lava coming out the middle. Look at that. It’s actually oozing out. This is perfectly cooked, a lovely gooey center
of chocolate lava. And then nice cake around the edges. I can’t believe it, this is perfect. This is so big, I would say it serves around
10-12 people. You know when you’re eating a dessert that’s
really decadent and you find it hard to breathe? Well that’s how I rate a good dessert and
that means this is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Thanks so much for subscribing to my channel
and keep sending all of your great photos. I’ll see you back here next week for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.

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