Georgetown Cupcakes & Desserts Tour

Hi Canden here, Free Tours by Foot and Top Things To Do DC. We’re here in Georgetown. On the dessert tour in
Georgetown we don’t just taste their way through the neighborhood we talked about
the history too so a child’s house here behind me now we don’t actually see it
on the tour it’s a bit far out of the way but the guide will be sure to tell
you how to get here and show you some pictures I always pointed out as the
house that’s the color of butter. This is Baked & Wired and I feel like I’m
letting you in on some sort of local secret it is by far the best dessert in
Georgetown but it’s not a secret. Now I was prepared to tell you that there’s
always a line and pan to the line but there isn’t one so I’m gonna go get a
cupcake. Come join us on this paid tour which includes samples from some local
shops like Dog Tag Bakery, Olivia Macarons, District Donuts and more …ah
here we go I found the line we in the tour outside
Georgetown cupcakes it’s not a stop on the tour because there really is always
a line here but we’ll give you some helpful hints on how to preorder a
cupcake if you want to skip the line I hope you’ll join us on one of our tours
you can make reservations on our website at for more
tours and helpful hints on your visit to DC subscribe to our channel here

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