Gennaro’s Zesty Orange Rice Cake

Hello lovely FoodTube people I’m going to go a little bit sweety now I love sweet, such a joy, sweet is good I’m going to make a total delizioso, orange rice cake You will love it, so simple to make Look I’m sitting so relaxed in this place You start with the milk which is bubbling away nicely, simmer it. Vanilla pod straight in And always give a little bit of stir Sugar Oh yes Fantastic, let’s not forget The rice This is risotto rice If you want to know how to make the perfect risotto bianco clink on the link now I keep stirring, it’s what you want to do Amalfi lemons One, two and three, in. Keep stirring it Fantastic, it starts boiling, turn it down, turn it down because you have to simmer it Keep stirring until the rice is cooked So 5 eggs, seperated I split the yolk from the white of egg Again, another one, in It’s ever so simple Clean your hands Orange liquer, very sweet, I’m going to use about three tops One, two and three Simple Mix it Make sure you clean it before you go into the white And here we go and mix it, you know what Shhhhhh. Hey, hey hallelujah So it’s simple Yes Now to see if it’s ready Yes! It stays You thought I was going to drop it but you had no chance Right, the rice it will come like this It’s cooled down now You get the vanilla pod and make sure you squeeze everything there is Raisins All in, zest of orange, a whole orange When you finish it, don’t forget you can eat the orange You don’t chuck them away, ah come on Mix in, be sure you have to mix in properly, okay let’s do it Now you fold it, the word folding is not just – Squashing around, fold in, fold in This is what will give it the lightness This is ready, oh yes, don’t go I forgot to remove the lemons There’s supposed to be three of those So cake tins Which you insert with a little bit of butter You cut oven proof paper inside You make sure it is quite high on the side Slowly pick it up remember when mum used to make this rice cake I was always with the finger bang Now it is all done, look how wonderful, with the lovely bubbly, ready to be cooked and you put it in the oven for about an hour Another one which I’d done early on And someone sabotage, chocolate, no it is not chocolate It is when you actually cook it, the top always almost caramlise But it’s not for caramalise, do you know what it is, pure love Now last but not least, icing sugar, yes Beautiful, orange Leaves and this is orange rice cake, total delizioso Bless the person who taught me how to do it She is in paradise and today I will share a slice of cake with her Memory, memory, memory It is do delicious but my mother made it better Why? Because your mum always do better Bless you FoodTube people, please do make this cake, you will enjoy it If you like this video, go to my own YouTube channel for lots more lovely recipes Click the link now, subscribe it is free, love you

99 thoughts on “Gennaro’s Zesty Orange Rice Cake

  1. ….recipes reminiscent of childhood, the time of play yard that afternoon and smell coming from the kitchen, mamma was doing some hotness for the afternoon snack. Life is short and beautiful.

  2. Now I know why he's my favourite cook to watch! As well as the buckets of charisma, everything he makes always has a story and it's nice to know why he puts so much passion into his food! Your mama would be proud! 

  3. I just LOVE the way Genaro cooks, it's just amazing, full of love, full of old stories, full of tradition… I love it! Cheers from Colombia!!!!

  4. OH this looks soooo good! But, I am very allergic to milk, my nephew is very allergic to eggs….can I use coconut milk and egg replacer so we can both eat and enjoy – SAFELY!?

  5. Great Recipe! With a beautiful end… Pure love, now I understand your passion for cooking! I'm just Crying! 🙂 BEAUTIFUL! Greeting from Chile! 

  6. I just made this cake – yummm!  I was so moved by Gennaro's appreciation for his Mom … and he is not wrong, it is a delicious cake and I can see why it is a favourite, it'll be on rotation here for sure 🙂

  7. Orange Rice Cake recipe by Gennaro Contaldo? I'm going to cry with happiness. Why I am cooking so good?!

  8. Gennaroooo! OMG You loved your mom sooooo much! She filled your heart full of love for the life that's why you are fantastic man.
    This is the best thing I've seen from you! Bless you my lovely friend of YouTube!

  9. i made this cake and followed Gennaro's instructions (ok, unfortunately I cannot get Almafi lemons). Great cake!! Everyone at work raved about it and there were zero leftovers. Great with whipped cream!

  10. Thank you, Genarrro's mother, for bringing us this wonderful man and letting him share moments like these with us.

  11. Now that winter's coming I'm looking for more sweet things, and this seems absolutely fantastic. The type of thing to make on a Sunday afternoon.

  12. Could u please make load faster. Everytime in any device i try to access the website it takes such a looong time to load 🙁 🙁

  13. This made me feel so many emotions. Had me in tears, Gennaro <3 Watching this felt like watching a beautiful story unfold.

  14. Dear Gennaro Contaldo, dear Jamie Oliver – Team, could you please help me? I don't have the orange liqueur at the moment, could i put some rum into the cake instead or will it dominate the taste?
    Thank you and greetings from Germany!

  15. Dear Gennaro! Big thanks for wonderful recepie of this cake! I cooked by myself and shared with my family. With love, from Ukraine.

  16. I just made this and probably 50 other things you made! Thank you for everything! Best food and cakes ever. Fit for a king! Grazie Gennaro!

  17. I love the fact that he just put his soul, his own life experience in that one cake.
    This, is how you shall be cooking.
    Technique and passion do the rest.

  18. You have wonderful personality, thank you for sharing all these good food recipe and emotions of real passion

  19. Sig.Gennaro mi ha fatto commuovere con la Sua ricetta di torta di riso ovviamente dentro la ricetta ce tutto , amore e ricordi

  20. Having made this recipe twice now, I can vouch for its deliciousness! Really simple to make and the flavour profile is heavenly!

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