Gemma’s Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Bold Bakers! Over 10+ years of working as a pastry chef
I have made my fair share of chocolate chip cookies. But finally I have found the ultimate chocolate
chip recipe. I’m going to break it down for you and tell
you what makes this recipe so good compared to others. The written recipe for this can be found on Okay, let’s start out in a large bowl. The first ingredient we’re going to add
in is our flour. And then next, we’re adding in salt, now
salt is so important in baking because it acts as a seasoning and brings out the flavors
of the other ingredients. So in you go. And then next, some baking soda. Now this is the raising agent and it’s what
makes these cookies really beautiful and crackle on top. So add that in. And then with a wooden spoon, just stir all
these ingredients together. So now we’re going to set the dry ingredients
aside and we’re going to work on our wet ingredients. So now here I have my cold butter. Now I get asked all the time “salted or
unsalted butter?” I always use salted, that little bit of extra
salt adds great flavor to whatever you’re baking. Okay, now what you want to do is melt this,
you can put it into the microwave or over a Bain Marie. So into our melted butter we’re going to
add in some white sugar, and then my secret weapon, some brown sugar. Now this gives your cookies a lovely caramel
kind of a flavor. Now if you don’t have brown sugar, you can
always make your own and there’s a recipe on Bigger Bolder Baking, or you can replace
it with white sugar. Then just take a wooden spoon and mix these
ingredients together. Okay, so now into this lovely mix, I’m going
to crack in my eggs. Now if you do not eat eggs, do not worry,
you can always check my egg substitute chart, and you can see what you can use for cookies. And then of course, if you watch Bigger Bolder
Baking, you’ll know I love vanilla extract. And this just gives your cookies really nice
flavor, however if you don’t have it, you can leave it out. And then with your wooden spoon, just mix
these eggs in. So now when you end up making these awesome
cookies, I strongly suggest you go over to my website, give it a star rating, and leave
a comment, because I would love to hear your feedback. Okay, this is looking good. Now we’re going to take our dry ingredients,
just toss them in, and then mix it together until it forms a dough. One thing I love about this recipe is that
you don’t need any fancy equipment, you can mix it all up by hand. Okay so the star of the show here is the chocolate
that you use. Now I like to use a bittersweet chocolate,
so something around 72% cocoa solids, but what I do is I buy a bar of chocolate, I don’t
use chips, and as you can see I chop it up and you get really big chunks. What you want from the best ever chocolate
chip cookie is good chocolate chip “chunkage.” So go ahead and just toss all of those in
there. You’ll notice in this recipe I am not shy
with the chocolate. And then just fold it in with your wooden
spoon. So now you guys have absolutely loved my best-ever
series, I’ve made brownies, I also made best-ever banana bread, if you haven’t seen those, make
sure you check them out, because if you like these cookies, you’re gonna love those. These cookies are going to be like half chocolate,
half dough. There is a serious amount of chocolate in
here. So now from here we’re going to chill our
dough. Lots of times when people bake cookies they
spread out. By chilling your dough you will actually get
it to keep its shape. So we’re going to pop it into the fridge
for an hour. So now I’m going to let you in on a top baker’s
secret, there is a thing called aging the dough, and lots of big bakeries and pastry
chefs do it, they made their cookie dough maybe three, four, even five days in advance,
and then they bake it off. Over time it develops flavor and it also gives
a lovely texture to your cookie. So I recommend that you try it out, do not
worry, your cookie dough will not go bad. So now it’s been an hour, my cookie dough
has chilled, it’s nice and firm, so now we’re going to scoop it. Now you’re going to scoop 14 nice, big cookies,
because that’s what this dough makes now these are very generous sized cookies so if you
want to make them a bit smaller you can, but I like nice, big ones. Just so you know, you can freeze the dough
at this stage and it freezes really well, for up to 12 weeks. So you can take it out and bake off fresh
cookies whenever you want them. So once you scooped all your dough, I like
to put it into my hand and just make it into a ball, that way it bakes nice and round. So now here’s the important part, the baking
you want to bake these cookies off at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or 190 degrees Celsius
for 12 minutes only, that will give you a gooey center and a crispy outside. So I could not be happier with how these turned
out. Now come here to me because I want to show
you what you’re looking for when they’re baked. Around the edge is a lovely golden brown,
but then in the center this is cookie gold, it is gooey, it is doughy, it is perfectly
baked, just those 12 minutes give you a soft, gooey center. So this is what we’re looking for. So now the only way to enjoy these cookies
is fresh out of the oven, when they’re nice and warm and the chocolate is lovely and gooey. Just look at that. See how it’s doughy in the middle and crispy
on the outside. I’m going to be bold and say that this is
the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe but I want you to make it to find out for
yourself. And if enjoyed this video, then please share
it, and I’ll see you back here really soon, for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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