Funfetti BIRTHDAY CAKE with Bubblegum Buttercream Frosting – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 28

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Funfetti Birthday Cake We have a lot to celebrate this week on Bigger
Bolder Baking because we just reached 20,000 subscribers all thanks to you guys. And I
know a lot of you are celebrating your birthday this month so I want to celebrate with you
in a BIG & BOLD way. So let’s get baking! For this birthday cake, I am using my master
recipe for yellow cake. I love this recipe and I use it for cupcakes, my Funfetti cake
and even my rainbow cake. In a large bowl we’re going to add in our
flour sugars raising agents and salt. And then whisk all your dry ingredients together
and make sure to get out any lumps in the brown sugar. Now is a good time to melt your butter so
it’s at room temperature when you go to use it. In a separate jug, add your buttermilk,
eggs, and vanilla extract. And then whisk them all together. I know some of my viewers don’t have electric
mixers but that’s okay because this cake is all done by hand so it’s good for everybody. To mix the cake, add your wet into your dry
and whisk gently. Just before the mixture is all combined we’re
going to go in with our room temperature butter. This
is the perfect stage to add it in. And then continue to gently mix. My favorite ingredient in this cake is
sprinkles! It’s not a birthday without sprinkles. Now butter and line two 9 inch cake pans and divide your cake batter evenly
between the two pans. Our cakes are ready for the oven so we’re
going to bake them off at 350 F degrees for around 35-40 minutes or
until golden brown on top. Gamer Mikee had the great suggestion to show
you all how to make a BIG & BOLD Birthday Cake. so this one is for you. While the cakes are baking, let’s get started
on the buttercream frosting. You can find this recipe in my video for cookie
cake and I’m going to put a link in the description box below. So we’ve made this beautiful birthday cake
but we can’t just put regular buttercream frosting on it. So we’re going to go BIG & BOLD
and decorate it with bubblegum buttercream frosting. I got this little bottle online and I put
a link in the description below of where you can get it. Add the bubblegum flavor a drop at a time. It is very strong so you don’t want to put
too much in. And make sure to taste your frosting. Oh, man. It tastes like a candy store. I’m going to color my frosting with green
to get a lovely kind of turquoise-teal color but you can make it any color you want. Our frosting is done. I absolutely
love this color for my icing. We’re going to pop it in the fridge and then
check on our cakes. Our cakes are out of the oven and they look
and smell great. They’re beautifully dotted with all these
sprinkles. They’ve got a gorgeous golden brown color. We’re going to set them aside and let them
go totally cold before we can decorate them. Making your cake the day before makes it much
easier to decorate so that’s what I did with these guys. My favorite part is when you start to see
the cake come together and I know some of you are a little bit dubious of cake decorating
and I’m going to try to show you some really easy tips. Take each cake and slice it through the middle
to create one layer. Let’s check out what it looks like in the
middle. My gosh. Look. Look at all those beautiful sprinkles. I love this cake it’s so pretty. To assemble your cake we’re going to get the
top layer of one cake and turn it upside down and this is going to be the base. Spoon on your lovely bubblegum frosting. And then gently smear it around. Try and get it as level as possible. The less
you work it the better. And then on with the flat layer. Get it nice and level as much as you can. And then again with your frosting. This smells so good. For the next layer like we did with the our
first cake Put the face on the bottom side and the sprinkles
facing up. Spread some nice icing all around. For the last layer, we’re going to use the
bottom of the cake so we get a nice flat surface that makes it
easy for decorating. The next step to decorating our cake is making
a crumb layer. The crumb layer is going to gather up all
the loose crumbs around the cake so when you frost it again
later it’s going to be beautiful and clean. Do you see all these loose crumbs? If you didn’t do the crumb layer, they would
all make their way into your final product and we don’t want that. We’re going to put our cake in the fridge
and let it set up and we’ll continue frosting later. Now that the crumb layer is set, we’re going
to go ahead and do our second layer of frosting. So same thing, start at the top of the cake
and work your way to the sides. The faster you do this the better it’s going
to look. Push the frosting all the way out to the edges
because you want it to go down the side so we can frost them as well. And then do the same on top. I’m going to share with you my sneaky trick
for decorating a cake beautifully and that is a butter knife. Run your butter knife up the side of the cake.
Just do it nice and rough and fast. Don’t even think about it. It does not matter how good you are at cake
decorating this is the simplest technique that anyone
can do. Gorgeous. And that’s the sides done. And then for the top use the same technique
go from the edge into the middle. To make it really BIG & BOLD, I piped dots
on the top and bottom and decorated with bubblegum
and sprinkles for the ultimate birthday cake. And I even surprised one of my youngest subscribers
who just turned 5. (Little Boy’s Voice): How did you do it? It’s all in the BOLD BAKING! I really hope you enjoyed my BIG & BOLD Birthday
Cake! Thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you
back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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