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Think classic carrot cake with all natural
and alternative ingredients and jam packed with flavor. This is Liv Baking and these are my carrot
cake cupcakes. Bigger Bolder Baking is all about giving you
the confidence to bake anytime anywhere. My Liv Baking recipes are gonna show you how
to use alternative ingredients to make dessert your way. Think dessert customized. All carrot cake cupcakes start out with a
batter. We’re going to be making a cake batter with
some almond flour. A little bit of coconut flour. Next up we’ve got our raising agent, it’s
gonna make everything nice and fluffy. And now lets talk about our spices. You cannot have carrot cake without a little
spice. I’ve got a mix of cinnamon and ginger here. So we’re gonna go right in with that. And if you don’t have ginger or don’t
like it as spicy feel free to use all cinnamon in this case. Last but not least, salt is going to balance
out all the sweetness from the carrot and the raisons. So now we’re gonna give this a whisk. Almond flour is actually just almonds that
have been ground into a fine powder and same goes for coconut flour. So I like to use these in place of a wheat
based flour because they bring a lot of moisture, they’re a good source of healthy fat and
they also have a lot of fiber. If you see some lumps here and there in your
almond flour that’s totally normal, just go ahead and work those out. So this is gonna be the base for our dry ingredients,
now we’re gonna move on to our wet ingredients. We’re gonna start out in this nice big jug,
Gem always mixes her wet ingredients in a jug and I love to do it this way too. It keeps everything in one place and keeps
it nice and clean and you can really see that you’ve got the right ratios. First up is coconut oil, feel free to use
butter or ghee in this case if you prefer. And then to that, we’re gonna use two eggs. If you don’t eat eggs or are allergic to
them, absolutely replace these with a flax egg. That would actually make these cupcakes entirely
vegan. So the next thing that’s gonna go into our
ingredients is a little vanilla. And last but not least the final thing that’s
going into our wet ingredients is our maple syrup. This is actually a sugar free syrup based
in monk fruit, but if you want to use regular maple syrup or honey, those work too. So now we’re just gonna give this a nice
whisk and make sure that the eggs are completely combined with the oil and the maple syrup. So just like any batter now we’re gonna
add our wet ingredients to our dry. So we’re just gonna give this a nice whisk
and make sure that everything is combined. You’ll see that the batter gets nice and
thick that’s the coconut flour absorbing all the liquid. You’ll see a nice golden color from the
cinnamon it even smells cinnamon-y already. So I’m sure you’re all wondering, where’s
the carrot cake right? So we’re gonna add in loads of freshly grated
carrots. So, do not be tempted to buy pre-grated carrots
you really wanna grate your own here. I grated mine on a cheese grater but feel
free to use a food processor or whatever works for you. We’re gonna start to fold in our carrots. I don’t know if you can tell, but the ratio
of carrots to cake is about 50-50 and that’s how you know this is gonna be full of carroty
flavor it’s gonna be super moist and have that earthy flavor of the carrots with the
cinnamon that’s really gonna spice it up. And now our extra fun stuff. So, this is flaked coconut make sure to use
unsweetened coconut,. And… raisins. So, let’s talk about raisins. Some people don’t like dried fruit. Some people like their carrot cake with more
of a tropical vibe and put pineapple in there. This is an opportunity to really be creative. If you don’t like raisins but like golden
raisins by all means add that in there. As long as you’ve got the carrot and you
keep the ratios of the other mix-ins the same you can pretty much do whatever you like. Now we’re gonna turn this carrot cake batter
into cupcakes. Now I’m gonna scoop out some of the batter,
look how thick that is, full of all the goodies. I’m doing these about two thirds of the
way full. So now that our cupcakes are all full we’re
going to bake these off. We’re gonna bake these at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
which is about 180 degrees celsius for 20 to 30 minutes and you’ll see they’re gonna
puff up and get nice and golden brown. And now we’re gonna get started on our sneaky
no-cream cheese frosting. Thanks to a little bit of nice thick greek
yogurt we’re gonna get that nice tangy flavor that you get with a cream cheese frosting. Next we’re gonna do some coconut cream. This is coconut cream that is nice and cold
which is really important it’s gonna help everything whip up and keep our frosting nice
and thick. And now a bit of vanilla going in. And last but not least this is our sugar substitute
this is a monk fruit based sugar but you can totally use regular sugar or swerve you could
use a couple drops of stevia. We’re gonna hit this with our hand mixer. If you have a Stan mixer you can absolutely
use that as well. Since the coconut cream is nice and cold it’s
gonna take a little bit to work out so just keep going and the frosting will be done when
it’s nice and rich and creamy. Check that out. So the last thing we’re gonna do is give
it a little taste. It’s so good. What we’re really looking for here is that
the sugar is fully dissolved. Now it’s time for the best part I’m gonna
show you how to decorate your cupcakes. When your cupcakes are done they’re gonna
be nice and golden brown. So we’re gonna set these aside to cool completely. What you might not know is at Bigger Bolder
Baking we take a lot of time and put a lot of care into styling our desserts. In the case of these cupcakes I’m gonna
be styling them on this really really pretty stand and I’m gonna bring in this nice and
colorful cloth. We’re just gonna transfer our cupcakes to
our cupcake stand. So now I’m gonna grab a spoon. One of the things I love about this frosting
is that you don’t have to pipe it. You can really see how nice and thick it is. So we’re just gonna dollop nice generous
amounts of frosting onto our cupcakes. We’re gonna go back with our butter knife
and just swirl the frosting on top. What I’m looking for here is a nice little
peak. I mean, those are carrot cake cupcakes. So in the case of these cupcakes we’re gonna
add some toasted coconut. I’m gonna do half on each cupcake. I love when things have sort of a graphic
touch to them. So you’ve got the nice bright white frosting
and the orange of the cupcake peeking out from underneath and just that half moon shape
of the coconut I think really pops it out. To complete our scene I’m gonna add in this
vase with some fresh flowers. I love to use flowers and greenery in my photography
I think it really adds a nice prop. And look at this, look how inviting and springy
this is. So let’s slice right in look at those raisins
popping out and the carrot. You can see all the texture from the coconut
and the oozy frosting. I love carrot cake so I could not be more
excited to try these. Honestly the smell has been taunting me the
entire time we’ve been putting together this scene so, time to go in for our taste. Shall we? Hands down, probably one of the best carrot
cakes I’ve made. It’s just perfectly balanced that’s why
I love carrot cake it’s got earthy carrot and the cinnamon and something about the cream
cheese frosting which I have to pat myself on the back there because it tastes just like
the real thing. These are the quintessential carrot cake cupcakes
but they’re made your way. The recipe is on BiggerBolderBaking.com I
cannot wait to hear what you guys think.

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