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My name is Anastasia Dvorak and I’m your Calgary lifestyle guide. Welcome to my channel. Today we’re at one of the best dessert destinations in Calgary. We are at Finesse Desserts. Let’s go check it out. Hi everybody, My name is Anastasia Dvorak. I’m your Calgary Lifestyle Guide, and today I’m at one of the best dessert destinations in Calgary. I’m at Finesse Desserts, and I’m talking today with the owner of Finesse Desserts, Inga. So how did you get started in this business? We opened back in April of this year, and it took me nine months to open this business. But it’s been in the back of my mind for 15 years, since I was a little girl. My grandmother had a catering business, and I was always around baking and other types of foods, catering different weddings and different venues. And then my mom had always a dream to go to culinary school, but it just didn’t happen. And then when I had to choose my own profession and whom I wanted to be in life, my relatives and family kept on pushing me to do something that is more rational. you know, I mean corporate business So I ended up going into business. I ended up, you know, with bachelor and master’s degrees, but we moved to Canada 7 or 8 years ago, and one day I was going to work and I was thinking, You know, I’m starting a life here, but then I started doing the same thing again…going to someone else’s created business and I am again following somebody else’s dream. For sure, you are working on their dream, not your own. I moved continents…Moved with my family to a different country, and I’m still not following my dream. So where does it leave me? Literally I quit my job. No way. You just….wow! And I just decided to really just give it a shot, right? Awesome. What’s different about your dessert shop? So ever since I started growing this idea, I knew that for a fact number one for me is quality. So we’re not outsourcing any of the pre-mixes, any of the pre-done ingredients. So you make literally everything in house? We make everything in-house just behind this wall and we make everything from scratch basically we have eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and that’s how you see the desserts here So quality Number one. Number two was always for me presentation and I am very aesthetically present in everything I do. Anastasia: especially considering this gorgeous wall! it’s perfect for Instagram! So I think that people start you know buying dessert by looking at it and deciding what color, what shape, what size they want to go for and only then they ask what’s inside. So funny enough all of our desserts on the display, the ones that are colorful, the ones that are know..bright color. They always fly off the shelves. that’s great. So what kind of other products do you offer? do you cater to weddings or other special events? Yes, we have a great selection at the shop. We have a good display of refrigerated desserts. We also have non-refrigerated ones that we bake throughout the day on a daily basis. We have macarons as well as some pre-packaged items, but for other sources of income, we have catering. We do cater to different businesses throughout the week. If you have an office party or a birthday at the office, or even a high tea party at home, A bridal shower, Baby shower we can cater it all. Thank you so much Inga for taking the time to talk to us. Guys, if you want to check out Finesse Desserts follow them on Instagram and I’ll provide all the information in the video (BELOW) Thank you you guys so much for watching. And we’ll see you next time! Guys, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please subscribe to my channel and follow me on social media. Instagram @Calgarylifestyleguide
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  1. Thank you so much for watching!! <3 Don't forget to visit Finesse Desserts here -232, 7337 Macleod Trail SW (Kingsland area next to Marshalls) and follow them on Instagram and @calgarylifestyleguide

  2. Great interview – Definitely proves that following your own dreams is worth it! Beautiful desserts made by scratch with quality ingredients! Thanks Anastasia and Inge!

  3. Awesome content! Going to sub to your channel! You could use ZMSocial[dot]com!! It’s a really handy tool for growing your subscribers!!!

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