Fanta Malinna – Soft Drink Review

Hello everyone it is 10 o’clock on
the 8th of May 2018 and today I’ll be reviewing Fanta Malinna now (um) this
isn’t actually a UK market Fanta flavour it’s actually an imported one I
think it’s from Poland because all the writing is in Polish and I believe
Malinna means um raspberry I put it in Google Translate and Malinna came out as Raspberry from Polish It appears to have like blueberries or strawberries and
blueberries I’m not really sure but um I think we’ll give it a try anyway, see
what it tastes like, yeah, this has actually been in my fridge for ages, I’ve been meaning to do this for months, I’ve finally got the opportunity so um here we go, I’m gonna have it from the bottle because I feel like that’s how you would
have it in normal life when you’re out and about it smells very fruity and sweet [sniffs bottle] It smells like something I know of but I’m not quite sure what It definitely smells of raspberry though definitely tastes of raspberry yes um it’s very
fizzy like you expect Fanta to be well, I don’t think it is very fizzy it’s like kind of got an average amount of fizz it’s not like all around your mouth it’s quite sweet (x2) But yeah, I think there you have it really,
it’s Fanta Malinna it’s red I think that’s about all have for you
today I do want to do more drink reviews there’s lots to do like Coke peach, mango
and feisty cherry and there’s also like Sprite with cucumber and ginger Pepsi
Max there’s all things I gotta do thank you for watching, I hope you stay
tuned to see those videos Take care!

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