Familjen testar godis från Indien

– Too spicy.
– He’s vomiting. Tastes like farts. Try it for yourself, camera. Oh God, what are you doing? – What? What?
– Like this. Hey, hey! Today we will try
candy from India! Where we are right now.
Let’s jump right in. “Ladu” It’s a ball made of flour, milk, sugar,
nuts and dried fruit. This is very traditional.
I think it looks like a falafel. – A falafel?
– A sugar coated falafel. – Ready?
– Yes. Let’s go! – Hey you!
– Little rascal, put it in your mouth. – Yuk.
– It also tastes kind of like falafel. It’s very similar to falafel.
I’d think there’s carrot and peas inside it. It looks like there are
vegetables inside it. – I think it’s pretty good.
– I think it tasted a bit too much like food. – What do you think?
– It was just gross, not good in any way. – How many points from 1-5?
– 1 point, because I liked the sugar. I give it… – An Indian head shake?
– No, I give it… 5 points. – 5? Wow! Gosh.
– I think it was super good. This Indian version of a coconut ball
gets 1 point. I didn’t like it at all. 1 point, because it looks nice. “Candyman Crème Lacto” – How’s it going?
– What is this? It’s a hard candy
that looks a bit like Werther’s. – Such a strong milk flavor.
– Yes… oh, God! – Can I spit it out?
– No, no, no. Bite it and taste the filling. – No, I don’t want to.
– It says “Crème Lacto”, it has a filling. – Where are you going? Hello?
– Gross. Gross. 100% gross. Oh, yuk. I felt the filling, not good.
I’m spitting it out. – Did you bite into it and taste it?
– Yes. Try it for yourself, camera. The inside is better, it’s caramel.
And some sort of milky shell. I absolutely don’t agree that it’s caramel inside.
It’s condensed milk and sugar. It tastes like… yuck. Or muck. – It wasn’t that bad.
– It was. How many points? Zero. Zero. Zero. Three. Don’t forget to hit thumbs up
if you like this video. “Mummy’s”. It has ginger,
and it looks a bit like a bar of soap. Oh, you can break it into pieces. – I didn’t taste it.
– What?! You have to taste it. – Here, have a small piece.
– It’s good. What’s that face? – It’s just sugar and ginger.
– It’s very strong. But, Alma… What are you doing?
Throwing away the candy, hello? It’s very spicy. Very un-Swedish. Ginger candy is great of you’re getting sick. It might
be something for everyone back home in February. Yeah. It’s not for us. I’m sweating bullets. It was hot, but in a different way.
It wasn’t hot like chili, but you felt it in the throat. It’s hot like eating soap. For a local candy, it was totally okay.
I give it 3.5 points. Oh, wow! 1 point. – 1 point.
– 1 point. It smells good,
but it tasted really gross. “Turbo” It’s a chocolate bar. – Look, it says that is costs 5 rupee.
– It’s nothing, less than 1 SEK. (0.1 USD) – It’s not a chocolate bar.
– No, there’s something else inside. – It was pretty good.
– Yuk, so gross. “Creamy milk”. I give it 2 points. I give it 1 point. – I give it 1 point.
– 5 points. – Five?
– He ate the whole thing. “Soan Papdi Coconut” They look like fiber squares. – It’s like hair, it looks hairy.
– Yes. – What’s fiber?
– Dad has to explain that. It’s like crushed twigs.
Like little sticks. – Harry, you’re supposed to eat it, not build with it!
– Here, put it in you mouth. 1, 2, 3… But Harry, Harry… Oh God, it’s… It’s so dry! – Here.
– Try it. – Can you talk, Harry?
– No. Yes. I can’t whistle. – It’s so dry!
– It sucks up everything in your mouth. Oh, Alma… Harry, what are you doing?
He’s throwing up back there. Are you okay? – It didn’t taste that bad, but the consistency was awful.
– Like chewing on sawdust. Alma, come. Spit it out on the grass.
Spit it out on the grass if you want. It’s so cute that little brother is helping.
I mean, it’s not that bad. I definitely give it a zero.
Zero, zero, zero… My head is a zero. “My head is a zero”. Oh, God. – 2 points.
– 1 point. We’re taking a break to answer Question of the day.
Jennie Björnvik asks: “What’s the longest
you have been in a country?” – It has to be here.
– If it’s a trip, then yes. Definitely for Alma and Harry. No, Bali. No. We have been here for almost two months.
We were in Bali for one month. That brings us to the question we get the most
right now: “When are you coming home?” I can answer that.
March 1. Correct, that’s when we come home.
Then we have been abroad for three months. It will be so fun
to come home. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… Yes! Yes, yes, yes… Yes! “Mummy’s imly” It’s these tiny bags with tamarind,
and it says “Sweet & Tasty”. – What is tamarind?
– Tamarind is a leguminous tree. – It’s common here in India. But this bag is impossible.
– I think you’re meant to bite on it and suck it out. How special.
Oh well, the birds seem to want it at least. Are you ready to bite it
and get goo in your mouth? – Pop it.
– Mm. – Will the goo be spicy?
– No idea. – It’s not breaking.
– No, we did it wrong. We are chewing on plastic. – I popped mine now.
– You can taste mine. Delicious. Bite it. It’s so gross. – It tastes a bit like strawberries.
– Strawberries? I think it tastes like soil. It’s very sour
and tastes like… methane… – Yes, it tastes like farts.
– Like farts and gas, kind of. It’s not very good. Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero. “Jujubes”. It’s like marmalade balls,
but they are very wet. Oh, they smell so good. – It’s a very strong smell.
– And very synthetic. – I’ll take a yellow one.
– I’ll take an orange one. The birds are like…
let us have a taste. Okay. 1, 2, 3… Very synthetic. It tastes like
a slimy snail dipped in sugar. Yuk. I give it zero points. I give it 1 point. – I give it zero points.
– I give it 1 point. I have tasted worse. “MaaMee’s” Peanut candy
is everywhere in Kerala. I have had this before,
at a friend’s place. – Here in India?
– Yes. Oh God, what are you doing? – What? What?
– Like this. – Oh, God…
– This is our…my new machete. “Our”? We haven’t even
seen this before. Axel… Freak! The packaging
was a bit difficult to open. 1, 2, 3… This reminds me of those
sesame seed cookies. I think it tastes like
caramel and nuts. I agree. I give it 2 points. – What?
– Yes. It’s not my fave, I don’t like that nut. Same here.
I also give it 2 points. – I give it 5 points.
– 5 points. The kids’ fave in India. “Masala Munch”,
looks like this. Delicious.
Nice and salty. – Nice and hot.
– Nice and hot. They are just like
“Chili Cheez Doodles” back home. – Too hot… too hot.
– No. Good. No mom, you can’t say that.
It’s so good. These two have become
Indians on this trip. 4 out of 5. I give it 1 point because the aftertaste
was awful. Before that it was totally okay. I also give it 1 point. – Harry?
– 6. 6 points? Wow. Here’s our lovely candy buffet.
What should we do with all this? I know, we can give it
to everyone at school and preschool. Exactly. We don’t want to eat
any more of this. I don’t, anyway. I will bring all of this to preschool
and just drop it for everyone to take. You will be so popular.
What a great parting gift. Then I will get
six stars on my list. Oh, you get stars when you do something good.
That’s called “bribing”, Harry, but okay. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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