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Good morning! This is Teddy. I’m Miranda. Do you want to come spend the day with me? So one of my favorite things to have first thing in the morning is hot water with lemons. It’s a really great way to kind of kickstart your digestion. It’s full of Vitamin C. Cheers! After I’ve made my hot water and lemon I’ll then make a smoothie and these are some of my favorite ingredients to include. Almond milk. Fresh papaya. Spinach. Blueberries and raspberries. Almond butter. It’s a great source of protein. And then last but not least. I add my little Kora Organics skin food supplements. So this contains noni. It contains acai. Blueberry. Matcha green tea. I used to drink it as a liquid but this is so much easier. It’s nutritious and delicious. Delicious. This is one of Flynn’s favorite things to have for breakfast. I like it ’cause they’re healthy for him and he likes it ’cause they’re really yummy. It contains a free range egg. Oatmeal and a little banana. Put them all in a blender. Now just turn this on. Add a little coconut oil. Make little mini pancakes. I’m just going to let the dog out for a second. Who let the dogs out! Who who who. Go ahead out. Sometimes I use two of these to get underneath there. So as you can see super quick and easy to make. And I’ll add a couple of little raspberries. A little coconut nectar. It’s important to do exercise that you really enjoy. For me, I really enjoy yoga. Just doing a few stretches and yoga poses, really helps me feel really energized and grounded and ready for the day. So for lunch I’m going to have salmon. with a little crushed garlic turmeric and fresh lemon with a side salad of sprouts and arugula cucumber, purple cauliflower, and avocado. And then I make a simple salad dressing with olive oil, lemon a little apple cider vinegar and a little sea salt. No matter how busy I am, I really try to take a moment and just really be present wiht eating and really enjoy my food. Hello? You know, I work all over the world and I do have an office at Kora Organics but it’s nice when I get to have those days where I work from home because I get to to cook for myself and cook for the family. I know they really enjoy that and so do I. So one of my favorite meals to cook is my slow roast chicken. I add, onion, garlic, fresh lemon, turmeric, rosemary. I put it in the oven, it cooks for 7 hours. and then I have that with sweet potato mash. I just leave the skin on and you just pop them in to steam. So this is one of my favorite salads, it’s super simple. We have cabbage here with baby spinach parsley, a little cilantro finely chopped cucumber, olives halloumi cheese, sunflower seeds pine nuts and celery. Bon appetit! Thank you so much for joining me today. I really hope you enjoy my recipes. Now you’d better get going ’cause I have to have dinner with my family. Go on. Get! Go on! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Everything Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. Ok I really hope nobody listens to her,the amount of calories she eats is way to little for someone her height.

  2. I LOOOOOLed at the expression, when she had the poop colored smoothie and said: "delicious"

  3. This is not a sustainable diet.
    Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, it's restriction. There's nothing wrong w/ eating healthy whole foods, but you need adequate calories. It might be doable for a while, but eventually the body will go into starvation mode and conserve energy, slowing the metabolism and lead to many other consequences.

  4. Media show us what they want to show but the truth is different, they got secrets and they well not going to show it for free.

    And no she don't t eat junk food and stay on the couch the whole day.

  5. i repeat to read…" …seven hours…" about cook the chicken 😂 is it too long ,miranda ? btw i can save about the hot water and lemon 😊 thank you

  6. In another persons video when they followed her diet they added so many memes to the part where they saw her portion sizes😂

  7. Omgaaawd I tried to drink this kind of smoothie every day..failed it’s not made to be enjoyed by human beings 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Je mange pareil qu'elle au ptit dej', midi et soir je mange sainement aussi … Mais j'suis toujours aussi moche . En bonne santé, mais moche 😂

  9. People bitching about what and how much she eats don't know how calorie and nutrient rich her choices are. It's all filling too. When you eat like shit, even if you eat like a cow, you're still starving at a cellular level. That's why you're never satisfied but she is. I'm not this disciplined, but I know eating calorie and nutrient rich food sustains you in the long run.

  10. But Miranda has money and a millionary husband .. hello… She can eat vegan caviar everyday…the rest of all pure sh…t

  11. I remember when i had anorexia and one of the biggest things that was encouraged in the community was eating slowl…i mean being present in the moment while you’re eating

  12. ok but the way she ate and drank and prepared literally everything with that china tea set was incredibly cute

  13. This cannot be. Yea im going to make fancy pancakes in the morning while trying to get 2 kids ready for school. Also all these videos show so many dishes being used. Do they have full time cleaning help? And who has time to cook so fancy all day when you are working running a business and kids. a little un realistic.

  14. damn people must eat a lot if they think this is too less..i eat almost this much or sometimes less and feel completely fine..

  15. She's pretty and all but women like that have the most issues. I wouldn't be able to handle it. She's probably really boring also

  16. how does she eat so little in the morning and not get hungry? if i had just a smoothie i’d be starving within an hr

  17. Us peasants looking at her food like “WTH?!” but most of us are in our 20s with acid reflux eating pizza for breakfast.

  18. Normal peole work stressful often physically demanding jobs, do sports (yoga and stretching are NOT sports), take care of kids, clean their house, look after their parents and barely sleep. No one can survive on those ridiculors food portions!

  19. Hey, at least she's honest. Most models pretend they eat 1500-2000 calories a day. At least Miranda owns what she does to herself and all of us.

  20. People stop what she should eat or not she looks incredibly healthy and remember she is a model despite the fact that people would like diverse body shapes but the industry prefers this certain type of slim shape its her job she has to maintain that stop making it seem like a miserable thing when she herself is grateful for what she has

  21. All I have to do is make the pancakes and this with the chicken and eat, the fish and the smoothie I already made and was very licky

  22. Conclusion that she doesn't eat much does she haha. I'll stick to my latte, coffee, fruit and veg, lean meat and veg and the odd treats thanks! UK size 8 – 10, I'll enjoy my own food over micro pancakes. Looks a bit like dolls food for a tiny person 🙁

  23. I swear whenever someone shows a model eating Junk Food in the videos y'all go: Why do they always eat junk food in the videos? Are they trying to make her relatable? Miranda is showing a realistic What i eat in a day as a model.

  24. Ppls commmets are stupid !! You don’t need a big breakfast , having small pancakes is fine , I have a bowl of fruit in the morning that’s it !!!!

  25. I actually liked that she was honest about what she eats in a day…most models nowdays will say "I eat hamburgers and pizza whenever I want" and make people believe that they are naturally skinny without trying (which YES genetics is a big part…) BUT being a model is a full time job…and at least miranda is being honest…and she isn't promoting her diet to anybody, she is just sharing her lifestyle to people.

  26. If she eats what I eat in a day this lady will be dead by tomorrow afternoon 😂😂😂😂😂😂 she would have died of either cholesterol , diabetes , a stroke or a heartattack

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