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– Gobble. (screeches) (laughter) (upbeat music) – Happy Thanksgiving. – Welcome back to Ernie Cooks. Today, Ernie and I are going to be making a delicious Thanksgiving recipe. Fun for all turkeys. – [Ernie] Delicious candy corn. – Hold off on the candy
for just one second, okay? How are we gonna know what to cook? – [Ernie] iPad. – Look at all these
recipes we could choose. What about that one? – [Ernie] That looks tasty. – Yummly Oreo Cookie Balls. – Ernie I want you to know that this hat (Ernie caws)
is a great honor. – Thank you.
– Here we go. We’re gonna make some turkeys. – Yeah! I love turkeys. – Take a package of Oreo cookies
and crush them up finely. Alright, you wanna grab those cookies? – Four. Whatever that number is. (laughing) – Alright, wanna put them in here? If you don’t have a food processor, I kinda like this trick. Just gonna take this. Mash them up. – [Ernie] No the Oreos are dying. – Careful. Two hands. I think we got it. (Ernie yells) So this is nice and soft. Dump it right in there. I think it’s just enough. To mix this better, I think
you need to use your hands. Alright, ready? You gotta mash, just like this. – I think it’s good. Next step. – Make them into…
– Rolls. – No, balls. Make them into balls. (Ernie chuckling) We’re gonna take these
and then we’re gonna roll it between our hands. And, pop! Take it between
your hands really gently. – [Ernie] Ah, it’s hot. – It’s hot, what are you talking about? (laughter) Alright this is more
than you and I can eat. Are you gonna share these
with your sister Ernie? – She’s a baby. – Alright ready, so what’s the next step? – (shouting) 10 minutes in the freezer! (upbeat music) – There’s another package in here. (Ernie gasps) – I love chocolate. – Let me break some of these up. Pro tip, break up the
chocolate into smaller pieces before you try to melt them. Now we gotta melt this chocolate. We’re gonna do that over the stove. You can scrape. – Scrape it, scrape it,
nothing really matters. (Ernie screams) – You okay? (upbeat music) Alright, now we have our melted chocolate. – I’m gonna dip my balls in it! – So we’re just gonna drop
– [Ernie] Oh, I can do that. – [Zach] In there.
– [Ernie] That’s easy. (laughter) – Nice. Now you need another fork. (laughs) – You know Ernie I think we might have to change this to Zach Cooks with Ernie. – Nooooooo! – Nice. (Ernie sighs) What do you think about
having a little sister, Ernie? – It’s good feeding her every day. – What do you feed her?
– And changing her diapers. – You change her diapers? – She always has stinky diapers. – Do you think she’s gonna
like these Oreo cookie balls? – She doesn’t eat them. – Oh. Well that just means
more for you and I, right? What comes next? – Put them in the fridge for 30 minutes. – Here we go, oh, oh. Hold it flat so they don’t
roll into each other. Go night night turkeys. – Goodnight turkeys. (timer dings) Next step is put five
candy corns on the back – Well, that’s right. (laughter) We just take these candy corns,
kinda push them in there. Wanna do that?
– I can watch. – Here I’ll do one and then– did you eat that one? – Sure. (laughter) – No, you put it back in the bowl? Nice little tail going on. We can put some eyes on. Then Ernie– – We can add this for the beak. – You know how you’re gonna make a beak? Eat all of this except for the white part. – I can do that probably.
– Can you do that? (Ernie chuckles) Perfect. And then glue on the beak, oh yeah. – Chicken is this turkey ball. (imitates chicken) This one is for my teacher. You want that great one? – Sure. I’m not very good at doing this. – That’s okay, we have time to
make you a master chef Ernie. – There you go. – [Zach] Yeah, that is a turkey. (Ernie squawks) These look like the photo right? – [Ernie] Yeah, they’re the best! – I think we did pretty good. – We’re done.
– Yay. Eat and taste. Oh, that was a big bite. – It tastes… terrific! – Nice. – Look, it’s Zora. – Aww, she’s so little. – It’s Zora. I don’t want this. – You don’t want it?
– No thank you. – Really?
– Are you sure? Can I eat it?
– Sure. – Thanks. – Thank you for watching
Ernie Cooks with Yummly. – Yay! – Make a turkey ball, post the picture and I’ll be the judge. (upbeat music)

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  1. Why are the chefs for my favorite YouTube channels so freaking hotttx. There’s chef Zach from hiho kids and then there’s chef josh from gmm

  2. I came here thinking it was the Clara’s Grandfather Earnie 🙁 (check the grandparents try kids favorite snack video)

  3. Woman:What does a turkey make?
    Chef:Gobble 😀

  4. 2:50 “IM GONNA DIP MUY BALLS IN IT!!!!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

  5. 4:14
    Zach : Did you eat that one?
    Ernie : Sure *eats the candycorn*
    Zach : No,did you put it back in the bowl?

    Got me dead💀💀

  6. What sound does a turkey make
    Literally Nobody:
    Not Even a Single Soul:


  7. ernie: the turkey is gonna be fine

    me: eats turkey then cries

    a few days later a funeral has been set
    me: rip turkey

    other kids: oh my gosh these turkey legs taste so gooood!

  8. “What sound does a turkey make?”



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