Erie 1 BOCES: Baking and Pastry

Baking and Pastry is about learning the
fundamentals of baking, working with a little bit of science, also the typical
student that would be interested in this program is maybe more detail-oriented.
Takes some patience, definitely creative, artistic. In the first year we start out
with just teaching the students how to work with all the equipment in the
ingredients. You learn a lot about the fundamentals of baking. Like the
beginning steps on how to put things together and how to work in a Bake Shop,
and how to produce. And from that point we like to take on projects where they’re
utilizing, their measuring and mixing techniques, as well as their ability to
finish products. In the senior year we kind of kick it up a little bit. We do
more projects; we get into candies, frozen desserts, we do a lot with chocolate, we
do some artisan breads, we try and do some production for the students to have
that opportunity and we do a gingerbread project that we donate the houses to
a charity. I would have to say it’s for students who are, who want to show their
creativity if they’ve seen things like on the Food Network or if it’s something
that they want to get a job doing or you know, they’re just an individual who
likes to be creative and produce really beautiful things or somebody who wants
to make things that people enjoy. It’s a good career to get into.

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