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EOMS’ Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Hello, everyone!
I am Eom Yoonjeon from Eoms. Today, as the Valentine`s day special,
I will make some chocolate truffles and a simple pastry bag
with a piece of plastic wrap. A truffle is one of my favorite chocolates. If someone gives me chocolates on valentine`s day,
whoever she or he is, it makes me so happy. Valentine`s day or White day helps to bring up the topics
such as sex issues and relationship problems. It could be a good chance to counsel
patients with a mental disorder on those topics. Loving someone is precious and essential emotion for anybody. However, it also has difficulties even for those who are mentally healthy. Especially people with a mental disorder have higher possibility
of failing love because they are amateurs
in building a relationship with other people. During a baking class for Valentine`s day,
an occupational therapist can assume and understand
the situation patients are facing. Therefore it is possible to educate or counsel the patients
not to think about it in a wrong way
even though a negative result comes after. So now, let`s make truffles and a pastry bag. Ingredients are chocolate 100g, cream 50ml
and cocoa powder. For the pastry bag, all you need is a piece of plastic wrap. I think we are ready to start. Heat cream in a pot until it reaches simmering point and turn off heat. Put some chocolates chopped into small pieces in the pot and melt it. When it`s all melted, keep it about 30mins so it gets cold and hard. When the chocolate paste is ready, make a pastry bag. Place the chocolate paste on the
middle of a piece of plastic wrap. Fold the wrap from bottom to up. And then hold the middle of the wrap with a finger;
fold it in a triangle shape like this. Cut off a bit of top then it`s done! Put a paper foil or plastic wrap on a baking dish or a tray. Squeeze the pastry bag onto the tray. When you finish squeezing,
keep the chocolates in a refrigerator for some hours. When it is firmed, put it out of a refrigerator. With your hand, shape the chocolate into a ball. Prepare some cocoa powder in a bowl and roll the chocolate balls
in the cocoa powder one by one. Completed!
Pack them in a gift box and make people you like happy. Q) Which is NOT the purpose of occupational therapy
to substance dependence patients? 1. Accelerating the regression 2. Improving physical ability 3. Controlling one`s impulses 4. Improving activities of daily living 5. Improving patience The answer is 1, Accelerating the regression. The regression is to be prevented, not to be accelerated. Please meet me again in the next video. Spend a sweet time with your friend or family
sharing the home-made chocolate truffles. Don’t forget to subscribe us, and press Like on us. Thank you, bye bye!

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