English phrases explained 1. Angol kifejezések (eye candy, in sync, a stranger) ESL Szilvia classes

Hi guys this is Szilvia with a bit of
coaching and teaching – because as far as I’m concerned the significant part of
improving ourselves nowadays is the ability to communicate the way we want in English as well and I have lots of ideas how to help you with boosting
your English language skills this year one of which is to explain some
frequently used idioms and phrases so that you could spice up your conversations
anytime you want to
sounds good okay let’s get started then
three phrases for today number one eye candy well probably you’ve already heard this
phrase in movies for instance referring to a person who looks awesome but no
more than that so they are attractive to look at but they lack depth and significance
well that’s eye candy number two to be in sync with someone
If you are in sync
with someone or something it means that you are in harmony with that particular
person or situation and things are working out pretty well for you at the
same speed and energy level etc so that’s being in sync with someone
number three to be a stranger
if you say don’t be a stranger to someone you basically
don’t want them to disappear from your life and you’d like to keep in touch
with them in the future as well
so don’t be strangers guys and I hope you’ll join
me next time too and if you find these mini classes useful
don’t forget to hit the like button and share them with your friends
have a great weekend bye guys

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