Egg bread (Gyeran-ppang: 계란빵)

(bright music) – Hello everybody! Today we are going to make delicious Korean street snack today. It’s called gyeran-ppang. Gyeran, gyeran is eggs. And ppang is bread. Just little piece of bread
with a whole egg inside. Actually, I had never tasted gyeran-ppang when I lived in Korea, but last year I had a
chance to visit Korea, and then this gyeran-ppang, I wanted to taste the gyeran-ppang because I have a forum on my website, many people requested this recipe. “Maangchi, please egg bread.” Some people call this
egg cake, gyeran-ppang. Some people call it gyeran-baang. I tasted this gyeran-ppang
in Myeong-dong in Seoul. After I tasted it, I thought, ” hmm, it’s tastier than I expected!” When I came home, I could make it better. I just developed this recipe, and then now I release this recipe. It tastes good, and looks good, You’ll be surprised. Let’s start! I’m going to use one tablespoon butter. You can make this soft
at room temperature, or, I cannot wait. I’m going to use my microwave oven, just maybe 30 seconds. So this butter, sugar, three tablespoons. One, two, three. Salt, one pinch of salt. baking powder. One teaspoon baking powder. This is vanilla extract. just half a teaspoon. One egg. And then half cup flour,
all purpose flour. And milk, same amount
of flour, half cup. Any kinds of milk you can use. Also you can use water, if you don’t like to use milk, you can use water. I’m gonna preheat my oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit. And Celsius maybe 200. Korean gyeran-ppang venders, they have special equipment, but we have these small pans. It’s a perfect size. The height should be less
than one and half inch. And also, I found this at a
baking supply store. You can find this kind of mold. It’s made of paper, but very easy. And then, I told you, I’m going to make this more tasty. So I will just, use this
mozzarella cheese, cheese stick. One stick only I can
use for three gyeran-ppang. I’m going to make that, divide into six . Each bread has two pieces
of mozzarella cheese. I’m going to brush some oil. Whisk one more time just
before pouring this batter. And pour this in each cup around one third cup. It should not be really too high because it’s not going to cook easily. Divide this batter evenly. (bright jazzy music) And then this cheese, this is like a pillar. One and two. You guys already know why I’m doing this. Sometimes I found out, I found gyeran-ppang’s egg is like on the side. So I like to put the egg
in the center, that’s why. When I crack the egg, I just
try to focus on this area. (bright jazzy music) There. (bright jazzy music) So let’s bake these. I’m going to put this in my oven in the middle rack. (bright jazzy music) I baked 13 minutes. I peek this through the window. It’s well done. Look at this. Nice! Gorgeous! Really, really hot. Look at that, wow~ Egg is still flowing. And mozzarella cheese is well melted. Look at how fluffy. I feel really fluffiness. Let’s flip over. Look at that, wow. Itt’s like lava. Awesome. Bread is all well cooked. Look at this, like a sponge. Let me taste it! I can’t wait taste. Soft, fluffy, like a sponge, soft, soft sponge. fragile sponge! Tastes so nutty. Now I understand why my readers kept requesting this recipe. “Maangchi, please egg bread, egg bread.” I made it! You can serve this as breakfast, or snack, or a dessert. Make it smaller and make it dessert. If you like a more solid egg, then you cook longer, around 15 minutes. Today, we made gyeran-ppang, Korean egg bread. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye!

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  1. Hey, Maangchi. I love you and your recipes. You are awsome. Can you please tell me if i can make this recipie without vanilla extract?

  2. Hello this is Richard from Uganda Can I say that Maangchi you are my great Teach in baking, thank you so much, ( ) [email protected] ) This is my company that making Charcoal Ovens, so Iwill let my people know ( gyeran-ppang ) the egg bread love YOU !

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  4. Hi maangchi i dont know how to baked bread thank you for your video i made this bread today and it taste like the original gyerang pang that i used to eat when im still in korea… i had many memories in korea mostly food i really miss it a lot thank you for your video it helps me a lot

  5. i made this using an oven toaster…i used cream cheese and one i put duck egg and in the other i put chicken egg both turned out great and delicious

  6. 안녕하세요 ^^
    영상 잘 봤어요
    근데 계량컵 1컵이 ml 인지 궁금해요
    한국이라 다른것 같아서요^^

  7. Lol maangchi maam, i tried in my microwave and the batter was still raw insisde and it flowed away including the egg 😑😑😑😑😣. Damn you have oven now what about me.

  8. Thank you Maangchi, i am from Singapore : ) i want to say thank you because you are very professional on your sharing, no waste, moderate speed, share all your golden tips (not selfish), sweet hair staff (always looks so attractive) and your generosity (many other you-tuber force people to subscribe them otherwise no recipe given. But Maangchi is different, I thank Jesus for knocking into your channel : ) God bless !

  9. Been living in Korea for 2 years and craving for this egg bread. I didn’t turn out well. 😭😭 How long I have to whisk the batter?

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  17. I tried making this and had to throw it out. I don't know what I did wrong, but it tasted not nice.

  18. Amazing vídeo,congratulations.
    Its very interest recipe,i Love It.
    I cant wait to visit south corea,Nice people!

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    I know this is an old video, but I was wondering… if I wanted to make smaller loafs, could I go with quail eggs?

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