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– Hey guys, it’s me, Whitley. If you’ve ever wanted
to gross out a friend, then you’re going to love these. Gross to the most food hacks. These hacks taste amazing
but look super disgusting. My guilty pleasure’s watching pimple popping
videos on YouTube. (water splashing) Eww. Which is why my first hack is dedicated to
doctor pimple popper. Here’s how to make
this disgusting poppable pimple popping cake. To make this, you’ll need, light brown fondant,
black fondant, one round pre-made
cake, tapioca pudding, red food coloring mix with
a little bit of water, and powdered sugar. Use some powdered sugar
so it doesn’t stick. Roll out your fondant
in your skin tone. Use a plate to
cut out your face. (upbeat music) Now you have the
shape of your face. Time for some zits. Use a straw to poke holes for
your pimples on your face. Now, put your face on the cake. Eye, eye, nose, mouth, hair. Before you put on
your facial features, it’s time to load up your zits. Use a toothpick to deepen
the holes in the cake. Use a paint brush to paint red food coloring
around the holes. Put the tapioca pudding
inside a piping bag and put it inside the holes. Roll out the black fondant
to do your features. (upbeat music) Now it’s time for some hair. Use water on your fingers to
attach your facial features. Use a ball of fondant
for your nose. All you gotta do is pop a zit. How does this pimple taste? Satisfying. (puking) Excuse me, but when you’ve got
to puke, you’ve got to puke. Fooled you, vomit totally
grosses my friends out. So when I wanna save
treats for myself, I make these barf-tastic snacks. Here’s how to hack
my comet of vomit. To make this, you’ll need, one cup of condensed milk, 10 ounces of sweet
and shaved coconut, one cup of sweet
and flaked coconut, one cup of mini marshmallows, a half cup of butterscotch chips and a teaspoon of vanilla. And you can also add some pink, blue, purple and
yellow food coloring. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Mix the condensed milk,
vanilla and food coloring. Use whatever food
coloring you want to make the perfect vomit color. Add the remaining ingredients
until they’re combined. (upbeat music) Now use a spoon to
draw piles of vomit. (upbeat music) Bake your barf for 13 minutes. Once it cools, put them
in a barf bucket to serve. (puking) (laughing) Now who wants a cookie? You’re gonna need
this for my next hack. We’re making my dookie cookies. To make this, you’ll need, two sticks and two
tablespoons of soften butter, nine tablespoons
of powdered sugar, two and one thirds cup of flour, three and a half tablespoons
of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one teaspoon
of vanilla extract. Whisk the butter ’til
it’s smooth in the bowl. (upbeat music) Add powdered sugar and
whisk it ’til it’s mixed. Add the flour, the cocoa
powder and the vanilla extract. And mix it up ’till it’s smooth. You can use your hands to help. Put the dough in the piping bag and cut off the tip. Squeeze poo shaped cookies
on the baking sheet. Pop the tray in the
freezer for 20 minutes. Then bake it at 350
degrees for 12 minutes. Allow them to cool and enjoy. (toilet flushing) I don’t think anybody is gonna
want one of these, except me. I guess this makes me the
champion of grossness. Uhh. (upbeat music)

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  1. The Purge shaped cookies would be a really cool idea you could add eyes and a mouth and make it the ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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